What the heck?!

Something magical- duh? happened yesterday! The guard told me that a Globe personnel is at the gate. As I approached the front door clutching the modem thinking that Globe sent the man to take it as previously agreed on when we went to its office last week.

In front of my doorstep appeared a lineman from GLOBE DSL! The nerve... the poor guy showed me a  job order dated June 8.... hmmm what date was it yesterday? did they come from Mars hehe It must be confusing! The poor thang asked me if I had a connection already, I said hell NO! Could I try it now because they have been working on it?!? The desperate spirit in me went upstairs and started tinkering and setting up the line and modem but nothing happened. The ADSL kept on blinking instead of steady light.

I called DH in the process and told him the situation that finally GLOBE DSL was here to repair the WHATSOEVER F#% problem that they have. DH told me not to let them in and tell them that we have already requested a termination. I went downstairs and told the line man that nothing changes, he told me that they would start working on it.... Whaaaaaaaat?!? you told me awhile ago that you fixed the problem already that's why I went up! You twerp! I didn't exactly used that word hehe Anyway, don't bother... go home to your office and tell them we already requested for a termination. *SLAMMING THE DOOR IN THE PROCESS* How I wish I could do that!

GLOBE, when will you learn to coordinate and synchronize your data! Get your job done on time!