Cathay Pacific Experience

September 17, 2008

Manila- Toronto
Part 1

We had an afternoon flight-12:30pm plane to catch and so we left our house around 8:30 am. Don't tell me that I'm all too excited because I'm not. If you tell me that, probably, you are not from Manila, Philippines. Traffic here is crazy. Traffic can stall you from one to two hours during rush hour which is what we plan to avoid in the first place.

So here we are in the airport as early as 10:30 am and checked in already. The guy who checked us in NAIA initially told us that since we had an online check in we should have fallen in line in the Cathay Pacific counter. This is after we waited for more or less thirty minutes in line. But bless, uhm, him because he said he will assist us anyway *it's his job* He is a bit chit chatty and inquired about the sights and things to see in Toronto as many passengers seems to pick Toronto to their liking. We answered that maybe it's the weather. Uh- hmm weather, you talk about it when there seems to be nothing to talk about lol So there, after rebooting his computer and the line starts getting longer, another employee of the same airline told him to quit his chit chat and proceed to check us in.

My Macbook died on me!

September 6, 2008

I was eagerly playing my FFS on facebook when suddenly my mouse won't move and the screen on my laptop freeze. A few seconds later my mouse finds its way back to life but the screen is still frozen in time. I was panicking, you don't know how stupid I felt that time. Didn't know what to do, I told DH that the macbook was not working. He checked on the laptop and at first couldn't turn it off because all the buttons was not functioning but later on the power button was restored. Al the while I thought that it will get fixed as soon as we restart the computer but no, only a gray screen with a flashing ? mark sign was displayed. When this happened, I know we were out of luck.

When we arrived home, I quickly look for the accompanying manual for the mac book and slowly followed the instructions but to no avail. The screen still possess the gray screen and the ? mark still flashes onto the screen. Damn luck~ I looked for my receipt but it's nowhere to be found. Thankfully, I got my macbook from my very good friend, CKL, she still got my receipt and I handed here my macbook for repair.

It has been almost a week since I left my macbook with her. I will leave the Philippines without my macbook. On the brighter side, it is still under warranty and I found out yesterday that the hard drive must be the culprit. So much for bringing my laptop wherever I go. It died on me when I needed it the most. What tough luck~

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

September 14, 2008

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
room 433

DH and I have the pleasure to stay in this 5 star hotel courtesy of my SIL. We made good use of the room by using it as the venue for my family's Pua Tiong Chiu or Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival.

The room is big enough to occupy 10 persons with room to spare for you to walk around. As you enter, the huge king sized bed can be readily seen on your left. Two capiz lamp is found on both side of the bed. Four fluffy pillows and a tiny bolster are neatly arranged and are all covered in white linen. The bed is pristine white. A good sign of good things to come? read along~

 king sized bed only in Sofitel Philippine Plaza

There is an individual thermostat provided for the airconditioner just in case you get a bit cold. A large console is placed opposite the bed and the tiny T.V. - 21 inch or NOT, if I'm not mistaken- is on top of it. The view from the bed of the television is crazy- too tiny to view it- Sofitel should have at least put on a 32 inch LCD t.v. Upon checking the channels, DH wonders why there were only a few and that no US channels present. It turns out you have to choose the SAT button instead of the TV button. The writing desk is adjacent to the console while a stainless floor lamp is beside the desk. Upon seeing the writing desk, DH quickly unpack his laptop to his dismay, a DSL connection costs PhP25/minute... duh~ Shouldn't it be free since you are paying top money for 5 star room and yet the DSL sucks because it charges per minute.

Steps in applying for International Driver's License

683 Aurora Blvd.,
Quezon City 

Step by step application of international driver's license:

1. Fill up a yellow form which you can get from the customer service area upon entry. 

2. Photocopy your driver's license preferably still valid for a year. 

3. Submit your application form with 2pcs. 2x2 white background picture and driver's license.

4. A number will be given. Wait for your number to be flashed on the screen above window 2.

5. Listen for your name to be called, you have to sign the international license in window 1.

6. Once your number is flashed on the screen, go to window 2 and pay PHP1, 200.

7. Check your international license info and get receipt. 

Steps in renewing your driver's license

Land Transportation Office (LTO)

Park Ave. beside Abeson
Robinson's Galleria
Ortigas Ave., Quezon City

Step by step guide for RENEWING your driver's license:

1. Get a form from window 1. Fill it up and proceed next door.

2. Drug test/ Medical where you will pay PhP 400 for a certificate. 

3. Submit the certificate together with your expired driver's license in window 1.

4. Wait for your name to be called for picture taking and signature.

5.  Pay the fee of PhP 280 for NON PRO license, a few peso higher for PRO and get your brand new license.