Flash Dance Mob: Jollibee in SM MOA

Precious Eating

I got it: OC sampler pack

notes and flags

Thanks to my DS, she printed my claim stub for this free Post- it OC sampler pack. Luckily, I was in National Bookstore in Annapolis, Greenhills so I was able to claim it.

Who says you can't get freebies nowadays? I got mine! Get yours at: Post-it

How To: Spot a FAKE n96

fake n96

tv mode

I was intrigued when our maid bought a Nokia N96 for only PhP5,000. Cheap huh? I had to see it for myself. To my surprise, the TV signal is very clear. It even has a stylus- sushal!

I just hope the battery and the charger would not explode! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy 4th Birthday Precious!


with her new found fav snack!

Precious.... thank you for giving DH and I four years of fun and lambing- specially when you scratch our door every morning!

Dog treat: Pedigree Meat Jerky

My purchase: August 26, 2009

Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila

roasted lamb PhP68.95

I saw this dog treat on the grocery shelf along with Denta. I hesitated to buy at first but decided to buy both flavors that were on sale.

Each pack contains less than 10 strips. Apple, our other dog, ate it as soon as I offered the dog treat to her. My Precious hesitated. But when I put the dog treat inside her mouth so she can taste it, she likes it right away. Now, she wants more haha

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Japanese Restaurant: Umenoya

My visit: August 22, 2009

Umenoya japanese Restaurant
Unit 14 A & B Paseo de Sta. Rosa III
Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

On our way to Tagaytay Highlands, we passed by Paseo de St. Rosa and decided to have lunch there. We found Umenoya at the back along with 3 or more Japanese restaurants.

We requested for a non smoking section and was quickly ushered to seat on the second floor. Since the second floor was full, we were seated in a section where the air conditioner could not reached us. An electric fan was positioned on our side. We asked to be transfered but it seems like most of the other diners were just starting their meal so we did not imposed to be seated else where.

Below is the interior of the ground floor.


Here are what we have ordered:

salmon sushi PhP56@
shime saba sushi PhP33.60@

I don't eat raw, so definitely salmon is not my order. I ate the saba though. DH insisted that it was cooked. It tasted good!

tamago sashimi PhP95.20

Love the tamago plus it's cheap!

unajyu lunch PhP442.40

We did not expect the unaji to be this big since it was part of a set menu. I was thinking that maybe I should have just cancelled my order lol

tenjyu lunch PhP235.20

The food DH and I ordered were part of a set meal which included a miso soup, side salad, and two more which I don't have a name to call it. My tempura is jumbo! They don't scrimp on their serving. I am very happy with the food.

The service though faltered at the end of our meal. We waited for more than 10 minutes for the bill to come. And decided to pay directly to the cashier as we go down. It turned out that the waitress forgot to give our order slip to the cashier.

But we were such a happy diner that day because of the food.

Japanese Restaurant: Suzu Kin

My visit: August 21, 2009

Suzu Kin Japanese Restaurant
A Tradition Since 1981
Unit 2 G/F, Red Maples Building
411 NS Amoranto Sr. Avenue,
Quezon City
2183077 09053494560


We were the only diners when we ate in this fairly new restaurant. It is still in soft opening phase. The restaurant has several branches in the metro. This particular restaurant is a franchise. It is brightly colored with modern wood interior. We hoped that the nice interior would equal to a nice hefty lunch. But we were disappointed.

Here are what we have ordered:


I requested several times for a free dilis before it was given to me lol I understand that it is only included in some of their set meal thus it can't be served for free. But they serve it to me anyway. Nakulitan siguro! hehe

(top) rice PhP31, atsuage PhP105
(bottom) dilis, dashimaki PhP97,

Atsuage, is more like fried tokwa than tofu. The consistency is not like the one we have eaten in Japanese restaurant. It was also the first time that I have tasted tamago, dashimaki- as they want to call it, was served quite hot actually.

salmon sushi Php165

The salmon was sliced paper thin and as you can see, the color is so pale.

california maki PhP168

I have not yet touched the california maki and the form was already breaking up. We only ate six pieces out of twelve. I decided to just take out the rest and when I opened the take out box , it's a disaster!

beef teppanyaki PhP202

The beef was puro litid. It was very hard to chew to say the least.

It was a good thing that the manager asked us about the food served. We told him about the atsuage and the beef teppanyaki. He explained that all the ingredient supplies came from the franchiser. The franchisee has no control over it. He told us that he would meet up with the franchiser and bring out our complain.

I hope that their food quality would improve. Quezon City needs a good Japanese restaurant. Most of our favorite restaurant like Nippon and Kagayaki have already closed down. DH and I need an authentic Japanese restaurant!

I love: Twisted peppermint body lotion

I got a coupon for one free bottle of Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions line of my choice the last time I was in the U. S. I chose this Twisted peppermint body lotion. Super cool! You can literally shiver when you apply it over your body lol Ok, too much info!

free bath and body works anyone?

Old stuff!

I was searching for my voice tape recording my mom recorded when I was four years old. I found it and many more of my old stuff!

I have it all washed and cleaned. Here are the photos of my acquisitions lol

shell case

I forgot where I got this shell case but it surely caught my eye when I was looking for my cassette tape.

photo frame

I remember this photo frame though. It was from my old classmate and friend, LCA. She gave it as a souvenir when she had her first daughter baptized. It was a long time ago. Now, my inaanak is what hmmmm, 8 years old? I'm getting old now! lol

nail clipper

This is an original Sanrio Hello Kitty nail clipper. I got this in one of my trips to Hong Kong when I was wee bit little. I had it re file/ sharpened at Hortaleza for only PhP20. Now, it's as good as new.

Have you recently searched your old tukador for old stuff you had when you were a kid? You should! You wouldn't know what you will find out!

On sale: Fino Leatherware, Inc.

My purchase: August 25, 2009

Fino Leatherware, Inc
Level 3 Shangri- La Plaza
Mandaluyong City
6315073 6321788

stamped logo

front view

top view

cube purse PhP367.50

Fino is on sale until the end of August. It's their anniversary sale so discounts are up to 70% off. I got this cube purse at 30% off, from the original price of PhP525 down to PhP367. The purse can sure hold a lot of coins. The design is very interesting. At first I was a bit hesitant. I doubt it could hold all my coins, to my delight, all my coins fit inside. With a lot of space for more coins!
I got the red color to easily locate it inside my bag. Classic! Sweet! Luvet!

I want: Pancake House's tacos

My visit: August 16, 2009

Pancake House
4/F Robinsons Galleria,
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.,
Quezon City

I was with my family last weekend and we decided to eat at Pancake House for merienda. Ever since I've tried their tacos, I fell in love with it. For me, it is very filling and I love that it has a lot of cheese in it. Although it is a bit messy once you bite into it lol

best taco in town PhP74

I know, you would say that I just blogged about wanting to reduce. But what can I do, with this delicious taco in sight, sayang naman kung palalampasin ko. I am such a vulnerable person when it comes to food, I often succumb to the temptation.

I'm guilty!!!

I am guilty of not blogging about food for the past couple of posts. What can I do? nag rereduce ang lola niyo, este, ate niyo noh! Chika!

Anyway, simula ngayon tatadtadin ko kayo ng food porn bwahahaha Kaso, I am going on a short vacation this weekend... bitin na naman kayo noh?

picture courtesy of: skyscrapercity.com

Diyan, pictured above, is where I am going. Can you guess where?

Promo: Fish & Co.

I Like: Updated Version of Me

Home Improvement: food cover


It was my friend, CML, who encourage me to buy this net food cover instead of the usual plastic that we see in SM malls. She was with me when I bought this a few months ago in Greenhills Shopping Center. It was during that time when I switched to being a crazy pathetic throwing out all the plastic containers in our home. I still stand by not using plastic but there are some plastics you just can't live without.