Breaking News... MrsMartinez in Business Mirror!

Alright and I thought getting people to LIKE my blog posts in Pond's microsite would get me nowhere instead I got an odd request from an old batch mate of mine, Mike. He asked if I can write an article to be posted in Business Mirror's supplemental magazine called Health & Fitness. This was after I asked him to PLEASE like my Pond's post haha After exchanging a few words, if I am getting compensated- NO, I wasn't paid to contribute (poor me!) He gave me his assurance that he is willing to print my blog URL and Pond's microsite in exchange for a 2 page article! Oh, the things I would do to promote it haha

While I didn't promised Mike anything because he just gave me a vague description of what the topic is all about- summer and skin. He reminded me not to mention any product along the way haha It kills me to keep secrets to my readers. And of course the deadline- was it Sunday or Monday night? hehe I wasn't really sure! Oh, by the way, I will put in blue the names of the brands I love!

As usual, I crammed and submitted a few hours before the deadline but only a page and a half... whew! As usual, I didn't know how I managed to write an article but I did with my eyes half close lol I didn't attach any pictures, not even a description of myself. I just wrote "By MrsMartinez", included the links of my blog and of course, the microsite... most important! lol Okay, I didn't expect that my article would passed and get printed, talk about no confidence at all haha

Health & Fitness March 31, 2011 page 11

Here's my article:

Taking skin care to heart this summer!
By MrsMartinez

Summer means baring more skin under the sun. While some of you like the idea of getting a tan, I, on the other hand, hide behind my powerful sunscreen. And if that’s not enough, I could always count on my huge sunglasses. I am fair skinned to start with so my protection from the sun is nil, nada.

Protecting one’s skin starts with the face. I don’t use soap on my face instead I use a facial wash (Pond's, Dove and Celeteque- I use these 3 brands alternately) which is milder and gentler. Facial wash with exfoliating beads should not be used everyday. Find a facial wash that suits your skin by buying trial size tubes. On the onset of redness or breakout, stop using it immediately. Moisturizing your face is very important especially if you are living in a tropical country like ours. I even extended the application of moisturizer on my neck. You don’t want to have a younger looking face and a sagging neck, don’t you? At my age, I even started applying Vitamin C eye reviver (The Body Shop) along the areas surrounding my eyes to avoid fine lines. Lastly, sun block with UV-A and UV-B protection (Allie by Kanebo and Pevonia) gives you the sun protection that you need. Yes, staying young and beautiful is not an easy feat!

Know the products that you are using. A skin care line that works for your friend’s skin doesn’t mean that it would work for you. Be diligent in choosing your skin care product. As a blogger, I often share what I learned with my readers. Like in choosing the right sun block, for example, did you know that for it to be effective, it has to have Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide? Your sun block has to have at least one or both of these ingredients to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. I am really obsessing with sun block right now because two years ago, tiny brown spots have appeared just below my eye area. My skin is degenerating…uck! Now that’s another reason why I put on Vitamin C skin boost (The Body Shop) prior to applying sun block. I know for a fact that I can’t win against time. That’s why as early as now, I am arming myself with whatever beauty solution a product can promise.

Not all expensive brands are effective (remember that!). Sometimes drugstore brands are even more cost-effective. Some expensive products are not even suited for Asian skin. So be wary with what you buy. This is most especially true with make up. More often than not, I go for a particular Japanese brand (Kate by Kanebo) because it works for me. I didn’t experience any allergic reaction and it’s not as costly as most high-end brands. What with the invention of make up primer, make up sealer or setting spray, getting a make up done is beginning to be more and more expensive.

Pamper the body by going once in awhile to a spa (The Spa). Once in every few months, I splurge and have a body scrub to rid of dead skin cells. Visiting a spa is a waste without a good massage. But did you know that most spas now are not only offering massage but also facial and skin care? I discovered that majority of the people here still think of going to a dermatologist for a simple facial. Not only is it time consuming because you have to be waitlisted and be scheduled according to your doctor’s appointment while in a spa, you can easily avail of the treatment or service right then and there. Various services are available from skin wraps to whitening skin and yes, there’s even tanning salons right now.

Let’s not forget the feet, shall we? Our feet are the most used and abused part of the body. Taking good care of it includes keeping your nails trimmed and scrubbing it to reduce the callous formed from constant walking. You can even put lotion or cream (Nivea Creme) on your feet and cover it with socks before you go to sleep. I tell you, you will wake up with soft, smooth and callous free feet.

It doesn’t matter if you are opting for a tan or staying fair this summer. The ultimate goal is to have a flawless skin that you can flaunt this hot season. 


Does this mean I am now a certified writer? 
BTW, I would have used my own photo instead of the blondie lol
Thanks Mike and DS for snagging me this copy