Enchanted Kingdom on Black Saturday

My visit: April 23, 2011

San Lorenzo South City
Sta. Rosa, Laguna
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I am alternating my posts between how I spent my Holy Week and my birthday.  I still have so much to share. It didn't help that blogger has gone bonkers yesterday. 
On Black Saturday, we travelled to south of Manila to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you hehe My sister is a fast driver. With no traffic, we reached the destination in less than an hour. 

my parents

I have been there several times so has my mom and my sister but it's my dad's first time. We wanted him to see the place. We are all scaredy cats so we opted to pay just the entrance fee or what they call the carousel ticket. Each ticket costs PhP150. Senior discount is applicable. Our tickets allowed us to roam around the park grounds and have unlimited access to Grand Carousel, Bumnling Boulders and Boulderville Express. Unfortunately, we were not able to ride Bumbling Boulders because it opens at 3pm. We were already on our way back to Manila then.

our only group picture

Picture above was taken a little before noon. My sis was the one holding the camera and it was the only group picture that has the four of us in one photo.

my mom looking more and more like my grandma

We were planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom for awhile but it was only now that we were able to convinced my dad. Good thing, he enjoyed the place even under the heat of the sun!

with Enchanted Kingdom mascot named Eldar

Since we were at the park pretty early, we were able to take numerous photos without much hassle.

Rio Grande Rapids

Rio Grande Rapids is the largest attraction found in Portabello zone and the entire park. It promises a wet and wild adventure for the entire family!

Yogi Bear 4d PhP100

A separate fee is required for the 4D Adventure. Wrist tag holders only pay PhP60. We paid PhP100. My parents got 20% off as senior citizens. Showing that day was Yogi Bear. We were a bit disappointed because the simulation was not in sync with the entire movie by a few seconds. Water and air were already aimed at us while the scene was not yet being shown. After the movie, I told the girl manning the door regarding what transpired. I don't know if she raised my concern so that they could work on the problem. Totally not worth it. I will skip this if I were you.

Space Shuttle Max

Spaceport park zone

The first of its kind here in the Philippines, Space shuttle max features 11 story-high ride wherein you will experience an upside down turn six times.

wishing on the wishing well

reminded me of a carnival in Roxas Blvd.

Several booths like the one above were clustered in one area. Playing darts and throwing rings are not cheap at PhP50 to PhP100 per toss.

souvenir booth

There are air conditioned souvenir stores and there are booths like the one above strategically located around the park.

posing with the gorilla

I found this gorilla right outside where we had our lunch. Our lunch- Pork BBQ 2 pieces (PhP195), Chicken BBQ (Php180) and water (PhP35). Nothing special, in fact, we were actually disappointed with lack of food choices. But we went there for the park itself so it really doesn't matter to us.

posing with I don't even know what to call this haha

Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate is found in Midway Boardwalk- a Coney Island inspired part of the park.

Anchors Away

Anchor's Away is a Pirate ship ride. Even if you drag me screaming, I won't let you because I had a terrible experience. When I was still small, I nearly throw up when I took this ride in Hong Kong.

Ice Snow Cone PhP50

Grape is better than Strawberry ice snow cone hehe

cotton candy Php60

I am not exactly sure with the price but it's definitely less than a hundred lol

dancers at Victoria Park

Under the sweltering heat, these 3 couples in turn of the century costumes, were dancing the cotillion.

another pair dressed in Queen Victoria inspired era

Grand Carousel

This is our free ride number 1. Grand Carousel ride weeee! That's how we are, we are no thrill seekers! haha

my dad leading the way choo! choo!

Boulderville Express

Boulderville Express is a train ride in the Boulderville zone- a kiddie treat. What the heck! This was our second free ride in the park hehe 

choo! choo! train... Fred Flintstone where are you?

Potato Corner beside Boulderville Depot

Potato Corner here tasted different in a bad way. Taste unlike the potato flavor that we were used to.

dad visited peTREEfied House

Another fun thing to visit in Boulderville is the peTREEfied house. This zone is a treat for kids.

dinosaur attack

Bumbling Boulders opens at 3pm

Shucks! We were only able to ride 2 out of 3 rides with our ticket haha This is a tea cup ride found in Boulderville also.

The Tower

The EKstreme tower ride is 150 feet. It takes a minute to go up and reach the Elder's hat and a mere 2 seconds to drop! Another ride that has a separate fee of PhP100.

parents' photo op by sis hehe

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom hehe

parents with DS

Eldar and I

dad bought 2 shirts hehe

Dad buys souvenir tee shirts from the places he visits.

trip to Grand Central

Rio Grande Rapids photo op

Bungee Fun- trampoline

We saw this trampoline on our way out. You are harnessed in bungee cords while jumping on a trampoline!

We had fun that day in spite of the heat! To cool down we went to Ace Water Spa in the afternoon! 

Another birthday post coming up!