Chronicling our third day in Boracay!

My visit: May 18, 2011


On our third and last day, we woke up a bit late. We were supposed to watch the sunrise but we slept like babies haha

back in Jonah's

For the nth time, we bought fresh fruit shakes at Jonah's after having our breakfast in our hotel. It is strategically located a few minutes from where we were staying. 

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Since we pre- ordered 4 boxes of calamansi muffin the day before, we decided to have lunch at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. Each box contains 6pcs. of calamansi muffin PhP285.

cinnamon toast

Aside from the cinnamon toast PhP70, we also ordered banana pancake PhP150. Slices of banana was in the pancake mix. <3

If this is your first time in Boracay or if you have kids travelling with you, Montenegro fast craft is the best option for traveling from port to the Station and back. It is air conditioned and well secured.

more fruit shakes at Caticlan airport

It's our summer holiday so yeah, we had fruit shake overload! We ordered mango shake for PhP50 each. We took it on the plane along a sandwich that was sliced into 2 ; p

We experienced some bumps going back home but we arrived safe and sound. Back in Manila, Gevi's husband and my good friend picked us at the airport. We later ate at this Mexican restaurant in Ortigas called Hermanos Taco Shop.

We had a fun Boracay trip, next stop Palawan! hahaha

I am almost done with my backlogs, next feature would be all about food!