Korea Chronicle: Winter Ski

My visit: December 24, 2011

Day 2

High1 Ski Resort

After breakfast, our tour group wasted no time and went skiing. I must admit seeing the slope kind of scared me. Little did I know that first timers are not even allowed in the beginner's slope. You have to have an instructor with you. Our 72 year old guide taught us how to put on the ski but we were on our own after that.

Athena slope is for Beginner & Intermediate level

I am glad that DH knew the basics of skiing. He was the one who taught me how to position my legs and bend my knees. I don't know what I would do without him ; p

DH's ski attire

locker area

Lockers are coin- operated. The multi- level building has toilets, changing rooms and fast food area in the ground floor.

I was not able to zip up my jacket because I rented the wrong size. I was not able to take into consideration the bubble jacket I was wearing inside.

let the skiing begin

our guide, Mike, taught us how connect our shoes to the equipment

It's as easy as push and lock!

one down, one to go!

Zeus & Jupiter are for Beginner & Advanced levels

ski attempt... failed!

This is just one of my numerous failed ski attempts. You can imagine how my ass hurt afterwards ; p

The following photos were taken just beside the Zeus & Jupiter lift station.

we used the camera's timer
kids learning how to ski behind DH

di ako kayang buhatin ni DH lol

I love DH's camera

lying on a bed of snow

I am making a snow angel

still in Zeus & Jupiter Lift area
gondola ride to Athena Lift station

From Jupiter to Athena, the gondola ride is about 10 minutes.

Athena ground floor food station

Athena Lift Station

Athena slope


DH is very happy that day
DH was missing at one point and I was worried sick. He went to the forbidden slope in Athena to test his board. He was grinning from ear to ear when I finally found him.

kiss, kiss!

I have done so many things that I did not know I am capable of doing like spelunking in Sagada and now skiing. DH is always encouraging me to be more adventurous in life. Next, bungee jump! Nah, I am not crazy enough to do it. But who knows, right?

Read about Nami Island here. On our third day, we visited Mt. Sorak.