My first Yosi Samra (Fold Up Flats) Merlin in Gold

OMG! After my Aldo Lemmert post, I think I have gone crazy over shoes because I bought another pair over the weekend hahaha

While leisurely taking a stroll around Trinoma, I found an irresistible pair of metallic gold fold-up ballet flats called Yosi Samra. I didn't even know that Yosi Samra is a guy until I read the website's About page ; p

I was actually eying for Pabder Uomo Donna but I could not make up my mind which color or which design to get ; p Girls, huh?! UPDATE---> I finally found the design and color that I want but no size available huhuhu I can't sleep, eat and drink so I bought another pair of shoes yesterday. More about my new pair of shoes next week hahaha

Yosi Samra Fold Up Ballet Flats Merlin in Gold in size 6 PhP 2,495

Yosi Samra description:

  • Material: Leather Upper Balance Man Made Materials*
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Fold up flats for easy storage (4.5" x 3")
  • Elastic band on top
  • Made in China

*Leather upper means the shoe part is leather, in this case Calf but 'balance man made' means the sole and also the lining (if there is one) is man made. - SOURCE

For the unboxing of my new Yosi Samra flats, read after the break....

How to spot a fake Yosi Samra:

What's inside the bag? 
a box, a pouch and a pair of Yosi Samra Fold Up Ballet Flats Merlin in Gold

You can take the shoes anywhere with you because it conveniently folds into 4.5" x 3" package. The black pouch even indicates your shoe size!

Style: MeERLIN003
Color: GOLD
Size: 6

your pair of Yosi Samra is individually wrapped in plastic

crossing my fingers that the elastic band found on top do not form a "bacon"

Yosi Samra's split sole structure is made of 1/8' durable rubber
Yosi Samra’s years of experience within the footwear industry has allowed him to produce the highest quality ballet flats at the lowest price points. The innovative split-sole structure is made of 1/8durable rubber allowing the shoes to fold neatly yet also ensuring that they do not wear when worn. 
 Yosi Samra logo (YS) on the sole

Yosi YS Samra and shoes size printed on insole of the shoes

Leather Upper Balance Man Made Materials, Merlin & Made in China are printed in all caps on heel counter near the heel tab

stitching inside

Yosi Samra's stitching and crackled design (up close)

Yosi Samra Merlin in Gold
Materials for the actual shoe are made from the best materials, thick enough that you do not see the outlines of your feet. Yosi Samra’s are topped off by a comfy elastic band creating a secure fit and eliminating the shoe cutting into a woman’s heels, painful rubbing blisters or an extended breaking-in period.
 loose stitches found outside

The Exchange Policy of Yosi Samra is way better than Melissa's (Well, I don't think it has any policy, period). As I was taking photos, I found loose stitches in one of the shoes and I was able to exchange it last Tuesday, 3 days after I bought it... yey! Yosi Samra's Customer Service Relation is the best! I am one happy customer ; )

 loose stitches found inside

Right after exchanging the flats, I wore it straight to an event. I can feel the pavement right under my feet while walking. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad though. I wore it for about 4 hours and the good news is... I didn't find any blisters on my heel when I removed the fold-up flats! I was not wearing footsies so the side stitches tends to slightly scratch the skin of my feet but it was tolerable.

The next day, I wore the flats with footsies and it feels way better. The sides of the shoes were not directly touching my skin so everything is good.

footsies hooked to my Yosi Samra heel tab

Tip #1: I hooked the end of my footsies to the heel tab so that it won't have direct contact with my skin, therefore, preventing callous formation on my heel.

Tip #2: Buy one size bigger than your shoe size.

From wearing FitFlops almost everyday, I am still getting used to the feel of the flats and the pavement ; p

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