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My Wedding Day

Roti Mum

I miss Taipei. From the subway, I usually passed by a coffee bun shop. Good thing, we have some shops here like Roti Mum in SM Megamall who sells coffee bun.

Same good thing only not bought in Taipei. Paging DH.... let's plan a trip back to Taiwan!


A tiring DIY tour. We only stayed in Washington overnight but totally worth seeing it. 

White House as background

Toronto High Park

 red in Toronto High Park

New York New York

Watching Gossip Girl episode makes me want to go back to NYC and Central Park but who am I kidding? Mahal ang pamasahe, mag Luneta Park nalang ako haha Hmm me kalesa pa ba dun na tumatambay?

Gossip Girl wanna be

Viva Las Vegas

one sunny day

Boston and Hahvahd

I toured Harvard University, they pronounce it as Hahvahd lol We got there from the subway. Not knowing how to go about the area, were approached by some students from the university. To join the tour, one just have to go along with fellow tourist guided by two university students. There is no standard fee.

with Mr. John Harvard himself

I miss Canada

Enough said.

Clouds: Toronto

I love the sky! Don't you?

Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe

My visit: May 10, 2009

Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe
106 E. Rodriguez Jr.,
Ugong, Pasig
5711540 9140833

A homey cafe. Price is not cheap though. The servings are not big enough for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Picture taken with her cake compliments of the cafe.

Promo: Samsung

We got this 7 inch wide, 120MB built in memory digital photo frame from Samsung. We bought a Samsung T220 and after 3 weeks the digital photo frame was delivered to our address. Nice!

Samsung digital photo frame on my bedside table

Mother's Day celebration

I surprised my mom last mother's day! She thought that I was not going to see her because DH and I had a date. Little did she know that I bought her a gift and would be meeting her and the rest of the family at Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe for dinner.

Mom was surely surprised. I gave her a rose and a Body Shop gift bag.

 mom and I

A reading for plastic water bottle user and buyer

Hay naku super delayed reaction talaga ako! Grrrrrr! Buti nalang nasabihan ako ng trusted cousin ko who is also a blogger. Thanks to her nalaman ko na ang polycarbonated plastic (#7) is really, really bad for our health especially sa reproductive system natin.

I shifted to glass container

So, na praning na ako and I got myself glass water container. Nope, di ako gumastos at bumili. I got 6 different glass containers from my parent's house. They do not use it anyway. Ayan, bagong buhay na ako. Kaso, si DH di naniniwala. Huh? pa alkaline alkaline pa kami tapos mamamatay naman kami sa container dahil sa BPA. Hay.... anu b ayan?!?

Jay J's Inasal Restaurant

Jay J's Inasal
92 Mother Ignacia St.,
cor. Timog Ave.,
Quezon City

 pork bbq

SM Bonus Water

My visit: May 1, 2009
SM Megamall

While waiting for mall hours to open. Cookie and I went to the supermarket area and look what I found... cute water bottle containers. Thought I'd share it with you.

SM Bonus Water

Summer Palace at the Shangri-la Hotel

My visit: May 5, 2009

Summer Palace
EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
1 Garden Way
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

My visit: April 21, 2011 
I italicized updated post

While DS was in the restaurant called HEAT with her friend, my parents, my aunt and I had our lunch at the Summer Palace. Dining here is inexpensive with the Club EDSA Shangri-la privilege card. All dine in food are automatically discounted at 50% off. You can even take out all your left over.

There were four of us who dined- my parents, DS and I last Maundy Thursday for lunch. The whole restaurant was abuzz. People were busy eating and chatting. 

 taro puff PhP 168- updated price

I was not able to taste the taro puff because I was so full already lol 

DS for her love of taro ordered taro puff. Thanks to her I was able to taste it for the first time! Soft taro plus prawn in the middle equals a delicious food.


I got this rosary from my good friend, C. She bought and have this blessed in Jerusalem. I kept it in my bag. Yesterday, I got it out to take pictures of it and I saw an untied string. I had to make do and tied a knot at the center as I do not know where the original location of the loose string.

rosary from Jerusalem

Sigh, I hope my knot will last. If not, I have to do it all over again!

Bag Hook

I love this new invention or whatever you might what to call it! Thanks to CML for giving it to me. Actually, inarbor ko sya haha Buti nalang di nakatanggi!

my hand me down bag hook

Thai Patio

My visit: May 2, 2009

Thai Patio
Ground floor, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City

DH read a good review about this Thai restaurant. I don't know if the review made so much impact on its readers that we entered to a full restaurant. There is only one vacant table and just enough for two people but not good enough for the food we have ordered.

As with packed restaurant came poor service. Although we quickly got a seat, it took awhile to get the waiters attention for our orders to be taken.


Japanese Restaurant: John and Yoko... yoko na balikan!

My visit: May 2, 2009

John and Yoko
2nd fl. space 205
Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center
Makati City

We were searching for a Thai restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Cookie read a good review about the restaurant but forgot the name. We consulted the Information Board but no Thai restaurant was written on it.

We eventually settled for the restaurant with the most number of diners. We were mistaken.

at John and Yoko

John and Yoko is a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant hmmm The interior reminded me of Planet Dailies inside Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. Red and violet lighting dominate the entire restaurant. Pipe in music is a bit loud, match that with the loud voices of the diners and you get yourself a free headache. The waitress had short, I mean, short uniforms and the name tags pinned on their uniforms are not their real names. Instead city names are printed on their name tags.

My day

I was so busy playing Friends For Sale (FFS) on Facebook (FB) when DH told me that we have to pick our car that's on repair in Honda. While waiting inside the car for DH, I took a snapshot of myself.

 birthday girl

DH saw a write up in Inquirer newspaper about a thai restaurant in Greenbelt 5 but sad to say, we were not able to find it. We were so hungry and decided to enter the restaurant with the most number of diners. John and Yoko un restaurant na kasamaang palad eh consistent sya in the sense na consistent sa pagiging overprice. Parang un quality ng food eh pang Tokyo Tokyo level hahaha Hindi pala mas ok pa ang Tokyo Tokyo. More on this restaurant later.

Home Improvement: Fluffy Pillows- out with the old, in with the new!

My purchase: May 1, 2009

SM Megamall
Ortigas Center

Total: PhP 1, 708.05
Savings: PhP 400.70

DH and I were really early for the mall wide sale. Super excited you think? Just being early to grab a good parking spot and we are aiming for the 10 am- 12 nn additional 10% off!

Since we were there around nine in the morning, We scouted the grocery area to while our time since mall opens at 10 in the morning.

At exactly 10 am, the mall opens! Packed with shoppers and long lines started. We searched for the Luminarc plates that I like but the design did not suit DH's taste.

Since I've been ranting about changing our pillows for a long time, DH finally agreed that it's time to change... all of it haha

Well, except for the two main pillow hehe we changed all 5 pillows haha

Finally, a new set of pillows!

 fluffy pillows

On sale: Guess Jeans

My purchase: April 27-29, 2009

Guess Jeans
Robinson's Galleria & SM Megamall
Total: PhP 5, 000
Savings: PhP 9, 000

I bought this brand because of comfort and fit. This brand sits on my hips no matter what I do e.g. sit, stand, crawl, bend bwahahaha Plus, it's ON SALE ano ba!

top to bottom: skinny dark blue orig. price: PhP 3, 998 sale price: PhP 1, 999
daredevil boot orig. price: PhP 3, 198 sale price: PhP 999
slim boot orig. price: PhP 3,698 sale price: PhP 999
stretch gold pocket orig. price: PhP 3, 198 sale price: PhP 999

Bakit ka bibili ng hindi SALE? mag antay ka! Kung di ka maka antay eh di go... wala akong magagawa, ang kulit mo!

It's my birthday~

Today is my birthday! I don't have a party for a change though I might go out with my ex-BF that's for sure! I know... I should not but what can I do. He is still irresistible and cutest guy I have met in my whole life. So, when he told me that he will go to the office on Friday instead of Saturday, my special day, to spend the rest of the day with me, I totally agreed and felt like a princess.

Geez... I'll post our date pic later.

Meanwhile, I had three pre- birthday parties. The first two were from different group of friends who are really close to my heart. And the last one was with my family.

The first, on April 26, 2009 was with my barkada way back in college. It is nice to see our group pic growing in size each year! CML and I celebrated together ;p

party #1 birthday gals, CML and I;group pic at Buon Giorno, Tagaytay

The second was with my 'sis' C and yoga buddy , LL. I surprised them with a visit last Saturday, May 1. Priceless was the shock on their faces and the double take they did when they saw me while practicing haha