Museum Cafe

My visit: October 11, 2010

M Cafe
G/F Greenbelt 4
Makati Ave. cor. Ayala St.,
Makati City

It was during the OBAGI event that I got the chance to eat at Museum Cafe or more popularly known as M Cafe. 

We were given a menu and upon perusal, I noticed an unusual combination of peach and lychee drink. I ordered it. And it tastes so good!

peach lychee PhP165

I love it especially when my straw reached the bottom of the drink where I found a slice of peach and a piece of lychee. 

roasted honey duck rolls PhP350

For appetizer, an order of roasted honey duck rolls is a must try. Remember the good old duckquitos in Good Earth? This one taste like it. Slices of cucumber, carrots, and shredded duck are wrapped with bits of toasted sesame seeds on top in hoisin lime sauce. It would be better if they didn't scrimp on the duck hehe After all the price ain't exactly cheap. This order was shared with four bloggers. 

charsiu ribs PhP595

Now, I am not sure if this is lamb or beef ribs. You will know the reason in awhile. The waiter told me about a lamb Daily Specials they have. The word lamb made me drool. So, I said I want it haha

I love it, I was able to share this order with three more bloggers who each had a bite or two of the Daily Specials. The red round thing that you see scattered around the lamb is actually pepper! Crunchy peppers! Lucky me I get to taste it! The meat and skin is very crispy but not oily. The flavor is different from the charsiu that I am accustomed to which is sweet and not toasted!

Now, the problem lies when I called the cafe before starting to write this post. The girl who answered told me that the one they serve for Daily Specials last Monday was charsiu beef ribs and not charsiu lamb ribs. I don't know who to believe- the waiter or the one who answered because she told me that they only have lamb kare kare and the charsiu is beef. So, I don't know haha I love the dish and I might go back for it lol Beef or lamb, regardless!