MrsMartinez's January Beauty Must-Have!

Hello! Happy Monday everyone!

Starting this month and every month thereafter, I will feature beauty products that I love to use. Some of the products were bought during my trips abroad. Although some of the products highlighted are given to me by companies and PR Agencies, rest assured that these have my stamp of approval.

(clockwise from left) pureDKNY A Drop of Verbena, Pevonia Your Skincare Solution for Sensitive Skin, Kate Mineral UV Gel Base, Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream, Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cream, Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream, Cynos Morocco Argan Oil, Integrate by Shiseido Rich & Smooth Eyeliner, Dove Beauty Cream Bar, Charm Essentials Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush and  Shiseido Camellia Compact

I have sensitive skin and because of that I have carefully chosen this first batch of beauty products. Each product has passed my sensitive skin test meaning I didn't get rashes or red patches while using it. 

To know more about the products and why I love them, click read more....

Ever since my dermatologist recommended Dove as my bath soap, I have been hoarding... a lot! Most of it are stored inside my cabinet to keep my clothes smelling, hmmm, well, soap hahaha The scent would depend on which variant I bought ; p 

My SIL knew that I love Dove so on her recent trip to Canada, she gave me a pack of Dove Go Fresh's newest variant Revive*, I love the scent so much so that I keep a bar beside my pillow ; p

Dove soap has kept my "back-ne" (back acne) away from more than a year now.

*Beauty bar with pomegranate and lemon verbena scent.

Japan's cold weather was too harsh for my sensitive skin. When I came back to Manila, I noticed dry patches on some areas of my face like cheeks and chin. I knew right then and there that I should include Cynos Morocco Argan Oil again in my nightly ritual. After a couple of night's use, the dry area was lessen. It was just unfortunate that I forgot to bring it with me during my trip.

I don't know what would become of my skin if I have not brought along Pevonia Sensitive Skin Care Solution to Japan. Yes, I got dry patches but at least I didn't suffer from any skin allergies or breakout due to sudden change of weather- it was snowing in Kinosaki, Japan

Sometime last year, when I was suffering from severe dryness on my skin, my dermatologist gave me sample sachets containing Physiogel Cleanser and Cream. Since then I was able to purchase 2 tubes of Cream, 1 tube of AI Cream and a bottle of Cleanser.

I have learned that dryness of the skin will come and go. All you have to do is to be religious in applying the recommended products to see positive results.

Kate Mineral UV Gel Base JPY 1,200 (PhP 600) and Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream JPY 1,500 (PhP 750)

Even though my first tube of Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream is not yet empty,  I bought a second tube in Japan that's how I love this product. It gives me a flawless finish every time.

I also bought Kate Mineral UV Gel Base so I can try it out. Aside from having SPF 32, this product gives a slight sheen effect on your skin. For people with dry skin like me, I would still recommend applying moisturizer prior to UV Gel Base application.

Shiseido Camellia Compact is my secret to glowing, white skin ; ) I usually dab the powder on my cheeks then blend it with my finishing powder for a flawless rosy pink cheek finish.

I brought only one brush with me when I went to Japan last year and it was Charm Essentials Angles Kabuki Buffer Brush. It very versatile, I can use it with my mineral face powder and my BB Gel Cream. Its angled shape can reach the sides of my nose plus it can perfectly remove excess under eye makeup. What more can I ask for?

Integrate by Shiseido Rich and Smooth!

This eye pencil that I bought from Japan is really rich and smooth. Three colors were available but I bought only 2- black and gold. I still have not opened the gold one so I was not able to write a review just yet. The black one, that, I have been using it everyday. The color is so intense. It glides smoothly and most importantly, does not tug my lids.

my all time favorite product, Pond's Lemon Cold Cream

Others might favor expensive brands but I love Pond's Cold Cream. I have tried other makeup remover but I still go back to this product. It effectively removes dirt without leaving the skin feeling dry. Plus, the fact that it is inexpensive too!

Ever since I got my bottle of pureDKNY A drop of Verbena. It has become my signature scent. I am not a perfume person but I find myself spraying this whenever I go out ; p

Well, that's all for now! Stay tuned for February Beauty Must-Have!

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