MV Doulos

My visit: March 15, 2009

MV Doulos

It's Sunday! Only a day after I got back from my Boracay trip with a all girl group, C and I decided to take a peek at what MV Doulos has to offer.

I picked her up and drove straight to the site. The guard stopped us from entering because MV Doulos was not yet open. At 2pm, we quickly finish our Frappucino and parked at the designated parking lot.

A long line was ahead of us, we patiently waited. A few MV Doulos personnel took pictures of people witing for their turn to board the ship. We waited for about a hour and at last, it would be our turn to get our PhP10 per pax ticket.

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La Carmela de Boracay

My visit: March 11-14, 2009

Station 2, Boracay

It was a fun-filled vacation that my friends and I have last March. We decided to go and hit the beach to jump start the summer season. Although a bit different since we are traveling alone sans our husbands. It is an all girls vacation!!

beach front hotel

We stayed in La Carmela de Boracay. Sounds familiar? This was because you heard it being promoted almost everyday in the now defunct show Boy & Kris.

Clouds: Boracay

 Boracay Bliss

Bikram Yoga Eastwood

My visit: February 16-20, 2009

Bikram Yoga Eastwood
Unit 1 Orchard Road Condominium
Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City

With the upcoming summer vacation, C and I enrolled in Bikram Yoga Eastwood studio to tone our "sexy" bodies hehe Because it was cheaper here at PhP700 unlimited practice in a week, we tried it out for a change.

We plan to do it everyday from Monday to Friday and we successfully did it. For the first two days, we got free parking- the first day, guard was not manning the post and the second day, thanks to my other friend, CKL's visitor parking space. FYI, CKL lives in the same building as where the studio is located. In the other days, we paid PhP30 for the parking fee.

Plates... where you'll want to be!

My visit: February 8, 2009

#4 West 4th st.,
West Triangle, Quezon City

If you want privacy, that is! This restaurant was insisted by my DB to try as he was here the night before where the place was packed with crowd. At first, I was hesitant because my DB is known for his hit-and-miss when it comes to choosing for a place to eat. I was a bit hesitant at first but finally gave in when I thought I have at least another blog to write.

Ironically, we entered an empty restaurant. We learned that Sunday is a slow day for them. With no other diners, we chose a space smack in the middle lol

The ambiance is formal and intimate which can be great for a date and tete-a-tete with friends. We were satisfied with the way their staff handled our orders and so as to our complaint. More on that later. Bread was given free of charge and can be refilled upon request.

For starters, we ordered Melted Mozzarella Cheese. It tasted quite bit salty. Afterwards the waitress explained that cheddar cheese were added in it. Darn, but the waitress apologized and so we put a pass on it but not without telling that the kitchen staff should inform their diners before they change anything in their main ingredient. The waitress offered to cancel it out on our bill but with little left on the plate we declined.

grilled lamb PhP495

My DB was given a free oysters card the day before and we used it that night. For our main course, we had grilled lamb, beef tenderloin and angel hair pasta. I find the lamb a bit pricey in this establishment comparing the content for an order in Secret Recipe, the serving of which was far way larger for almost the same price.

Remember When... GROSBY!

Is it just me that remembers this name? Grosby! It seems so. I was shopping for a pair of slippers in MyStore with C when I saw this cute slippers in white, black, brown, red, green and blue. I will bring the slippers to my Boracay vacation so I'm looking at those cheap ones so that if it get lost, it would not put a dent on my pocket or in my case, my DH's~ lol!

Anyway, I ditched an earlier choice of transparent slippers with huge diamond rock on top to get these slippers. I was flabbergasted when I saw these slippers and its neat colors. And to say the least, it just cost PhP175. C asked me why I'm all hyped, I said- becozzzz~ it's Grosby! She said Gros- what? Grosby!

Grosby black and gold combo

Frustrated, I went home and researched about the slippers and found that it belonged to Pacific Brands Company and was made in Australia... not bad! I asked a couple of friends if they know the brand, one gave a NO statement and when I got one who knows the brand, she quips "I know because I'm jologs- Filippino slang for lower class society" Now, I'm definitely dumbfounded!

But I love my new slippers! It's soft and comfy! Finally, I was able to wash and replace my Nike slippers. Who cares what others think! toink!