Remember When... Me!

Dino Age Pic!

Before: chubby cheeks, smiling face, cute haha
Today: chubby cheeks, smiling face, cute

Nothing has changed~

But instead of daddy's little darling add cookie's darling to my resume! Hello I'm married now! Now, I just need a new magazine photo shoot to show off~

New Baby- Samsung T220

Date bought: April 29, 2009

Cookie excitedly brought home our, actually his, new baby! He spent a lot of time tinkering with it last night and this morning.

Presenting our new PC monitor... the Samsung T220~

love the red light


  • 22 wide TFT-LCD Monitor
  • Up to 1680x1050
  • Dynamic Contrast 20000:1
  • Fast Response Time: 2ms
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Windows Vista Certification

Casa Victorina

My Visit: April 9-11, 2009

Casa Victorina
Calatagan, Batangas

Seeing the grandiose mansion is a relief from the traffic we have to endure going to Calatagan from Tagaytay. This 7 room mansion rents for 35k per night. It has a huge swimming pool and 2 slides.

They kept the house clean and the swimming pool cleaned every morning. Fruits on trees are aplenty. Air is not polluted.

The downside is that the beach is useless. When low tide sets in, grasses are everywhere. Pointless to swim in this beach. So much for swimming in the beach.

Adam's Beach Resort... sucks BIG TIME!

My visit: April 25- 26, 2009

No. 20 Maligaya Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

My friends and I had a disgusting weekend beach getaway. We heard about the Nasugbu part of Batangas is not very ideal. So we set our bar of standard low but this beach resort is trashy... literally!

Adam's Beach Resort

It started out when CML and I were enticed by the way their website presented the resort. We thought that since this resort has a website of its own and the rate for the whole villa costs us PhP16, 500, it would be a pretty decent place. Bad decision.

My cousin, MJ

I just got the news this afternoon that my cousin, MJ, has passed away. Grabe~ kakakita ko lang sa kanya last time na naconfine siya sa St. Lukes due to pneumonia and now she's gone~

I was so sad yesterday when I learned the news from my mom that she was confined again and this time her condition is bad as she had undergone a bypass. I called my other cousin's (MG) phone to ask about her condition. It was my uncle who answered the phone. His voice weak, he calmly said she only have a 20% chance to live. DH and I visited her around 5 in the afternoon. I went inside Coronary Care Unit (CCU) with MG.

I barely recognize my cousin as she lay in the hospital bed. With all the tubes around her and monitors, I felt more sad. I knew she was struggling. I whispered in her ear to hang on and fight. I can not see my cousin anymore who was once so vibrant, stylish and always had a bright smile. It was as if she is a different person.

Super bilis ng pangyayari... she was confined on Sunday and gone on Friday. This is a sad day~

My N70

Ewan ko ba nun lumabas un iPhone, gustong gusto ko siya kaso me kamahalan ah. Parang ginto. Anyway, ang wish ko lang sana na ma realize ng aking DH, na after six year, eh, it's about time na magpalit na ako ng phone. FYI, itong Nokia N70 eh minana ko pa ito sa aking DH. Niregalo ko ito sa kanya nun birthday niya two or three years ago. Eto nga, siya, nag upgrade na, naka Nokia 6500 classic na kaya siya! Kaya sana kung mabasa mo ito, Cookie, bilhan mo na ako ng iPhone!

Nokia N70

Ilan years na akong naghintay, laos na ang iPhone haha eto wala pa din ako. Kala ko kasi patience is a virtue kaya nag antay ako. Eh pag mga gadgets,siguradong laos na un pag nag antay ka pa kay Patience. Hay, I have to call Globe and ask if they are offering an iPhone as incentive to their subscribers. Good luck to me!

My favorite junk

Eto na, featuring... my favorite JUNK!

Ang Haw flakes, kabataan ko pa lang gustong gusto ko na ito. Napakasarap at napakatamis. Kaya lagi akong me take home nito pagnakita ko ito sa grocery or any chinese store. One pack of 10 pieces cost only PhP12. Murang mura, swak na swak sa budget ; p

 haw flakes

Ito namang red kiamoy, pinagtiya-tiyagaan ko lang. Kasi ba naman, di na ako makakita nun matamis na pulang kiamoy. Nowadays, when you say sweet kiamoy, the seller would point at the black/dark kiamoy. Eh, ayaw mo nun. Ewan ko ba, di ko nahiligan ang kulay nun. So eto nag tiya-tiyaga... para lang makakain... haha

Freshlook Colors Lenses

Ideal Vision Center
SM Sta. Mesa

Dahil malapit na ang birthday ko, bumili ako ng FreshLook colors. For PhP1, 750 you get 2 pairs of contact lens with grade. Kung isa lang, the damage would be PhP1, 250.

FreshLook Colors

 I like this compared to the other brand that I tried eh mas manipis ata ito so pag sinuot mo as if you are wearing nothing! Naks! At me libre pa akong 2 pcs. solution Thanks to Doc Mich!

Merienda Time: Banana Loaf

Siempre, nagpakitang gilas na naman ako sa asawa ko haha I baked a banana loaf. Malapit na kasi ang birthday ko! Shhhh lol Kaso manhid naman ang aking DH. Pero in fairness, masarap at malinamnam ang aking banana loaf. Moist moist pa! Tikman niyo, di nga. Call me lol

Burt's Bees

It was in Guam when I first saw Burt's Bees. Anu bang meron ang bubuyog na ito at pag ka mahal mahal? When I tried it, I became a fan.

When I went to the U.S. last year, I saw this jar of Almond cream in my cousin's house. Konting pahid lang ang lambot na ng kamay, siko, tuhod at paa mo. Wow, napabili tuloy ng di oras ang aking DH.

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme

Haha gastos na naman!

It's time for a CHANGE

I decided to give this blog a new look. As if!! Who cares?!? I even put a pic of myself haha nothing to hide, nobody to hide from. So, to my stalkers out there... feast on haha losers!!

Anyway, highway, wala lang akong magawa kaya for a change eh medyo inayos?! ko itong blog na ito. To my foreign readers, tama ba? try to understand and learn what I'm writing. If you still can't, try to learn the language hehe Kelangan nyo ito! Promise!