The White Hat Yogurt Experience

My visit: July 15, 2011

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt
Trinoma Mall
Pag- Asa, Quezon City

When my friends and I go out, we try as much as possible to use up all our gift certificates and charge slips for more shopping money ; p

 regular yogurt from The White Hat PhP90 each

We always meet up late with just enough time to shop before the stores closed. I have to eat a little or else I am going to faint from hunger hahaha One of my friends, Reggie, has a PhP250 gift certificate from The White Hat. I know this is not real food but I needed to eat, ok?

cheesecake topping on a yogurt (regular) add PhP20

I ordered 3 plain yogurts. Two of which have 1 topping each- almonds and cheesecake. Cherie and Jo shared one cup with almond topping, Reggie and Leony shared one cup of plain yogurt (no topping included) while I, on the other hand, have one whole cup for myself with cheesecake on top ; p Alright, I shared my cheesecake topping with them so dont judge me ; p

The almond topping is good but the cheesecake is way better! It was the right choice of topping. My friends liked it too! The yogurt is creamy and not too sour. The combination of plain yogurt with cheesecake is a perfect match!

After shopping, we went to Mango Tree Bistro to have dinner. The bonding didn't stop there. Since most of us have HSBC charge slips, we went to Starbucks to claim our favorite drinks after dinner. 

Time flies so fast when you are having fun. Little did we know that it was already 12 midnight and it was time to go home. DH even gave me a call to ask where I was. Apparently, I forgot to check in with him hahaha Too much excitement from girl bonding/ shopping!