Mitsui Outlet Park Marine Pia Kobe, Kazamidori Cheese Cake & Toraku Pudding

Day 3

December 30, 2012

Mitsui Outlet Park 
Marine Pia Kobe
12-2 Kaigan Dori,
Kobe, Hyogo-Prefecture

Operating Hours: 10am to 8pm

I can't get enough of Kobe. Aside from Kobe Beef, there are a lot of things to do, places to visit and food to try. There are a lot of things we crossed out in my itinerary due to bad weather. I will definitely be back during summer time.

 Mitsui Outlet Park

From Tarumi Station, we walked towards Mitsui Outlet Park. It was a long walk. I was tired and at the same time excited to see what's in store for us ; )

Are you ready? Read more after the break...

Oops! Commercial muna!

Kazamidori Cheese Cake
Kitano Cho
3-5-5 Chuo-ku Kobe

 Kazamidori Cheese Cake JPY 250 (PhP 125) a piece

Before anything else, let me share with you the famous Kazamidori Cheese Cake. We saw the stall on our way back from the Weathercock Mansion.  We bought two cheese cakes, one for each of us. One bite and I am in cheese cake heaven. 

box of 3 Kazamidori chocolate cake JPY 630 (PhP 315)

Since we can't get enough of Kazamidori cheese cake, we bought 1 box each of chocolate cake and cheese cake JPY 630 (PhP 315); p Each box contains 3 cakes. It was delicious. We ate it as dessert when we went back to our hotel.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Anyway, on our way to Mitsui Outlet Park, DH pointed out Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. It's the world's longest suspension bridge and it's found in Kobe. Nice, noh?

Walking through the carpark, I saw unfamiliar brands, my heart sank...

 UR, Moussy & Ships

 Thank God for one familiar brand, Coach

 Mitsui Outlet Park (Factory Outlets East)

Mitsui Outlet Park is designed like the outlets in the US. It is spacious but most are local brands with only a few US brands.

Reebok Men's Realflex Running Shoes JPY 2940 less 40% JPY 1,764 (PhP 882)

When in Japan, always wait for TIME SALE. The store usually gives additional discount of up to 50% for a period of one hour. As with any other sale, expect long lines at the check-out counters. We got 3 pairs of Adidas socks for only JPY 599 (PhP 300). The original price was JPY 999 (PhP 500).

I can't seem to get enough of toilets in Japan, here's another set of photos taken inside a toilet cubicle in Mitsui Outlet Park ; p

 flush sensor

 every toilet has a couple of toilet papers

Bags are secured.

English instruction on how to use the toilet

The Flushing Sound is operated or turned on when you want to muffle the sound of urination. Yes, only Japanese people can think of that!
Toraku Kobe Pudding Premium JPY 315 (PhP 157.50)

 Caramel Pudding

Before we went back home, we bought a caramel pudding to share. It's soft and creamy. I love it!

Takoyaki store in Shin-Osaka Station

 Takoyaki 8 pieces JPY 520 (PhP 260)

We were too tired when we got back to Shin-Osaka Station. We decided to have our diner inside the hotel room. We passed by this Takoyaki place and bought one order of Takoyaki. 

 O-nigiri shop

O-nigiri or Rice Ball is a Japanese food made fo white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed). - SOURCE

(left to right) salmon and beef O-nigiri

 Japanese style machang

We were not able to resist these O-nigiri so we bought a couple of pieces to try. It looks good but there was too much rice and too little filling. Japanese style machang is better.

The following take-out are bought from a stall called 552 Hoorai...

 box of 12 siomai

Sachets of mustard provided. It's so spicy... nakakagana!

box of siopao

That's it! We are ready to sleep in our terno pajamas ; p

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Discover a town called Kinosaki and its 7 onsen.

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