Canadian Home

I love our Canadian home! It is very warm and cozy. The location is great. The house is just simple but homey.

Canadian home

I love staying in the basement where DH works and coordinates with his Manila office people. I often watched T.V. in the couch or the sofa bed and just slept there when I can't help it anymore hehe while DH makes quotations for clients. DH will just wake me up as soon as he is done working and both of us will go up our room around 3 a.m. Canadian Time.

Lululemon= Yoga

Since I got into yoga, I often see cute little tag on some yoga attire of students especially the good, old *ahem* advance ones. Later on, I learned that Lululemon is the adidas in yoga hehe

So, when I went to Canada, I thought I could have one of those cute attires. Lululemon incidentally is a product of Canada. Sad to say, I couldn't afford the outfits *geez* even those that are on sale. I saw cute tops on sale but most are broken sizes and priced at USD 30 and above. Needless to say, crop pants were also out of the question because crop pant's price scare the hell out of me haha with price ranging from USD 40 and above. Discounts given were minimal (only a few dollars). And from what I'vve read in forums., when they conduct a once a year sale, lines where as far as the eyes can see. Lululemon sure have a huge fan base and have the money to splurge for its product.

Have you been stalked?!?

stalker ˈstôkər noun a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
• a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

Really now, a person who stalks has a full time job. Following his victim's every move, blog, website among others. It's actually pathetic! Get a life, you sucker! A stalker is a BIG, FAT loser!

This post has been saved for a few months already and I haven't had the chance to finish working on it. I can't believe myself that I'm giving it time right now. Of course, between washing my laundry and writing...what would you prefer? Exactly, write about "stalking" hehe

You see, stalking gives you a creep but you don't want to tell it or show it to your predator. The more you show that you are affected, the more intense the stalking would be. So I suggest that you just change whatever he/ she is stalking. When it's your landline, change your number. If it's your blog, go find another address. Of course, not everything can be changed abruptly like your home address, in times like this, you can wish or pray as hard as you can that your stalker would get sick or get in jail for any minor offense so he/ she can't bother you no more hehehe

Seriously, I'm getting tired of talking senseless topic, how about you? In my next post, I'll try to share something interesting and not as boring as this. Gee... am I realy giving a space to glorify a stalker?... NEVAH! Go to HELL... S-U-C-K-E-R!

What a sleepless night

DH was frantic the other night when he found out that both our camera chargers and his portable external hard drive were nowhere to be found. This was after we had our hearty meal in a chinese restaurant in Markham area. The Peking duck was superb, by the way haha

DH's battery charger

I already had a headache by the time we went back from my routine mall visit for the day and from the food trip when I learned that a whole lot of gadgets were missing. In spite of my headache and for the love of my DH *drama*, I collected and rearrange all our things in our baggage to sort and look for those chargers and hard drive inside the pouch, which was also missing.

Outlet Purchases

498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley, NY 10917
(845) 928-4000

A tiring day that starts around lunch time. It's an hour bus ride from Port Authority, N.Y.C. but it's all worth it. We went on a Saturday and you can imagine the countless Japanese tourists and locals shopping in one of the countless shopping outlets in U.S.

photo courtesy of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Since half of the day was gone, DH and I decided to enter shops which we only have eyes on. Carefully spotting shops with people lining up just to enter. And also shops that have an additional discount with the coupon that we got FOC from the Information Center if you road via Gray Line bus.

Flying Air Canada

Yesterday, on my flight back to Toronto, DH and I were seated next to an 80+ year old lady. The first half of the trip was fairly quiet as I slept through it. The second half was the story.

It started when the flight attendants were serving drinks, no food on this flight hehe The nice, old lady asked for a coke and a cup of water. DH and I, on the other hand, asked for an orange juice. After eating her Subway sandwich and drinking her two cups, the old lady excused herself to go to the toilet. Since she was on the window seat, DH and I, literally, have to get up to let her pass. Remember that she was an eighty year old woman and getting up after seating for hours was a tedious task. She did get up with our help. I held her bag and assisted her arms so she can force herself to get up. Finally, she was up and about and went straight to the toilet. She left without her shoes on but with her socks, okay? So, I followed her- without my shoes too hehe When I got back to my seat, she was already seated. Perhaps she was shy as to what have transpired, she explains that she was old *I could see* and this was the first time that getting up from her seat is too much of a task. I told her that we would help her again when the plane lands. And then the saga coninues...

She started talking about her trip to Reno, Nevada with her cousin and how she won a few hundred dollars. She talks about her upcoming driver's license test and that she has to do it every two years now that she has reached the age of 80. "It's just multiple choice and they gave me a hint as to what part of the book I should read" so she said. She talked about how old her daughter is, 60 as a matter of fact, and that nobody would mistook them as sisters because her daughter has red hair while she has, what else, but white hair hehe Her daughter has pain in her back and has been trying ventusa and accupuncture. She has great grandchildren and that she loves to stay in a hotel whenever she travels. That she will hail a cab once we landed as she lives by herself and is 30 minutes away from where her daughter lives. She also offered me her magazine and ask me where I learned the English language haha

So, you see, my second half of the trip was pretty entertaining. Of course, she did ask me some questions but mostly the floor is hers. We were only interrupted by the voice over speaker telling us that in a few minutes our plane would be landing. She was so pleasant to talk to. We helped her with her bags overhead and found a bottle of vodka in her possesion. She said she loved drinking hehe

We bade goodbye and I'm now back in Toronto~

My Mac is back!

I'm so happy to hear from my trusted friend, CML, that my macbook is with her already. The warranty still covers my laptop, just a few more days and my warranty expires.. whew! The hard drive was changed into a new one. My macbook currently has nothing in it, giving it a clean, fresh start. CML installed the operating system and that's it. Good as new. So, I'm all too excited to get my hands on my baby when I get back to Manila next week tee hee

U.S. Iphone 3g

I went to the U.S. thinking I, uhmm, my DH could buy me an Iphone. A friend of mine got hers in the U.S. too. The one she got was the first version and I guess at that time Apple didn't think much about buying their phone and unlocking it making it not as exclusive as what they are thinking it should be. 

So, for their new generation 3G phone, you can no longer buy the phone without a 2 year lock- up subscription and if you insist on cancelling the subscription, you could end up paying more for the numerous cancellation fees that apply. So much so that you end up paying more than save when you get your phone in the U.S. 

I'm still wondering, though, how come Globe Handyphone and Apple are selling the phone here in the Philippines with a much higher phone fee. I still have to wait until April 2009 that is when my 2 year lock up expires and by then I could apply for new "perks" hopefully a lower priced Iphone. Geez... too much trouble for just one phone, don't you think?

Connection to Toronto

My visit: September 17, 2008

Manila- Toronto
Part 2
16:20 Manila time-19:00 Toronto time same day

Our flight to Toronto was a long one. It's a total of 16:50 hours of travel. Manila to Hong Kong duration was 2:10 hours and Hong Kong to Toronto non stop is 14:40.

Whew! Just thinking of the long trip back home makes me want to just stay here in the United States... N-O-T hehe Of course, I missed my dog, Precious and so need to be back home to bathe her. Imagine, I'm gone for more than a month, she sure would smell bad when I get back hehe unless my dear SIL have the time to bathe her haha

Anyway, when we booked for our seat online, there were no more aisle seat available, we settled for the window and middle seat. If you have experienced travelling long haul, seating in the middle or the window seat is a lot of trouble specially when you are my type who uses the toilet more than once in the entire duration of the flight. So, we just prayed that the one seating in the aisle would also have to use the toilet so we wouldn't have to disturb him/her. But lo and behold hehe for the entire duration of our flight, not once did he- oh, yes, it's a he, did he go up and pee. Oh NO! haha But we got to do what we got to do alright. In one instance, when I really, really have to pee and he looked sound asleep and I don't want to wake him up, I tried to hopped on his legs. Since he is kind of tall and I'm tiny, I couldn't open my legs wide enough and he thus arose from his sleep hehehe

DH is not on my side when that happened, I was too embarassed to get back that I had to look for him. I found him at wherelse the steward's station where they prepare all the food. He was muncing on someting and waiting for his noodles to be ready. So I stayed with him and have a cup of noodles for myself too.

That's probably one of the weirdest passenger that I have encountered. Good for him right?

After that incident, good thing our plane landed just in time for my next pee lol