Funny Signs: Dinudumog; Dinadayo

On our alternate route on our way home, DH and I usually passed by these signage of competing restaurants. One is Dinudumog and the other is Dinadayo. It is located along Kaingin Road, Quezon City.

Have you seen a funny sign lately?

Health and Living: Whole Psyllium Husk

PhP 559

I learned about psyllium a couple of years ago, I tried to take it with my drink but eventually gave up on it. A few months ago, JU introduced it back to my life and I have been taking it since then. I have so far consumed three cans and about to open another one in a few days. DH and I mixed psyllium with our morning drink. DH with his coffee and I, with my Milo chocolate drink. Be forewarned though that you have to consume this immediately upon mixing it with water as it gets thicker and harder to swallow.

Mey Lin Pot and Noodle House

My visit: June 28, 2009

Mey Lin Pot and Noodle House
Level 1, Trinoma Mall,
North Ave. cor. EDSA,
Quezon City

DH and I are happy to see that Mey Lin is on Trinoma already. I always order my favorite squid with special sauce. It has a sweet and tangy taste.

squid with special sauce- PhP 228

Transformers: What a long line!

I just had to blog about this. Line to buy the movie tickets, thirty minutes. The movie itself: two and a half hours... whew! Grabe! Unbelievable! And I can't take a picture of the line... DH doesn't want to risk getting my camera confiscated again like when we were in Greenbelt 3 cinema.

Cyma Estiatorio: I can eat the salad everyday!

My visit: June 22, 2009

4th level
Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City

roka salata salad PhP495

My oh my! Their SALATES (salad) is simply divine!! Fresh Arugula (Roka), chopped romaine lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, shaved parmesan cheese in traditional Greek vinaigrette I really, really heart it. I order it every time and it never fails!

Wagamamu: second time around

My visit: July 22, 2009

411 NS Amoranto St.,
near D. Tuazon St.,
Quezon City

 After our free haircut at Tony & Jackey, C and I went back to Wagamamu for a hefty lunch. First, we noticed that it is now an all girls set up. The last time we were there, Mike was the waiter and from what we have learned he was terminated just over a week ago. tsismis haha
The girls who received us were all friendly.

pan fish fillet with lemon butter sauce PhP 148

Angels' Kitchen

My visit: June 24, 2009

Angels' Kitchen
57 Connecticut St.,
North East Greenhills, San Juan
7441018 7218822

My BFF and I had the chance to meet and have a little tete-a-tete in this quaint restaurant. I am quite surprised to see at how expensive the price on their menu. Just the same, we were already there and opted to try it out. I am glad we did!

Shitake Mushroom with Unagi- PhP 338

We asked the server to split the main dish, shitake mushroom with unagi, into two. It was very filling. The taste is just right. No over flowing sauce. I love it! And the banana shake that I've ordered is heavenly lol Never mind the comment of my husband when he saw my food receipt and said that I gained a thousand calories from it. He never tasted it so he will never know how good it was.

I want: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Somebody give me this phone lol I'll kiss your ass or armpit hehe

Promo: Starbucks

My visit: June 22, 2009

Starbucks Coffee
1st floor Annex A
NS Amoranto cor. Speaker Perez St.,
Quezon City

complimentary drink

I paid for my grande drink and what do I get? A long receipt with instructions on how to get my complimentary beverage! Lucky me lol All I have to do is go to their website and answer the survey form. After that a code will be given and you can enjoy a beverage of your choice on them.

Love promos!

Breakfast at Delifrance

My visit: June 21, 2009

1st level,
Greenhills Theater Mall
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila
7222456 7222463

spinach and mushroom- PhP178

Whenever I am with my parents on our Sunday morning walk, we would eat our breakfast in Delifrance. We would order the same thing over and over again lol We would order either cheese roll or ensaymada. Last Sunday, it was ensaymada because I felt I was hungry. The ensaymada is gigantic compared to the cheese roll hehe The spinach and mushroom together with the ciabatta bread is a staple on our table. No butter just double strawberry jam. And the one free coffee refill is served together with the rest of our order.

We love the service there. Oh, and the coffee is refillable.

Promo: Tony & Jackey

My visit: June 22, 2009

Tony & Jackey
NS Amoranto cor.
Speaker Perez St., QC

One day only! Free haircut all day!

When I was in the Quezon city last Saturday, I noticed that Tony & Jackey had a new branch in NS Amoranto formerly Retiro. DH and I checked out the place and it was not yet open. On a piece of bond paper, taped on a glass door, was a sign that said about a free haircut on opening day- June 22 10am.

What luck! I immediately texted C and asked her if she would want to avail of the freebie. And she responded YES!

We were already at the venue around 10 am and we got a parking space at the basement of the building. When we approach the receptionist on the second floor, we were surprised that many clients were earlier than us and already availing the free haircut. All the staffs were busy attending customers. We got our numbers 12 and 13. In less than 30 minutes, our hair was already being shampooed, trimmed and layered.

with Karen, our stylist

We picked Karen, our stylist, because she cuts with precision and we saw gorgeous hair results from other customers.

C and I are very happy with the result of our haircut. I might be coming back to this branch because Shine and Sunny, who both curled my hair, went back to Korea and are not connected in their Tomas Morato branch anymore.


My visit: June 21, 2009

El Pueblo Complex,
Julia Vargas cor. ADB Ave.,
Otigas Center, Pasig City

We celebrated Father's Day in Rack's. I miss this place. My family used to dine here. I am glad that they opened up once again.

baby back ribs full slab- PhP 570

This order come with a side dish of your choice, we got potato salad and slices of corn bread.

Happy Father's day Dad!

my parents

Happy Father's Day DAD!

Robinson Starmills Pampanga

My Visit: June 21, 2009

Robinson's Starmills
San Fernando, Pampanga

What a big disappointment! We went there thinking we could have a bargain since it's an outlet store. What did we get? itchiness from the clothes that we tried on. We thought it's a bargain haven but only a few outlet shops are open like Mango, All flip flops, Nike and Adidas. The rest are regular shops and the second floor does not have much to offer. Most stores carry limited sizes. Waiting for a sale here in Manila is better. The price not even cheap. My sis bought a Mango shirt here in Manila for PhP 299, the mango outlet store there sells it for PhP 499. It is not wise to go there with almost PhP 300 worth of toll fee and the long travel time- almost 2 hours on a Sunday.

Precious is preggy!

our Christmas photo shoot

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

My visit: June 20, 2009

Asian Twist Fusion Resturant
101 N.S. Amoranto cor.
Speaker Perez St., Q.C.
7112248 7493878

It must be the funky logo design outside its restaurant that attracted the people to go to this restaurant. When we went there awhile ago, only one parking slot was available and most of the table were already occupied. And it was not dinner time yet, we were there around five in the afternoon. People were coming and going. Was it the food? Or the people were just curious? I have to find out the answer.

We were quickly ushered by a receptionist to our seat just beside the cake area. I noticed that they have a second floor and that the place is buzzing with diners. The server that waited for us was a trainee which explains why whenever we have a question about an item they have on the menu, she will have to excuse herself and ask for the answer to our query from other waiters.

bread display

I ordered a cheese cupcake for PhP 22 pictured above right. DH told me the texture was like that of a macaroon. When I tasted the cupcake, it was dry and I only tasted a hint of cheese : (

Hanobe Asian Food House- better than ever!

My visit: June 20, 2009

Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Ma. Clara St.,
Quezon City

Di din naman namin favorite ang Hanobe noh! Obvious ba? This month alone we have been there thrice already. Ever since I told DH about this new restaurant that C and I read in Animetric's blog, Hanobe has been on top of his list whenever we are looking for a place to eat. And today was no different. We have just been to Hanobe Express last Thursday and we were back once again. All I can think of was that they better have the roasted duck that I have been craving for since last Thursday night. Good thing they have it today!

Although some of what we would like to try like the Satay Beef Hofan and the Yo Chi Misua are still not available at 11 a.m. Oh well maybe on our fourth try lol

tikua misua- PhP 165

DH liked this on his initial slurp of the noodle soup. I too liked this but not the tikua hehe

Hanobe Express

My visit: June 18, 2009

Hanobe Express
beside Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Ma. Clara St., Quezon City

DH and I went out for dinner on a Thursday night. I suggested that we try the Hanobe Express (HE) this time. It is a cheaper version of the Hanobe Asian Food House (HAFH) and is mainly catering for roasted rice toppings and noodle soup.

menu written on the wall; approximately 10 pax seating capacity

Vitamins everyday!

I have been conscious about being healthy and thus taking vitamins everyday became sort of a habit for me. With my growing age comes the need for more vitamins supplement lol It was DH who suggested that I put my growing vitamin supplements in a pill box.

l-r evening primrose, calcium, glucosamine, c, folic acid, e & b

Ang dami noh pero hindi ko naman sabay sabay iniinom lahat. I usually have 2-3 after breakfast, 2-3 after lunch and merienda haha

So, what vitamins do you take?

Hotel: Astoria

My visit:  October 10, 2008

Hotel Astoria
510 Bush St.,
San Francisco,
CA 9108
415- 4340611

Located just beside the entrance arc of Chinatown, I can safely say that it has a strategic location and the room per night cost is USD65, it is cheaper than any other hotel within the area. Boutique shops are available just a few steps from the hotel and transportation is readily available just outside the door of the hotel.

morning... busy as a bee

Spotted: Santa Monica Pier

My visit: October 6, 2008

Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles, California

Spotted: Rodeo Drive

My visit: October 6, 2008

Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills

street shopping

Spotted: Universal Studios

My visit: October 5, 2008

Universal Studios
Los Angeles, CA

DH and I

Renee and her dad

Cookie, what a big arms you have!

Ruth, after a tiring day

at Lucille's Bar B Q

Ah- ma's 94th birthday celebration

June 14, 2009

Emerald Garden
1170 Roxas Boulevard

my dear ah- ma

a slice of Hizon's cake

my family

giving of angpao

my dad and his mom

Happy birthday Ah-ma! I wish you good health and looking forward to your grand birthday party next year!

Burgoo: pati pagluto anything goes!

June 14, 2009

SM Mall of Asia
2nd floor, Main Mall
SM Central Business Park
Bay City, Pasay
5560091 5560092

what you see upon entering the establishment


extra bread

Seafood Ceasar Salad PhP 295

free pasta

hamburger PhP 245

My mom received a free Burgoo soup coupon and another Burgoo coupon with a free pasta with PhP500 purchase from her credit card company.

The restaurant was practically empty except for a few tables occupied and two servers. Requests for catsup and follow up order had to be repeated several times.

Sa sobrang itim ng kape kala nila dad eh latak na ng brewed coffee lol And don't get me started on their breadstick as they like to call it. The bread came in late and after several request. We have to return the breads twice because of the stench smell. The manager denied using their cooking oil repeatedly which contradicts what they were serving us. Although, the third time, they served it right but we don't have much food left on the table.

Our bill amounted to PhP 700+ service charge. It's totally not worth it. The pasta is so bland that additional parmesan cheese couldn't solve the problem. My mom improvised with the free Burgoo stew. She mixed the pasta and a bit of stew and voila! Finally, a more palatable pasta lol

Would we come back? Only if it's the last open restaurant in MOA. Don't let me eat my words lol