Caught on cam: Malls into recycling

I was elated when I saw these segregated trash can in the two malls that I have visited recently.

Ayala's Trinoma mall

SM Megamall

I really appreciate what these malls are doing for our planet. Sana nga lang marunong tayong magtapon sa tamang lalagyan.

Cook your own: Banana cue

Yesterday afternoon, I experimented with the bananas that we have on hand and cooked it into banana cue. At first, I asked our helpers if they know how to cook banana cue kanto style and got a deadpan look lol

So, I did a bit of experimenting and voila! Here is my very own version of the banana cue.

home cooked banana cue

Heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough, put one tablespoon of brown sugar in the pan. And immediately put in a slice of banana. Coat the banana with the syrupy brown sugar. After a minute, scoop the banana out. Repeat this procedure for each banana.

  • 5 pcs. bananas, sliced in half
  • brown sugar
  • oil
  • deep frying pan
Preparation time: less than 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

I cooked another batch of banana cue this morning for our breakfast. Saraaaap!

Have you been to your local supermarket?

My visit: September 29, 2009

Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan

I was in Unimart this morning to buy some food for dinner. I was surprised to see so many people lining up the cashier already at this time of the day. It was not even lunch yet people were snaking in line already.

all counters are full

people were stocking on supplies

Or were they? DH told me that people are simply purchasing what they needed as most of their things and food are now useless with typhoon Ondoy.

Well, at first I thought of panic buying as news of more typhoon coming spread after the disaster of Ondoy. But come to think of it, DH's statement makes sense.

Or maybe some people are thinking of donating food to other people who are in need. The bread section is almost empty. I hope my readers would donate too!

Ultra 7 cinema at the Eastwood Mall

My visit: September 13, 2009

Ultra 7 Cinema
Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

It's the newest cinema in town! For PhP400 per pax, a movie goer can have as many bucket of popcorn he/ she wants and as many drinks to quench your thirst.

bucket full of popcorn

Cheese, Barbecue and plain popcorn are served by request. No matter how fast we ate we could not finish an entire bucket lol We took home the rest. You just have to raise our hand to ask for a bottled water, soft drink or iced tea. Both popcorn and drinks are bottomless.

plush twin seater

This seat is the best, we can recline our seat and put our leg up too bad our movie, Up, is a short one. You get your money's worth if you are watching a longer film.

DH and his cheese popcorn

I like the cheese flavored popcorn instead of the barbecue flavor. The barbecue lacks flavor in it.

me with my feet up

When you are all full from the treats, toilets are located inside the cinema so you can easily slide back to your seat and avoid missing much of the movie.

Sango the Burger Master with CML

CML and I ate at Sango when I went and got my prize at Hinge Inquirer. It's just building away lol I thought CML would love to try it out!

Sango Master fries PhP125 large

I treated her to a Sango Master burger (not in the photo) and a Master fries. Both are priced at PhP125 each.

We shared both order but boy, we were really full afterwards that we could not eat anymore.

I'm craving for the fries again while writing this. Somebody send me one!

Commercial Muna: KFC and Jollibee Nobody showdown

Volunteers needed!

click to enlarge

Think Positive

Although I am stuck here on the second floor of our office building, I still feel lucky that unlike others I am not wet from the rain. I can go to the toilet anytime I want. I am not stuck in the traffic. At least, I have a pack of Fita biscuits and Dole peach slices for my hunger pangs. And most of all, I am with my DH through it all!

Typhoon Ondoy did this!

It was only 4pm Saturday last September 26 but the water started to enter the gate of our office. We sent all our employees home already. It was only DH, the guard and I who were left in the office. We put all our products on top of working tables to try and save them from the water entering inside the building.

my dinner

We were really hungry afterwards. Good thing DH has Fita biscuits and Dole sliced peaches stashed inside the refrigerator.

inside the building

old stocks floating

water inside our work area

shot the morning after

It was a tragedy to see that a lot of people suffered during the typhoon Ondoy. This is just one of the thousands of stories that happened on that fateful day. Let's continue to pray for people who lost their families, houses and belongings.

All in a day's work 2!

For the past two weeks, I've been busy accepting calls from different agents. The agent needs my opinion and in return I get paid. The payments are in the form of GCs and cash. I love GCs but I need cash lol

GCs and prizes from Northern Living magazine

I already spent my Sodexho GCs on my contact lenses today. Ideal Vision Center accepts it and all SM branches. I have not touched my Rustan's GCs though. I still don't know what to buy. So I am keeping it. DH's birthday is coming up in October so I might spend it on his gift. I got the Red Ribbon's GC from its blogger event. I am very happy. The cash all went to my bank account lol

raffle prize from Hinge Inquirer

I faxed a survey form of Northern Living magazine, a sister publication of the Inquirer newspaper some time ago. Surprisingly, I got an email over a week ago telling me that I won its raffle. The prizes are from The Body Shop- a 4 g. lipstick and a 10 ml. super volume mascara in color blue! The price of each is PhP695. Not bad huh! How's that for a day's work?

Shout out to CML for accompanying me in getting my prize from Hinge Inquirer.

Fun time with Ady and Megan

My good friend, Ady, arrived last week from the US of A. She brought along her cute lil kid, Megan, to attend her brother's wedding.

We had an opportunity to spend a day at the mall. She picked Greenhills- a shopping haven for tourist, as our destination.

It was only after much haggling and bargaining did we realized that we have not had a single photo.

Megan riding the twist car

And so, with each of us having our own camera, Megan became our model. She willingly obliged to pose for or cameras.

Ady and I

Before getting out of the car, Ady and I had this souvenir shot. "CRAZY" that's how Ady described our friendship, este, this shot because it's taken inside the car which is unglamorous lol

more candid shots with Ady's cam here

New find: Tofu Chips

Over the long weekend , I accompanied AC to shop for a good pair of shoes to match her evening gown. Upon picking me up, she gave me these two tofu chips in cheese and barbecue flavor.


I gave both to DH when I got home. He immediately opened the cheese tofu chips that's why the picture shows that it's already half empty lol His mouth is faster than my camera lol


Surprisingly, the tofu chips tasted good. So good that we ended up eating both in one afternoon. I like the cheese flavor more. The barbecue lacks the flavor in it. Or the cheese flavor has empowered the barbecue flavor in my mouth since I ate the cheese first. I don't know.

I saw these similar chips in The Tofu Store in San Juan but I didn't dare buy it for fear of the taste. But now that I know that it tasted like ordinary chips only better, I will grab and buy the next time I see tofu chips in stores.

Blogger Event: Red Ribbon

group shot

This is our souvenir shot from the Red Ribbon blogger event.

click here for my Red Ribbon experience.

New Packaging: Cow Label

I saw this new packaging of Cow Label when I went grocery shopping in SM Megamall.

cow label

I opened it already when I thought of taking it's picture hence the pieces of tape stuck on it lol It just goes to show that I am matakaw right lol Same delicious taste not unlike the one I bought before in its old package na amoy gas. I don't know what is wrong but I was not able to finish it. But in this new packaging, the taste is alright, no gas smell. And mas malaki na ata ito compared sa old packaging niya na 10 or 12 in a box.

What are you waiting for? Grab one in your nearest grocery store!

Running Diary: Ayala's Eco Dash

September 13, 2009

Eco Dash
The Fort
Taguig City

It was raining really hard the night before, AC and I decided to wait until the day itself to see if we would continue to run or not.

And so, around 4am, I got a text from AC that we will not attend the fun run anymore as it was still raining. It was my DH, who woke me up at 4:30am and ask why I haven't prepared for my run. I looked outt he window and the rain stopped. Luckily, AC was still awake and we manage to get ourselves in the venue a few minutes before the race starts.

starting line

Unfortunately, the moment we arrived at the venue that's when the rain started once again. I saw runners without any jacket or cap. AC and I would like to think that we can still run because others can.

But just after a few turn, we gave up. We were soaking wet and we would not want to risk our health because of the PhP250 we paid.

AC wet look and all

me styled by DH

Photos above were taken immediately after a heavy down pour. We hid in one of the toilets lol

pic taken from our car

It's crazy, people were still running in heavy rain! I wish I had their strength and stamina.

singlet and number

But we just couldn't risk our health! I hope we can have a good weather in the next run!

Recycle: non working personal refrigerator

GE personal ref

Our GE stainless personal refrigerator gave up on us after 5 years. Yeah, that's about the expiration of the warranty the company offers for the compressor. We wanted to have the compressor fix but that would cost us almost PhP8, 000. I know, right? it's like buying a new refrigerator. So, we decided to just do away with a personal refrigerator in our bed room.

some office supplies and cookies lol

When we bought a new writing desk and gave away our old study table, we ended up with files and no place to accommodate it. DH had a light bulb moment and suggested using our non working refrigerator as cabinet to all our files.


The idea worked! Our files were neatly tucked in plus I can still store cookies and other junk inside it.

some medicines and other knick-knacks

It looks like a normal ref when closed and you are in for a surprise when opened lol

How about you have you recycled anything lately?