Precious' 3rd Birthday!

Last August 27, Precious celebrated her 3rd birthday! Although she didn't have a party, we still celebrated her birthday with candle blowing and picture taking. Only Apple was her guest that night. Here are some pictures...

Kitchen Of Cakes & Coffee... D-U-H!

August 26, 2008

I got a message from my friend AC, she was blabbering about not having a boss around that day and that if we can meet.

AC: Birthday ni Precious bukas, pa burjer ka naman..
ME: Mag absent ka bukas para me hamburger ka
AC: Pwede ngayon, wala boss ko...
ME: Agahan mu, ayoko na pag late
AC: Mga 4:30pm?
ME: Late na yun. 3pm alis ka na dyan.
AC: ok

Anyway, for those who can't understand what I'm writing, learn the friggin' Filipino language because I will not translate this into barok eng-lish! lol~

Penny Brown... delicious!

My visit: August 25, 2008

Penny Brown
Robinson Galleria

I am not supposed to be in a mall on a Monday but due to the holiday economics of our president, we have long weekend. And what good is the long weekend if you do not visit a mall, yeah?
LL and I after having misunderstood each other, finally agreed on going to the Robinson's mall. We ended up entering all boutiques and when I say, all, and I am not kidding you. After finishing the entire second floor, end to end mind you, I saw the tiny kiosk of Penny Brown. I asked LL if she ever tried it and she answered, No. I already tried it once with my family and we all commended that the combination of cookies and ice cream is simply delicious. And the price is just (PhP20) for the cookie ice cream sandwich or whatever they call it.

LL and I tried 2 flavors of its cookies which is peanut butter and i think the other one is chocolate. And for the ice cream, we chose raspberry and green tea. The brand of ice cream they use is FIC.

Jollibee follows up...

After blogging about this, surprisingly, I got a phone call from the supervisor of Jollibee Sangandaan. She introduced herself as Cheng. She was asking for feedback about their food and delivery service. I though to myself what luck... I could now air my sentiments on their chicken joy lol~ 

So when she ask if I was a satisfied customer, I laid down my complaints, of course. I learned that they have an on- going problem with their supplier that's why they don't serve breast. And that they are also having other complains or requests, however which way you see it, about the breast part. Maybe KFC, Mc Donald's has the missing breast part lol~ 

iPhone hooplah!

August 22, 2008 was the date of the launching of the iPhone 3g here in the Philippines. Since then, I have not read or heard anything if there was a successful launch or anything.

I, for one, wanted to grab a hold of the new iPhone 3g. But the price given by Globe, the telco, was outrageously ridiculous. But hold your breath, after initially releasing a price list of iPhone, Globe has reduced the iPhone's price although it has not yet been released. What does this mean? Nobody, as in nada, not anyone has reserved? How will I know? Everyday, I have been reading the top broadsheet in the Philippines and I have not even read a single article regarding the launch of iPhone last Friday.

Did anybody slept through the night and fall in line outside of their business center just to brag that he/she was the first one ever to get a hold of the phone in the Philippines?

I called the Globe hotline awhile ago to inquire about the pricing of iPhone that goes along with the plan the I am in. I found out that I am not allowed to avail of any new promo because I have availed of its loyalty perk. The loyalty reward would expire April of next year. A month before the expiry, CS told me that I could call and let them reassessed my account again and I might get a discount off the tag . In the mean time, if I couldn't wait, I can just buy a new plan and get a new number to go with the phone. Such a policy could sway their customers to other company. Or sway their customers to buy from Greenhills and/or go to the US to buy it at USD199. After all, they have an overpriced iPhone anyway!

What's wrong with breast... Jollibee?

I have been meaning to ask why Jollibee does not serve breast part chicken. You can only choose from either ribs and thigh or maybe yeah, the leg!

Awhile ago, when I ordered thru their hotline number, I specify that they should call if there is no breast part available. The CS didn't know that their company does not serve breast part DUH! When the store crew called, he informed me that breast part is not available. 

It's been awhile since I last ate chicken joy from Jollibee, now, I remember why I don't eat chickenjoy anymore...

US Visa tidbits!

I went to the US Embassy with an armload of brown envelope placed inside a plastic envelope. Inside the brown envelope are important documents that might increase my chance of having the much coveted US Visa. Although I am just renewing my visa, having an old/expired visa does not guarantee that the US consul will grant you a new one.

So, weeks before up to the day before the interview date , I have accumulated most of the documents that would prove that I am a returning visitor and will not overstay in their country. In the Pavilion area, a lady beside me even showed all documents placed neatly in a folder that she was willing to show to the consul as she was previously denied.

US Visa... Approved!

August 21, 2008

US Embassy
8 am appointed time
7 am- 10:30am

The very first time I had my US interview was year 2004. To tell you honestly, I have no recollection whatsoever with what have transpired that day. This significant mental block as my DH will tell you is called my selective memory gap phase lol~
So now, I am writing it down. Next time I will have an interview, I will be able to "remember".

Yesterday, while I was double checking and flipping through my application form, I noticed that I haven't filled out the date as to when I signed the form. So, I quickly wrote down the date but to my dismay, I saw that the pattern should have been dd-mmm-yyyy. Ohmygas, I wrote down mm-dd-yy. I called up my travel agent and ask for another copy of the form and forward it through email to me. Good thing he saved it. I called DH and told him to print it for me. Problem solved!

That night, DH insisted that I set my alarm at 5:30 am. *darn* "too early"- or so I thought. So while watching a movie I was tinkering with DH's hand-me-down cell phone. I put it under calendar and set a meeting at 5:30 am. All is well, we slept early and then 5:30 am comes and no alarm. Good thing, DH woke me up to tell me that it's close to 6 am. What happened with the alarm? Turned out, I set it as meeting and not turned on the alarm lol~ I rushed to the bathroom and got out of the house by 6:30 am... a world record. DH drove me to U.N. Ave. for my scheduled 8 am interview.

iPhone rave... no more!

Globe announces last Saturday August 16 in Inquirer broadsheet that it is slashing its iPhone price even before they release it. What does this mean? They have taken reservations in advance, and maybe, just maybe, with their unbelievably price mark up and the economy now in the Philippines where soaring commodity prices hikes up, nobody as in NOT ONE have reserved lol People know that iPhone is sold much lower in the States, they are not dumb! Globe wants to cash in on iPhone craze but they have to fire the people who made the initial pricelist for the phone for coming up with unrealistic price mark up.

Here is a link for the NEW and IMPROVED ?! pricelist of iPhone with Globe:

Compared to the US pricelist of iPhone, which cost USD 199 and USD 299 for 8gb and 16gb respectively, those suckers at Globe are taking advantage of the vulnerability of the Filipino people- granted they have the money to buy it.

I, for one, would wait till the hooplah wpuld die down and for sure the other entrepreneur filipinos would sell 3G iPhone in Greenhills in no time *sheepish grin*

But for those of you who can't wait, are so excited and would want to splurge your money so you can get your hands on the not so NEW gadget, be still and have yourself invited tomorrow.

Blow- Out!

August 15, 2008

Chateau 1771
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5
Makati City
729-9760 or 0917-862-6467

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: French, Italian

We braved the traffic of Makati to celebrate the birthday of LL. After an hour ride, we finally arrived at our destination, HUNGRY. But girls will be girls.... shopping is a must and hunger goes unnotice for awhile lol We went around Greenbelt 5 and window shop at Banana Republic and bought a lip balm at Kiehl's. On our way to Chateau 1771, we saw the former first lady Imelda Marcos with her big hair and all hehe 

 large four season salad PhP550

We entered a full house resto. But the receptionist gave us a seat tucked in a corner near a window and right after the door. Not a good location but the celebrator insisted on the restaurant since she long wanted to eat there.

We ordered a large Four Season Salad, Carrot Soup, Butterfly Prawns with rice and a Capellini Tomato Pasta.The salad priced at PhP 550 was split into three as suggested by the waiter. It has meat, parmessan cheese and candy coated nut topping on the veggies and the dressing, Vinigrette, is good too. 

It's a SCAM!

Philippines have been invaded by a various scam. From the text scam that have been circulating ever since people began texting to the new scam that have been targeting people that knows how to speack Chinese, Mandarin in particular.

Yesterday, I have opened my email from my SIL telling a story of such scam forwarded by a friends of hers. Just reading through the first part, I remembered that I once got a call from an unregistered number and the person on the other line have told me the exact same thing that the email sender tells. But I was adamant in telling/ giving her what she is asking for and I just hang up the call. Lucky for me but what about the other people who have been scammed. To be more precise in telling, I am attaching the email to warn my readers of the said scam...

Let's talk about U-N-D-I-E-S

When I went to a local Marks & Spencer shop to buy an underwear, I noticed that the store's lingerie section was on SALE- Pay 1 at regular price and buy the next 1 at half the cost! Lucky me and for my DH too! For he is the one PAYING hehe

I was also amazed at how many style, shapes and colors were available. Upon entering the shop, I already had in mind what I wanted to buy- it's a boxer panty and in basic colors like beige, black & white. I know *rolling eyes* boring colors but I would not wear undies without matching it with the color of my bra, SILLY! And basically, I like those three colors for it's easier to match with what I am wearing for the day which is BASIC- simple, Yeah, right!

I bought ten of these hehe

I love the comfort and the fit of these cottony soft undies that I can't get enough. After contempleting for three consecutive days and hoping that the store is still on sale, I went back and this time I was thinking of changing my old sleep undies. You wouldn' t think that I use the same undies for going out and at night, DUH! Shame on you! Good thing that the store was still on sale and have enough stock left and the color that I want to have...Yup, yup, you got it right... beige, black & white. And yes, the size! I wouldn't tell you what size I got but always remember that I am practicing Bikram Yoga, Namaste! *wink*

Everybody gone bonkers?!?

Is it just me? I started collecting the section in Inquirer- a daily broadsheet in the Philippines- where it features a section with sudoku game. Everyday, after I finish reading the newspaper, I make sure that I keep the page where it is printed. Sometimes I compile it and bring it to the office with me. As soon as I am done with my job, I get to solve the puzzle. At times, I get to solve a weeks worth of puzzle. The biggest hurdle is how to solve it faster especially with the Sunday issue being the most difficult of them all. I even bought a sudoku puzzle sheet to take with me when I went to Taiwan a few months back. But I hardly finish it because when I got back, I started solving the back issues of our daily newspaper first.

And now, I think I still have mostly the Sunday issues left hehe Darn, it's really hard to solve it... try it to believe!

What's yours?

My all time starbucks favorite drink is the Mocha Frappucino followed by the runner up Coffee Jelly, which I found out, that not all countries were serving. Taiwan for one doesn't serve it and I guess China too. Maybe my China reader can tell me. Gotcha!

Mocha Frappucino

Hmmm come to think of it, maybe the coffee jelly is only sold here in the Philippines and not everywhere else... Anyway, I'm not too keen on the jelly especially now that I'm watching my weight. But sometimes, I indulge myself *lol* Guilty pleasures!

Facebook and other hooplah

Everyday there is always some new way to connect with friends and families here and abroad! I just found out about facebook... i know, i know... you will think that I'm such an oldie for having a delayed reaction on it.

Actually, I knew it for awhile already *shucks defensive and contradictiong myself* but I just ignored it. Many of my family/ friends have joined the bandwagon already and i have received invites to join but I always just clicked the IGNORE button. What will I do with so much account with the same members and contacts or so I thought? Until I found out this morning that DH had succumbed to the force of joining the FACEBOOK phenomenon hehe

Holy Smokey... Charity!

July 31, 2008

Smokey Mountain
11 a.m.

Cherie along with Leony and I, with the help of our other friends, were doing charity with some 500 families of Smokey Mountain for two consecutive years. Some friends are tasked to collect money and food donations from relatives and other good samaritan to help the cause and brainchild of my good friend, Cherie.

our helpful friends and staff

We were blessed with a good weather during the day so we were able to feed more than 500 families and they even get to have a bag of groceries and a bag of rice for the whole family. Initially, the aim is to feed only the malnourished kids but my good friend Leony, donated more than enough for the whole family.

Last Night...

Feeling  bit sick last night, I ate dinner a bit earlier than usual. After learning that DH is ecstatic about watching the Beijing Olympics opening, we decided to watch just one episode of the TV show series 4400. Alright, I know that I have said before that I was bored with the series but what can I do, DH have already downloaded the whole series and  it kept me interested somehow.

The single episode lasted less than an hour and together we waited for the start of the olympics. At first, I decided that I will not really watch WATCH the opening and prepared my su doku work page, pencil and eraser. But the magnificent opening kept me glued to the TV set.

Widgets anyone?!?

Can anyone help me where I can find some more nice widgets to place on my blog? thanks!

Not just your ordinary ice cream house!

July 31, 20008

Nestle Creamery
710 Aurora Blvd.,
Quezon City

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Ice Cream House

After our tiring but worthwhile morning in Smokey Mountain, my friend, Cherie and I went to Nestle Creamery for lunch at 2pm hehe A bit late already, don't you think so? Because heavy rainfall equals traffic here in Manila.

Traditional Tapsilog- PhP 99

Anyway, we entered the venue and there were diners already getting out of the venue. We have gotten a seat in one of their corner tables with cushioned seats. The place is colorful. A slide and small balls on inflatble were on the side where a couple of kids were playing. At the center is a bar where the juices and ice cream are made per order.