Cafe Ten Titas

My visit: November 15, 2008

Cafe Ten Titas
Unit #305, Level 3
Gateway Mall, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon CIty

We would have been in Trinoma if not for the heavy traffic and no parking brought about by a huge SALE of the mall. We ended up in our old malling place, Gateway Araneta Center for our weekly date.

After buying a 7pm Quantum of Solace movie ticket, we looked for a restaurant to eat. We finally settled with Cafe Ten Titas which I wanted to try for many months now but we often held back because we are not so much into Filipino dish. I always see this restaurant full and busy. And now finally, we can try it.

Upon entering, a waitress assisted us and asked if we would want to try out their buffet. We decline when we saw what it offered in the table- laing, etc. We decided that we will order on our own.

Precious roll over

Beware! Another Text Scam?

While on our way to the office, DH received a text from cell phone number 09162284066 which has the following message:

"Joanna! Tita Flor texted me. Meron daw siyang napanalunan na Calvin Klein shopping spree from Globe. Check mo nga if it's true! Text daw TREAT to 2346."

This message was received at 9:20 am. Sounds just like wrong text? You tell me. Just after reading my text that DH got in his cell phone, I got one too!

"Sheila! Si Mommy Jo nanalo ba naman ng P10, 000 Gap GC from Globe! Winner! Sabi nya, nag txt daw sya ng TREATS sa 2346. Marunong pala siya mag-text! mwahaha!"

This time the number came from 09151127746. At first, we were a bit hesitant to believe that it was a prank/scam because it sounds a little bit inviting and if you are a bit curious, you might text the number.

I called Globe to investigate in their 211 hotline. After several network busy, I was finally been able to get hold of Kaye and told her about the text incident. At first, I asked if what will happen if I text to 2346. She replied that I will be charged for the logos and ring tones that will be sent to me daily or weekly. "Whhhhhaaaat?" so what do those suckers who texted me will gain? I told her that maybe it's their company who sent those spam messages. At about this time when she told me about GTREATS which is a legal promo from globe and that GAP and CALVIN KLEIN are really included in their promo. I asked for her to report that I am complaining and that I don't even want a single spam message from their company. She sounded like she was sales talking me and telling me about all this lame promo of theirs. Well, i am not interested in their friggin' promo and told her just to report it or I'll blog about it hehe So, I'm now blogging about it.

Any same experience you want to share? Don't just shut up... BE HEARD or READ! Whatevs?!!

Fanny Serrano's Secret Cafe

My visit: November 4, 2008

Secret Cafe
69 Scout Rallos St.,
Quezon City
9255253   9257809

Tucked in a dimly lit area in Quezon City, Secret cafe is a good find. With delicious food priced inexpensively and cozy ambiance, it is worth a visit. Four of us went for a dinner to celebrate again the birthday of AC. I called and talked to their chef, Henry, to make a reservation. It turned out that we were the only diners that night.

The design of the venue was Filipino modern with drawings painted on its wall. The lights were dimmed by the waiter, Allan, for effects but he immediately brighten the area when he saw that I am taking pictures with my camera.

Game Crab and Boardgame Cafe

My visit: November 8, 2008

2/F FBR Arcade
317 Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

DH and I were a bit hesitant when a friend of mine suggested this venue as our once a month dinner rendezvous.

We instantly found the place as their website suggested, it was just above the Yellow Cab Pizza. Parking lot is not a problem as they have a basement parking and it's FREE.

The venue is well lighted and with walls painted in bright colors. After all, who will want to ply in such a dull surroundings hehe Imagine canteen tables and chairs and that's what they have in Game Crab and a cushioned seat tucked in the corner which was already occupied when we arrived. There were a total of three or four tables occupied including our but later on vacant tables were quickly filled in. You can now hear jeering opponents and cheering team mates. We lost track of time and played until 1am. The waitress helped us with our inquiry in each and every game we have played. And we pick a lot, I tell you... Monopoly, Pictionary, Smarty Pants, Wheel of Fortune, and Chess. Each players has to pay PhP 45/hour. The board games are still new and in very good condition. So, visit it now.

Teresa's Garden Restaurant

My visit: November 9, 2008

Teresa's Garden & Restaurant
Km. 48 Lalaan 1 St.,
Silang, Cavite

When my family went to the annual gathering in our association in Tagaytay, my siblings felt a little bit bored and went cruising along the highway. A small green signage near km. 49 caught up their attention and that was when they discovered Teresa's Garden. The small entrance was surrounded by plants and the small pathway lead you to a shrine of Mama Mary and behind it was the counter. A board hang on the wall with menu written on it. There were also a small table and two sets of sofa.

turon PhP60

There was also an outdoor covered garden with tables and chairs you can choose from. We chose a long table near the road. As we were seated, menu was immediately handed over to us. The price is cheap and the servings were big enough to split into two.

Home Improvement: Omni Sensor

This light sensor is very useful specially if you are like DH and I who sleep with light closed. Often times, I wake up in the middle of the night to pee and I get my knees or any part of my leg bumped into nearby furniture and/or the sides and corners of our bed. The morning I wake up I get all kinds of bruises not knowing where I got it. 

Omni light sensor

When I saw it in attached to an electrical socket in our room in Canada, I immediately liked it. It emits bright white light at night and in the morning, it turns off automatically. But I cannot buy it there in Canada, it is 110v. Luckily, I find one in SM hardware stores and with 3 designs to choose from. I asked all three to be tested and got the design which emitted brighter white light.

Now, I am happy and no more bruises. 

Like a catwoman's eye

Nice, huh? It's just exactly what I am looking for... like a cat woman's eye. When I saw it in Crossings, Shangri-la Mall, I didn't think twice especially when I saw how much it is hehe You know me I am  cheapskate. Now, all I need to do is to have the lens change at the Executive Optical in Greenhills and I am all set.

Merienda TIme:

This is my craving of the hour... Nestle Creamery Barquillos. You got to try it~ Masarap talaga siya... PROMISE~

What's in Nestle marketing head?

Have you recently bought a Nestle Chuckie chocolate Milk drink? If yes, have you drink from the straws provided? If yes again, are you like me, who has difficulty in drinking from its two straws connected as one?....

I am wondering how can they think of such a thing, I have difficulty drinking from it how else can a child drink from it and not spill some of it. This is bad idea... nice to look at and difficult to drink at all...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

When I got back from Canada, I see to it that I have to put up our Christmas Tree ASAP. On the last week of October, I have been able to do it. Here is a picture of how it looks like. Not much different from last year's as I still have the same color motif which is red. It's expensive when you have to change all your current decor and a waste too. Save the earth.

My boots

I bought this pair when I was in Taipei, Taiwan last year. This is actually the second pair I got in Taipei. The first one was black and it didn't last long. This brown leather one has zippers on the side as opposed to the first one which has no zippers at all. The heels isn't really high and it is only about one inch I think. You can walk a lot in these boots. I love it when I tucked my jeans in it. I hope to get back to Taiwan so I can get my hands on more boots hehe

Boston Bag Galore~

September 21, 2008

On our first day in Boston, I bought 5 bags already. 2 bags are to be given away to my sister and our office secretary. So, right now all I can show you are just 3 bags.

The black one is nine west. I can't decide which color to buy that I ended up buying 2. One in brown which I gave to my sister. It's a clutch and also has an attachment for shoulder strap. It's really a very nice sophisticated bag.

The second bag was a find. It's like the new LV collection vernis which means "varnish" minus the monogram LV. It's XOXO. I bought another, a brown one, which is a bit bigger and rectangular in length but that I also gave it away, this time to our secretary.

Makati Shangri- la's Sinfully Circles

My visit: November 1, 2008

Lobby Level
Makati Shangri-la
840 0884

Hours 7am – 11pm

Dress Code Smart Casual
no smoking

It's AC birthday and DH and I were lucky to have been invited to eat dinner with her family in Circles, Shangri- la Makati. We tried almost everything but I can't really help and compare it with Spiral, Hotel Sofitel.

Photo credit: Shangri-la

When I asked if they have lamb, the server manning the grilling station got one under the table. I asked why was it not on display and he replied that not many were available. Funny thing was the mint sauce that goes with it was also hidden. Bad.Unlike in Spiral, the lamb is always on display and you can have as much mint as you want.

Choi Garden Seafood & Sharksfin Restaurant

Choi Garden Restaurant

#12 Annapolis St. corner Purdue St.,
Greenhills, San Juan City
7276042   7277484   7245343   3825501

I am very disappointed with this restaurant. After a whole month of hibernation and not reviewing on SPOT... I'm back and sad to say my first review is not a good one.

Although we arrived without reservation on a weekend, we were seated in less than 15 minutes. But the good thing ends there. The food we want to order are either not available on weekends (Oyster Cake), should be ordered in advance (suckling pig)- 1-2 days I think or "ubos na po" (lechon macau).

So we settled for wintermelon assorted meat soup (PhP350), Roast Duck 1/4 (PhP380), Sharks fin Siomai (PhP95), Minced Pork with Baguio Bean (PhP200) and Taho (PhP150). We ordered a fish filet with garlic but the young order taker was probably not on his feet that day and was not able to place our orders. We waited for it until we finished the rest of the food but sadly, it didn't come out. Finally, the waiter informed us that our order was not placed.

And don't get me started with its parking. There is a parking space provided opposite of Choi Garden with a very tiny signage, I think the one before the spa. But the guards will not be pointing you that way instead they will point you to paid parking space directly infront of the said restaurant which will charge you PhP 30 and PhP 20 if you haggle.

We had a very bad and hungry evening to say the least. I think of not going back ever...

Love our new sheets

Vaughan Mills
1 Bass Pro Mills Drive Unit A2
Vaughan, ON
(905)- 7611014

On our last week in Canada, we went to this store called Linens 'n Things. The store have a wide selection of bed covers, duvet covers, pillows and other home furnishings.

We bought 1 set of duvet cover in chocolate brown and a 2-1 set of bed sheets in blue.

Pimping my dog

While DH and I were gallivanting in U.S. and Canada, my lil Precious was having her menstruation. So, for the very first time, our baby had her first paid sexual encounter. Hmmm... I wished for her to die a virgin but who am I to contradict the law of nature... procreate.


Anyway, she went and stayed with Chester, the name of the "prostitute" dog, twice. Now, I wonder if she is pregnant. If yes, I'll be a grandma in no time *sigh* 

Bad Cathay, Bad!

When I booked our tickets through our travel agent, I was a bit apprehensive when I saw our return flight booking which is as follows:

Toronto- Hong Kong 1040-1355
Hong Kong- Manila 1445- 1645

We have less than an hour to connect to our Manila flight. What if our flight in Toronto was delayed... My worst fear has happened and something else happened to top that.

We arrived around 8 am for our 10:40 am flight. We got in the "online check-in" line and was asked by a personnel if we want to be a volunteer. "Volunteer for what?" I ask. I learned that if we give away our plane seat for the day, we will be paid CAD 400 per pax CASH and we get to fly out the very next day. Hmm... not bad, we decided to grab the opportunity. But wait, there's more... we still have to wait for them to fill up the plane and only then will we know if we are the "winner" of the CAD 400 hehe In the meantime, the employee gave us CAD 20 voucher for our breakfast while we while our time in the small cafe near the check in counters.