Curse of the telecom companies!

Oh no! After my dilemma with GLOBE DSL, our PLDT telephone line died on us! I can't really seem to understand how these could have happened to us simultaneously. Gosh! are we being attacked by telecom companies?

It has been four days since I reported to 173. A technician went to our house yesterday and assured us that by 5pm will be having our dial tone as they have already fix the problem in the cabinet. And all PLDT has to do is to switch ON on their part and we will have our line back. So far, we still don't have a dial tone, no static, my phone is dead.

Missing a DSL is one thing but lacking a telephone line is a CURSE. *drama* My gulay! I just hang up the phone. On the other line was a team leader, who I insisted talking to. "I am friggin' mad" I told the CSR to tell his supervisor slash team leader. GRRR! As usual the supervisor assured me that she will personally follow it up and that our line will be repaired soon. I hope it will not be like my experience with GLOBE. Or I will have no choice at all...

I am thinking of applying a wireless telephone line, either bayatel or pldt. Will somebody care to share their experience  having wireless telephone with me?

McDonald's Greenhills is not PET FRIENDLY!

I was supposed to blog about this a long time ago but I guess it kept slipping out of my mind because of the pest- GLOBE!

Anyway, every Sunday, I am on a jogging mood with my parents and on one of those instances, I am with my Precious, my Pom.

Precious, our dog

After many rounds, we opted to have a quick bite and entered Mc Donald's. Upon entering, we come face to face with the manager who gave us the L-O-O-K. We proceeded and chose a table tucked in another room where it's almost deserted.

My dad doggie sit the dog while mom and I went in line for our order. We were not yet near the counter when my dad come out from the room followed by a security guard and the manager. It turned out the manager asked the security guard to tell my dad that PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE. If the manager have told us that this is not a pet friendly place OR EVEN PUT ON A SIGN OUTSIDE we wouldn't have entered! My poor dog!!!

We went to Tropical Hut instead. Ang arte arte ng Mc Donald's!

What the heck?!

Something magical- duh? happened yesterday! The guard told me that a Globe personnel is at the gate. As I approached the front door clutching the modem thinking that Globe sent the man to take it as previously agreed on when we went to its office last week.

In front of my doorstep appeared a lineman from GLOBE DSL! The nerve... the poor guy showed me a  job order dated June 8.... hmmm what date was it yesterday? did they come from Mars hehe It must be confusing! The poor thang asked me if I had a connection already, I said hell NO! Could I try it now because they have been working on it?!? The desperate spirit in me went upstairs and started tinkering and setting up the line and modem but nothing happened. The ADSL kept on blinking instead of steady light.

Blogging about my DSL

I don't know about you but I felt the need of blogging about anything and everything... Is it a fad? that one day everybody will just stop or will it stay? Hmmmm....

I would like to keep you updated on my situation with my GLOBE DSL. Last Thursday afternoon,  I was finally able to apply for a termination of my account. After waiting for almost an hour, and just six person in line in front of me, I finally done it! The CS was accommodating and didn't ask too much questions-  maybe BIATCH was written all over her computer screen muahahahaha She handed me a form to sign and told me to wait for a bill that states it is the FINAL bill and I have to go back for the final manual adjustment. The process would take for a month or on my next billing statement.

Anyway, I'm very happy that I am now stress-free hehe It only took 10-15 minutes for the whole process to finish. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! suckers!

What's in Choi's name?

My visit: June 12, 2008

Mr. Choi Kitchen
First Floor Waltermart,
Munoz, Quezon City

The newly built Waltermart now creates traffic when you pass EDSA/ Munoz.  We often pass this route and now we have the chance to see it one Thursday afternoon. We decided to eat first before doing our mall inspection hehe
We chanced upon Mr. Choi's Kitchen on the first floor fronting the supermarket. Thinking it is a sister company of Choi Garden in Annapolis, Greenhills, we enter the restaurant. It turned out its not related and I think, with its numerous branches, it started way earlier than the one in Greenhills. 

 Seafood Vegetable with Fried Noodle (SFVFN)- PhP 168

The waiters were very attentive. They immediately gave us a menu and sweetened peanuts which they also sell in a bottle. 

Ruby Tuesday on a Saturday!

My visit: June 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday
Trinoma Mall

Nothing much to blog in this restaurant but since I've lots of spare time while waiting for my DH to finish his job, might as well do some writing.

Typical american themed restaurants like Chili's, Friday's is what reminded me of Ruby Tuesday. I watch the restaurant being constructed week by week and when it opened, I finally urged my DH to try it out. He was not too keen on American cuisine for most dish are deep fried and unhealthy. But he went on with me.

BBQ ribs PhP440

I ordered a half slab classic BBQ ribs (PhP440) and DH had a classic Cheese burger (PhP 340). When my ribs arrived, I looked at it and seemed not satisfied with the way it was cooked. I don't know if it's just me but I find the color of the ribs too dark. i find it too dry. I talked to the waitress about it but she just asked me if I wanted an extra barbecue sauce with it. I decline and just told her to tell their kitchen staff so they can do something about it. I have tasted better ribs in other restaurant. 

Max Brenner on a Sunday Afternoon Delight!

My visit: June 15, 2008

Max Brenner
beside Cinemas
4th level Trinoma Mall 

Whenever my DH and I watched a movie at Trinoma, I usually ask him to take me to Max's, as in Brenner, not the chicken house hehe My DH often decline stating we are not really into chocolates.
Lucky for me,  my sister wanted to treat my dad on his special day- Father's Day! 

fondue- PhP 382

We went to Max Brenner to try their fondue- PhP 382. A mix of slice brownies, biscuits, mallows and fruits (banana and apple) on a plate was served. A separate plate of parmesan cheese and grated nuts was placed on our table. You can use it as toppings when you dip the fruits on white- taste better for me, or brown chocolate fondue. 

No Hope for a Globe DSL

For the third week, I am still here at my DH's office trying to blog about our #@% DSL connection! Still no connection at our house. I talked to a CSR yesterday and he was teling me that our barangay couldn't give them a permit and that one of their personnel was jailed but bailed out last week.

I remember clearly that another CSR told me that they already secured a permit and it was their area head that secured it on  thursday last week. So how the heck that yesterday this particular CSR was telling that the barangay was not issuing one or them. I even ask the CSR on what grounds was the technician locked in prison... answer... tatarantaran... trespassing. I sarcastically told him, "in your own property?" and he answered YES! This time this CSR wanted me to go and ask for the permit from the barangay myself, what a bull #@!

It's their problem and I'm stressing myself and paying them. I can't believe how these people can not connect and correlate themselves with their technicians. I have already talked to two of their supervisors and what did they do.... NOTHING! As and added insult to the injury, they have sent me a bill! The NERVE!!!! pweh!

Trinoma twice over!

My visit: June 15, 2008

Hossein's Restaurant
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
8161165 8161167

Trinoma has been our Saturday date venue since it had opened. But last weekend, I was there even on a Sunday. The reason behind going there on a Sunday is the Persian restaurant called Hossein's. DH and I have tried it and so has my brother. We wanted to share our delight on this particular restaurant's good food with who else but our family!

My bro who has been to two of it's branch namely- Trinoma and Makati, says that Trinoma branch has a better ambiance. We only visited the Trinoma branch once so we couldn't compare and they have a new one at The Fort so I couldn't tell.

Roti Channai

The ambiance was very nice and comfy, we were situated near the bar on a couch which has a silhouette curtain that can separate you from the other table beside you for some privacy. The lights were dimmed, good for a dinner dates. The sounds softly playing on the background. The day we went was a full house so you can hardly hear it. Enough of the venue and on with the food hehe

Well, Hossein didn't disappoint us at all as expected. For starters, we have Roti Channai at PhP 120, good tasting bread and dip that lets you while the time waiting for your orders to arrived.

Battle of the Personal Refs

Our GE personal ref gave up on us for almost a month now. It was a gift during our wedding. Last January, I even gave it a dose of freon which it needed to cool itself. Now, a few days after of its 5 year product warranty expired- whoo boy talk about jinx! and coupled with electricity failure in our area, the ref just died down. 

We are now in search for a replacement. DH wanted the same ref and model since GE haven't produce a new design- calling all think tank of GE. But I am sick and tired of its look although the face is stainless for aesthetic. And let's face it, would you get the same product even if you know that it's not durable? So here are my top four personal ref... can you help me decide on which one to choose? I'm partial to LG, what do you think?

Globe DSL sucks, BIG TIME!

It's been almost two weeks and each day i call twice or thrice in their hotline. I'm having a really hard time with their service and their customer service representative (CSR). Globe is very inefficient. Their technical support and their CSR does not correlate their findings and thus when I call each CSR gave me a different status of my trouble report. I even spoke to their team leader who told me she will do everything in her power to get me a connection but that was days ago. A tech support called me that their technician will be coming by last Wednesday i think, I waited to no avail. HMMMP GRRRRRRR

The last time I talked to them, they told me about a barangay permit they have to secure to be able to got to their cable cabinet for the repair. That was Wednesday night and the CSR told me that the next day, tech people will be working on our cabinet but surprise, surprise... i'm now in DH office and still no connection at home.

Anybody has the same experience as mine? GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Manos Greek Taverna

Manos Greek Taverna

Tagaytay City

You think Tagaytay has enough great food to offer? But what great is it if you go the distance and eat at restaurants found here in Manila? The last time we went there, we ate at Tootsie's which I sadly gave a bad review. Look-

lamb shawarma

So on we go and search for a new place to eat and since we were intrigued when we saw the tavern a few visits back, we tried it this time around.

The parking slots were full when we arrived but luckily two cars left in a short time. The interior gives you a homey feel. Bottles were line up as design in every wall of the restaurant. A simple picture of the owner's family hangs on a wall facing the entrance.

We arrived at a half full restaurant and quickly got a long table- we were 8 hehe

The menu give included a lengthy article behind the origin of the Greek cuisine. Even I had a hard time finishing reading it because we were really hungry from a whole day of snorkeling.

Soneva Spa Experience

Soneva Spa
4th floor, Forum Building
270 Tomas Morato cor Limbaga St.,
Metro Manila

Treatments availed:

Balinese Herbal Detox Massage- PhP 680/hour

Volcanic Stone Therapy Massage -PhP 790/hour

The day after our diving trip to Anilao, we decided to have a massage at Soneva spa. It was my third time to have a massage with this spa and a first for my DH. But since the first two stone massage that I availed were during promo time- PhP 299 for 40 minutes no shower, I wasn't able to try their facilities which I later found out was just a shower room. 

Upon checking with Bernadette, the receptionist, about the different types of service available, I found out that the 15% discount was not applicable on holidays. Instead, we were upgraded to Bamboo- couple's room for free. Lockers were strategically located beside your bed but no key was provided. My guess is that you have to ask for it at the counter. We were then asked to change our clothes. 

A robe and shorts were neatly spread on the bed. ATowel was already hanging on the shower door while soap and shampoo were placed in a cup with cover. We noticed that there was no jacuzzi, steam nor sauna in sight. Aside from the shampoo, soap and hand soap placed near the sink, no lotion, cotton buds, alcohol and other spa essentials. The service better be good for its lack of amenities. 

At the beginning of my massage, I asked my therapist, Angie to turn on the air purifier found on the floor. Girlie, my DH's therapist was setting the stones in a tub of heated water. I can smell the Green tea oil that I chose as I was being massage. Hmmm smells good! It was good choice! Two steamed herbal pouch- PRAKOP were being gently rubbed on my back, at this moment, an instrumental piped in music was played. It was a bit delayed. Maybe because we were there before their 2pm opening time. I can hear my DH telling his therapist that his stones were a bit hot and that he can't tolerate it. The therapist dropped a stone or two in the process... yikes! might be really hot! After that incident, everything went smoothly. 

As I was changing back to my clothes, DH said that he finished earlier than me. Maybe Girlie didn't know that their 40 minutes promo had already expired and that DH had paid for the full one hour rate. Anyway, My massage lasted for more than an hour. I don't know what happened. Must be a mix up.

After our massage, we went back to the reception area. Rose tea and Iced tea were served as per request. I told Bernadette that their shower had uneven water pressure and that they have clogged pipes to which she replied they were working on it. I told her that I am looking for a lotion inside the shower area and found none. She smiled and offered me one but I declined. Due to lack of space she told us that jacuzzi and steam/ sauna was out of the question. She gave us a form to join their raffle which will be drawn every monday of June where you can win one free massage. She thanked us and said that a text message will be received if we win haha I'm not lucky with raffle but who knows?!? 

In spite of the lack in amenities, I will definitely come back for a good massage experience. Especially, if they will continue offering the 15% discount on weekdays from 2-4pm.


good massage therapist, you can choose your own scented oil hehe

steep price without jacuzzi, steam/ sauna

IPHONE in the Philippines!

Wow! I can't believe it... Iphone will finally be here in the Philippines. According to an article found in the Inquirer issue today Iphone will tie-up with Globe- my cell phone carrier!

For more details:

Another article from Globe website:

I'm so excited... it pays to wait ha!
Now, the question is how much will it cost? Nyahahaha Anybody know?
In the US, its USD199

Globe DSL sucks!

Every month since we started subscribing to Globe DSL- we switch from Bayan DSL-  last August 2007. We haven't had a single month with perfect, yes, i mean 30 days full connection. At least 1 week of the month, I will have disconnections. Or worse, twice a month, I have to complain to their CS for intermittent disconnections.

June month started with no connection since June 4. When I call their 919-8888 CS landline to complain, either they drop my call or I have to endlessly wait and listen to their fucking song that repeat over and over again as if testing your patient to wait for someone in their customer service to answer.

And when a CS answer my call, they would let me wait for another 5 minutes to check on my account, as if I have not waited enough grrrrr.  When she gets back to me, the report that I am following up last month have cropped up and she tells me that a report for last month (May) have not yet been closed and that they are still working it out. I explain to her that they have already restored connection last May and this June is a NEW problem. The CS then tell me that my connection will be restored the soonest time possible. How soon, I ask. CS can't give a definite time frame. What the #@#  I am a paying customer here. CS would then answer, they will just rebate the service not delivered.

Hello..... for every month that I complained for service interruption, I only got twice (?) rebate amounting to PhP 20 pesos not even pro rated for one day and not even enough for the headache that their connection gives me. I don't care about their rebates. I want service satisfaction that seems they cannot do. Terrible! I can't wait for their lock- in period to come to an end. any feedback on PLDT DSL Q.C. area?

A disappointed me!

Last Sunday, we went to Greenbelt to celebrate my mom's nth birthday @ CYMA Greek restaurant. On the way, DH and I went to Louis Vuitton store to look for the Eva clutch. I was disappointed to see the bag, not because of its size- I really want a small bag, but with its sling.

LV Neverfull

When I put it over and across my body, as it was designed, it fell between my knees and my hip. Totally unflattering hehe So, moving on, I checked on the Neverfull bag but the zipper is lacking in its design. Hmmm... not Philippine- friendly I must say hehe And don't get me started on those thin handles.

So what now? I have to check the LV site again to see what else I like. Any other suggestions?

Haiku... di naman Hay Naku!

My visit: May 31, 2008

Ling Nam
Banawe, Quezon City

Yes, you are reading the right page! We had lunch at Ling Nam before going to work and later had dinner at Haiku in Trinoma. 

sweet & sour pork rice PhP140

A Night Out in Rockwell

My visit: May 30, 2008

Wild Ginger
Lower Ground Floor
Rockwell, Power Plant Mall

I decided to go with DH that day as I've said in the previous post. After office hours, we decided to watch a movie at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. Upon buying ticket for Indiana Jones for a 6:55pm movie screening, we tried another fairly new restaurant- Wild Ginger! New to me as we seldom go there these days. Trinoma Ayala Mall is nearer our place hehe Who knows how old is that restaurant. Maybe you can tell me...

 so-called Pad Thai

Going back, Wild Ginger is, I think, an asian fusion restaurant. Only a few tables were occupied. We opted to seat outside where we can people watch hehe Since we were hungry and only a few minutes were left for us to spare, we ordered only Pad Thai (PhP 185) with the description of the popular flat rice noodle dish- our version (not too sweet) was written on their menu and a Beef Rendang(PhP 245)- Indonesian beef stew.