New find: Cocktail rings

cocktail rings from Rustan's

Tinapayan Festival's Special Ensaymada

special ensaymada

 I was really hungry the other day and this special ensaymada was what I found on my desk. I love ensaymada- the cheese... yum yum!

New find: It's Personal!

I saw this personalized gift tag from my bff last year when she handed over her Christmas gift to me. I loved it! I recently discovered the kiosk printing this cute gift tags. And that's not all, I also discovered that they also print calling cards, magnet, keychains, invitations, mugs, mini t-shirt and stuffed toys.

PhP99 for 20pcs.; personalized gift tags

I saw this personalized gift tag from my bff last year when she handed over her Christmas gift to me. I loved it! I recently discovered the kiosk printing this cute gift tags. And that's not all, I also discovered that they also print calling cards, magnet, keychains, invitations, mugs, mini t-shirt and stuffed toys.

The kiosk is located in Trinoma with telephone number 5723809. You can also email

MyDSL watch pad

MyDSL Watch Pad cd

I got this cd through snail mail the day before yesterday. Incidentally, DH got a mailer that day too. He immediately installed it in the office computer and here in our house. I have not tried using it yet. I saw in an ad in Inquirer that the digital film Kinatay will be shown on it. Once the movie is available, I will definitely watch it on MyDSL watch pad.


atenean vs thomasian

As promised, here's a picture of my diploma now proudly displayed in my parent's home.

New find: Picole healthy ice pops

kiosk in basement SM Megamall

Boy, there are so many kinds of popsicle sticks Picole has to offer! Choose from juicy pops PhP25, yogu pops PhP35, milky pops PhP30, dip pops PhP35 and lite pops PhP45. They use real fruits in their product. I like the green tea milky pop better than avocado. 

For all the nosey people out there!

For all the nosey people out there!

Flapjack's PhP250 GC

My visit: October 19, 2009

F&B Arts Plaza
Greenhills Theater Mall
Greenhills, San Juan City

I was very excited to use my mobile PhP250 gift certificate from Flapjacks. Registering was simple, just go to flapjacks website, sign the mailing list and within seconds you will get your mobile GC. It's valid until the end of the month.

soup that goes with FJ beef steak

This is the longest lunch that I had. Although the restaurant was not full at the time, my parents and I waited for a long time for our orders to be served. And when it finally arrived, the waffles were a bit too toasted, the salad came out last and we have to reject the FJ beef steak because it was too salty. The only saving grace was the salad.

Coral Garden Asia's Kitchen Goddess since 1978

My visit: October 17, 2009

Coral Garden
96 Banawe St.,
Quezon City
7121078 710255

I read about this restaurant in a blog and was also recommended by a good friend of mine. And so, one Saturday night we crossed Quezon Avenue and went to the other side of Banawe where Coral Garden is located.

I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the facade and the tiny signage which bears the restaurant's name. It's not picture friendly haha

By the time that we were ready to order, people kept coming and going. Some just take out the food and other came in groups so the whole ground floor was packed. This all happened in a short span of time to think that when we entered only a table was occupied by a family.

The restaurant is not exactly pleasing to the eye. To help you see the picture, vinyl covers one wall while the opposite wall was left without one lol Maybe their branch in Libis is better in aesthetics.

Here's what we ordered:

garlic frogs' legs PhP 275

First off, I love their frog legs specially the crunchy garlic on top. Their famous crispy bean curd is simply divine. The sauce is perfect to go with it.

Become a fan: David & Goliath

Become a FaceBook Fan of Davis + Goliath

Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes

My visit: October 21, 2009

2nd level, Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Madrinan,
South Triangle, Quezon City

A friend of ours came back from New Zealand for a month long vacation. Since they left the Philippines two years ago, Il Terrazzo is a pretty new place for us to take them to. With their kids in tow, we, together with my cousin's family decided to have dinner at this dessert place called Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes. But we totally forgot about dessert after we ate their main course haha

The place was packed so we waited for around 30 minutes just to get a table inside. They also have few tables outside for smoking patrons. All nine of us, six adults and three kids, were cramped in two small round tables. Eating could be a feat but we manage.

These are what we have ordered:

 banapple's house salad PhP85

House salad- Mixed greens with corn, cucumber with bell pepper bits. Crumbled banana chips, honey peanuts and shredded mozzarella. drizzled with balsamic- caesar dressing.

I liked their house salad especially the dressing. The balsamic- caesar combination I'd like to try and mixed on my own haha The veggies were fresh and crispy.

Cookie's celebration at Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

My visit: October 19, 2009

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP Complex,
Roxas Blvd.,
Pasay City

Reservation was at 7 in the evening but we were there 20 minutes earlier. Fortunately, cars were moving fast that night. Stars are with the birthday boy lol

We had buffet that night. The waiters in Spiral are much more attentive and efficient than in any other 5 star hotels that I have been too. I love that they fill the water as soon as your glass is half full. Or fold the table napkin for you when you leave your table to get more food lol And of course, taking the used plate once your done with your food.

DH and I

Krispy Kreme' Krispy Skremes!

Krispy Skremes

Support: Shop & Share

Rebuilding lives through fashion. Visit the Shop and Share website for more info.

Cookie's birthday!

it's Cookie's birthday!

Manosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops

My visit: October 16, 2009

Manosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops
The Serenity Heights
Upper level and Mezzanine 1
815 Banawe St.,
St. Peter, Quezon City

The first time we ate here was a huge disappointment in terms of service. The orders came out late because it was a full house.

We ought to give this restaurant one more chance and so we went back for lunch on a Saturday. We were the only customers when we went in and then two more tables were occupied when the waiter handed over the menu.

The restaurant sells everything as you can see in the background of the above photo. It sells pastries & cakes and dimsum aside from the noodles, seafood and chops. Ayayay!

oyster cake PhP185

This came out first although this is just a follow up order. I can taste the egg but not the oyster. Enough said!

Shomal Kebabs & Curries by Hosseins

My visit: October 10, 2009

Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein
4th level
Trioma Mall, Quezon City

DH and I were glad to see Hossein's back in Trinoma after months in hiatus. Now brandishing under a new name, Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein, it is definitely worth a try. I learned that Shomal means North and also Old Persian. Shomal by Hossein serves North African, Eastern Mediterranean, Caspian and South Asian cuisine. Shomal serves halal meat. Different name, same classy interior down to its toilet. I like the tiles used in the sink area.

roti chanai PhP105

This is our all time favorite bread here in Hossein's. Roti Chanai is a Malaysian puffed sweet bread served with special Chanai sauce made with a blend of Indian spices.

New find: YakiMIX Morato

My visit: October 15, 2009

Yakimix Sushi Smokeless Grill Restaurant
2/F Forum Bldg.
270 Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
3857500 3328073

It's a dinner long overdue. MPT and LCA were my elementary classmates. LCA and I were classmates until we were in high school and that's really way, way back lol LCA and I often see each other but it is MPT that we don't get to see much. Finally, I was able to arrange a meeting to get us together. We were giddy and talked non- stop that night lol How do you catch up with just one dinner? I'll tell you... you can not!

We were supposed to dine in a restaurant along Sct. Rallos called Celsius Gastrolounge. But LCA lost the address the owner gave her. MPT suggested a newly opened restaurant called YakiMix. The restaurant turned out to be their third branch already. They also have branches in Macapagal and SM Mall of Asia.

We were greeted by a snooty line "Do you have a reservation?" haha I replied "wala" lol The restaurant was full on a Thursday night. Feeling ko ang yabang nila haha In fairness, un last restaurant dito di naman lagi puno.


A waiter got our drinks but I don't know why it took them so long to bring it to our table. If I remember it right, we asked for our drinks four times before it eventually arrived. And we literally needed a drink because we already started eating at that time.

Miracle Escape: Baby hit by a train

baby hit by a train

Photoshop gone awry: Filippa Hamilton a fired Ralph Lauren Model

Filippa Hamilton was fired by Ralph Lauren alledgedly because she was not thin enough. OMG! They photoshop her and looked like a cartoon character in a Tokyo advertisement (picture on the left). This is sick!

Filippa Hamilton

She is 5'10" and 120 pounds. A size 4 at that! And yet she is not up to Ralph Lauren's standard of stick thin. Crazy!

source: Telegraph

Anita's first giveaway!

I became a follower the instant I saw the girly prizes lol Anita is having this contest because she has reached her 100th follower. That's so generous!

Here's a run down of prizes to be won:

~ Full size Juicy Couture Royal Body cream
~ 10 pair of dramatic Taiwanese lashes
~ Elizabeth Arden lipgloss (Cottoncandy)
~ Maybelline Sensational Lipstick (Born with it)
~ NYX lipgloss (Sorbet)
~ Red Earth Blush :)
~ 2 Catena 8 cups of water VC whitening and moisturizing face mask
~ Vernis pink french nailpolish & Vernis white french nailploish
~ Oil Control papers
~ Hanskin BBcream sample, Clarins sample, 5 perfume harajuku samples & skinfood samples
~ Black hairties & a pair of earrings
~ Above the knee japmag black and white socks (thts what i call them anyways... i love how they make an outfit look soo cute :) brother bought me soo many pairs when he went to hk)
&&&&&&&&& FINALLY...i have decided to addd:
1. YOUR CHOICE of a MAC eyeshadow
2. YOUR CHOICE of a MAC lipstick

Curry Curry House

My visit: October 13, 2009

Curry Curry House
313 Mega Atrium
3rd floor, SM Megamall


The last time I was in the Atrium SM Megamall, I did not notice this yummy japanese curry hidden at the far end of numerous restaurants. I was debating if this will be worth a try or I'll just stick to my first choice, Rack's. Good thing, DF said that we should try something different.

tarpaulin just outside the restaurant

huge menu board beside the tarp

We read the huge menu board, placed just outside the restaurant, for the food selection and to see if the prices were affordable. We finally decided to get in and gave it a try.

cute bamboo sticks

I saw this cute bamboo sticks placed inside a drinking glass along with some stones. I took one out and was surprised to see the restaurant's name on one side and the word Philippines on the other side printed on it. Uber nice!

cute coca- cola tissue holder

And that's not all, I also saw this cute Coca- Cola tissue holder on our table.

40 seater restaurant

I supposed that their restaurant concept is modern zen as no hard wood was used for the chairs and tables instead plastic chairs and laminated tables are present.

boneless chicken japanese curry PhP180

We ordered boneless chicken curry for only PhP180. It was a huge serving. We requested for a mild curry. The curry tasted so good. The sauce in itself can be eaten with rice lol Even my DM said that she never liked curry that much but she gave this a thumbs up. The downside was that it contain only one or two potato and a carrot. Signs of hard times? lol

super bento box with US beef garlic teriyaki PhP295

bottomless iced tea

The super bento box was a very good deal indeed. For only PhP295, you get a bottomless iced tea, miso soup, a cube of tofu, their own version of salad called Koji, slices of fruit and you can choose your own main dish from their menu except for the omu and US beef gyudon. I like their iced tea. It taste much like that of Wendy's. Their miso soup is filled with nori flavor. My DM liked it so did my DF. The tofu is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. I love that their salad has thin slices of apple and the dressing is not like anything I have tasted. We chose the US beef garlic teriyaki and it was not that good. Don't get me wrong the taste was quite ok but the meat itself, although sukiyaki cut, was not tender. More than half of the slices were fat and my DF complained that it was hard to chew. Maybe we can choose a different item on their menu next time. Oh, their rice has unlimited servings too.

Funny thing was that when we requested for the bill, the waiter asked if we will settle with a credit card or cash. I asked if there was any difference. He answered that the cashier has to input my card number in the receipt if I will use a credit card. So, initially, my bill was hand written on a scratch paper. So unprofessional looking lol When I gave my credit card, that's when they printed out my bill. They would straight print my bill if I will pay in cash though. This is the very first time that I encountered such situation. I hope they could improve on their cash register software... low tech?

I will be coming back for the cheap food and their curry though! The service is fast and efficient so that's gonna be another reason to come back.

US beef garlic teriyaki
handling of bill

bottomless iced tea
unlimited rice on all entree
no service charge
free wi-fi

I got it: Cupcakes by Sonja GC from Spot.PH

I had a productive morning today. First, I got my prize from Spot.PH. I was chosen last week as one of the three restaurant reviewer. To read more about it, click here.

PhP500 Cupcakes by Sonja GC

Curry Curry House

I had lunch with DM, who patiently accompanied and waited for me in my quest to find the office of Summit Media lol The Curry Curry House is a must try! For the restaurant review, click here.

Now, I am tired but I have to make another blog. I want to enter it in another contest. I hope to win because this is going to be huge lol

A boring afternoon

Tostitos salsa and chips combo

I was so bored yesterday from watching youtube videos that I decided to eat Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips dipped in Tostitos salsa. Hmmmm.... yum yum!

This combination reminds me of the chips and salsa from Chillis during my college days. Since I don't have much on my pocket, I usually order chips and salsa because it can be refilled once lol Sometimes I take out the refill and ask for extra salsa hehe

I have not gone back to Chillis in such a long time, I wonder if the restaurant still serves chips and salsa. Do you know?

Nestle's Cerelac

No, hindi ako bumabalik sa pagkabata. I usually eat this whenever I feel the urge to eat snack in the afternoon. I like how this flavor tastes. There are other flavors but I don't like to try it. I think this is the safest choice. I love bananas and milk. How can you go wrong with banana and milk, right?

Barkada Pua Tiong Chiu

I had fun last night! This is our barkada get together after the typhoon Ondoy. Some of my friends were badly affected by the disaster. But the good thing is that all of us are safe.

major prizes

Breakfast at Mercado

I was at Mercado around 8am yesterday with AC and her family. We were surprised to see so many people lining up for the PhP88+ breakfast promo. We got in line and waited for almost an hour.

my membership card

Too bad, I couldn't take out my camera as the restaurant is inside the casino where CCTV cameras are everywhere. You and your bag will be twice checked before entering the huge casino where Mercado is located. While waiting in line, AC was approached about their free membership of the Resort World Manila World Card. It is a point system card. For every PhP100 you spent, you earn a point which is will be the equivalent face amount. You can earn points by playing in the casino and dining in its restaurants. You can also use the card to earn points when you spent in Genting, Alliance Global and Star Cruises. They also introduce the member get member program. The principal earns 50% of whatever points earned by your downline. The best thing is you can get your card immediately after signing the application form with your picture on it ;p

OK, too much commercial lol Let's focus on Mercado. There were four tables spread out for their buffet. On one table, cornflakes, choco flakes, milk, salad, dressings and fruit arranged neatly. The second one holds the rice, scrambled egg, veal sausage, longanisa, tocino and condiments. The third has congee and clear soup while the fourth table has bread, muffins and unlimited apple juice drink. Coffee is by request.

During the first round, I chose the veal sausage, tocino, longanisa, egg and rice. I don't like the taste of the veal sausage and so did AC and her parents. I find it too dry, they find it too grounded if I am not mistaken. I love the longanisa though. Nothing beats Red Ribbon's tocino lol I like that the ketchup they are serving is the extra thick/ rich one. I read in a blog that there were several toppings for the congee. At the time I went there, I only saw the congee without any choices for the topping. Maybe the refill has not arrived yet. I chose to move on with my second plate of salad. I only had a plate of greens with some croutons leftover. The salad is a bit disappointing. They serve the veggies even though lanta na un iba, wilted- is that the right term? Anyway, the muffins are not that filling. Both tasted the same lol Containers for the jam and butter were present but its empty. I got to taste the cornflakes with milk. The milk should be cold and not room temperature. We had to rush to get fruits as soon as the waiter placed the container in the buffet table. It was gone in sixty seconds lol

The food, at times, were not replaced as soon as the container was empty. I find the service a bit slow, we had to request several times before our brewed coffee arrived. They could not handle the huge turn out by people. I hope that they can improve in this area.

The promo runs until October 16, 2009.

Nido and the Science Discovery Center

Miley says goodbye to Twitter

I got it: Slenda from Hearty's Haven

lbc package

what's inside

eco chic bag

slendance dvd and slenda product

I got this package late Friday afternoon. Inside is an eco bag with a Slendance DVD and a 90 capsule slenda box.

I took a capsule that night before meal and I plan to do it in the succeeding days that follow. I do not know if this is going to be effective to make me slimmer lol I hope it's worth a try.

Shoutout to Roch again!