Little Asia Symphony of Flavors

My visit: January 22, 2010

Little Asia
Promenade Greenhills,
San Juan
7275785   7275265

Surprisingly, this restaurant was nearly empty on a Friday night. Good for DH and I because we were starving.

empty on a Friday night

All time favorite: Savory Restaurant

My visit: January 23, 2010

The Original Savory Restaurant since 1950
Unit D Gotaco Bldg.,
Mac Arthur Hi-way,
Marulas, Valenzuela City
4453810   2912309

My DH could eat this fried chicken everyday of his life. Savory Chicken is his favorite! We are bound to eat here most of the time. The location of the restaurant is so near our office.

 Savory chicken (half) PhP170

The location is quite cramp on the ground floor but an advertisement outside says that the restaurant can accommodate a hundred pax on the second floor. But I have yet to see the second floor. Don't expect a lavish restaurant because the the owners are the same ones that owns the original Savory in Escolta, Manila. 

The place has not received a face lift like the new Savory restaurants found in shopping malls.

Addicted to pearls: Fresh Water Pearls

I had Ding Velayo, Inc. , a jeweller in Greenhills Shopping Center, replaced the old gold plated earring post and earnuts to a 14k or 585 white gold for only PhP4, 000. My earrings were stamped with the numbers 585 meaning its 58.5% or 14 karat gold. Their logo was also stamped on the earnuts.

replaced ear post and earnuts PhP4, 000 at Ding Velayo, Inc.; restringing of Princess pearls with knots in between PhP400

Ding Velayo, Inc. also does restringing of pearls. I had mine restring by their staff named Jane. She did a wonderful job tying knots in between my pearls. To prevent the danger of losing all the pearls when the thread is broken, pearls should have knots in between. Restringing should be done every year or every other year depending on how often you wear your pearls. Cleaning your pearls with chamois help keep its luster. Wear your pearls often to keep it moist with your body oil.

Instant Chrysanthemum Beverage

This drink with a hint of sweetness is a refreshing drink especially when taken cold.

Travel Souvenir: Korean nail clipper and bottle opener

bottle opener when opened

This was a gift from my friend CKL when she went to Korea last December 2009 ; )

Cebu Dancing Inmates with MJ's dancer and choreographer

video courtesy of byronfgarcia

Favorite: Chan Pui Ying Che

 seedless preserved plum PhP180

Home Improvement: bathroom slippers


I learned that we have to wear slippers when we take a bath. Cold can seep right into your feet with direct contact of the cold floor.

When I went to SM Megamall this afternoon, I saw these slippers with rounded tips sticking out to massage the soles of your feet. Bad news, sizes were for men only. Bright idea- I thought to myself that I will just buy the slipper size of DH and I can just share with him the slippers in the bathroom. These slippers reminded me of the slippers you can find in various spa.

When DH saw the slippers placed inside the shower area, he thought that it's for him haha I told him my purpose with the slippers. He tested the feel of the slippers on his feet, he liked it. And as of this writing, he is wearing it while moving around our room. There goes my slipper benefit! Meanwhile, I mentally noted that I have to search and buy a new one for myself. This time it is going to be my size!

Cough Remedy: Xue Li Pei Pa Koa

Pei Pa Koa

DH has been taking Xue Li Pei Pa Koa bough in a local Chinese convenience store. He has finished two bottles since his cough started a few weeks ago. He got the cough from me last December and he did not stop coughing since then. I, on the other hand, refuse to take any cough tablet, capsule or syrup. I just took Ester- C 3x a day and drink lots of water. I got well. Meanwhile, DH is still coughing. I have now officially put him on vitamin C 3x a day. Hope he gets well soon.

Injection site trauma

9 hours after my blood was collected; red mark on the right is from the tape used

I've had it with lab personnel who doesn't know how to take blood samples. This is what usually happens if the person is careless. I had my blood annually checked for cholesterol, triglycerides and the like last Sunday morning. I felt nothing while the person was taking out my blood. I did what I was told to do after taking the sample- put pressure on the injection site, don't rub and don't fold your arm. But the pictures above clearly showed how badly affected my veins were. It has been two days and now my bruise turned purple already. I don't know how long will the bruise last.

Cook your own: Beef Broccoli with Shitake Mushroom

beef broccoli with shitake mushroom


  • broccoli
  • sukiyaki beef
  • shitake mushroom
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • oyster sauce
  • water
  • cornstarch

New Find: Dolci Divino

It was after our sumptuous dinner at Cookbook Kitchen when our group decided to head to Ortigas Ave. for dessert/coffee.

At first we were eyeing The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but then we got attracted to Dolci Divino's funky setting. And that was all it was funky modern setting.

A few of our friends ordered their gelato. One friend thought that we were going to spent the rest of our night there so she ordered without tasting the gelato- they offer free tasting. Another friend made the right choice of tasting the gelato first. But after tasting a few flavors and not yet finding a gelato that was not sweet she settled and order one gelato. Eeer, nahiya na siyang hindi umorder sa dami ng free taste niya haha Since the rest of us were warned we opted not to have dessert and instead went to our first choice... The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Fashionista: One fine MNG gal!

My yogi/ friend, RAM, graces once more in my blog! She is wearing a Zara purple blouse, MNG necklace, MNG jeans, Mphosis shoes and holding her damier speeedy.

She was previously seen here. A true blue fashionista!

New Find: Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant

My visit: January 21, 2010

Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant
20 Granada St.,
Valencia, Quezon City

GAT and I were supposed to have lunch at Cooking Mama yesterday but due to air con malfunction, we ate at Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant. Read here for Cooking Mama review.

 1/2 fried chicken PhP150

When GAT and I arrived, a table with two diners were already eating fried chicken which is their specialty. I mentally noted to order it. On its wall, big pictures of different dishes available on their menu were posted. I saw the salt & pepper squid and I ordered that too along with the fried chicken.

Within a few minutes the chicken came out first and then our cups of rice PhP20 each. The aroma of the chicken reminded me of my Angkong's (my grandfather on father side) chicken. But my Angkong's chicken proved to be tastier than this. But nevertheless, we were able to finished all except for two pieces which we decided to take home. I am a ketchup girl but with this particular chicken, the ketchup I poured on the saucer was not even touched. The chicken can be eaten as is without any sauce needed to spiced up the taste. It's good!

Would this be my new header?

 header 1

At night, when I sleep...


Just in case in the middle of the night I get a sudden chill, I place a bonnet beside my pillow for easy access. I bought my colorful bonnet for less than PhP200 at The Greenhills Shopping Center.

Freshly baked goodies only from Cooking Mama!

My visit: January 21, 2010

Cooking Mama
Unit A #25 Balete Drive,
Quezon City
5145031    09175213002

After our first visit, GAT and I promised to return for lunch. It took us two weeks after to return. But we didn't get to eat our lunch there. The air conditioning unit at that time was due for repair. We had our lunch instead in Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant but that's another post.

with Carrie Trinidad, the baker/owner; cute anime art by the owner's daughter

Compare and Contrast: Plains & Prints and Bayo

dress from Plains & Prints

The above dress was given to me last Christmas by my friend, BAR.

New Find: Cookbook Kitchen

My visit: January 16, 2010

Cookbook Kitchen
8 Socorro Fernandez St.,
cor. Luna Mencias St.,
Mandaluyong City, MM
7243595   3815935

This man is really gracious. He was the one who was manning the door and greeted us upon entering. He lead us to the side door entrance, apparently the restaurant was so full last night that a table was set up near the main entrance. He was also right there in the front door as we were leaving his restaurant. I was taking picture of his restaurant's signage when his wife quips, "You can take your picture with him if you enjoyed your dinner" And enjoy I did, so here's my picture with him with my beaming smile.

photo op with Chef Gen Capati

I thank Lola for the generous dinner and the wonderful company of friends we dined with that night! Btw, this was already take four- taken by a waitress, the first three pictures were taken by the waiter who does not have a steady hand. I wonder how he became a waiter though lol

Sweet and Sour Pork

Luk Foo's sweet and sour pork PhP160

Sweet and Sour pork is my favorite Chinese dish! I can eat this all the days of the week!

Merienda Time: Triple Chocolate cake and empanada

 chicken empanada and a slice of triple chocolate

Abe where good friends dine

My visit: January 9, 2010

G/F Serendra, Retailer Area,
Bonifacio Global CIty, Taguig City
8560526 8567696

OK, DH and I did not eat everything on the picture. Orders were shared among his 10 friends from his university. Last Saturday was a mini reunion of sort. Two of his college friends who were working overseas were back here on vacation.

l-r watermelon ginger shake, iced tea

Since DH has cough, watermelon ginger shake was his order. I was curious as to how it tasted. Well, it tasted with only a slight hint of ginger so it was ok with me. DH did not like it at all.

3rd generation pendant

I got this awhile ago from my mom. It was one of the jewelries that she got from her mother on her wedding day. This is priceless.

my "new" pendant

Thanks and I love you mom!

My Facebook Fans have reached 100!

You, yes you! Become my fan now!

Merienda Time: Royal Family's Mochi Choco Ball

 mochi choco strawberry ball

New Find: Secret Oven

My visit : January 7, 2010

Secret Oven Designer Cakes Desserts Meals Treats
#25 Balete Drive,
New Manila, Quezon City
09279547134 09228913783

My BFF and I are always in search for a new hole in the wall type of restaurant. I often passed by this quaint looking bakeshop/ restaurant enroute to Greenhills. And last Thursday was our chance to try it.

barako PhP60

New Find: Cooking Mama not the video game!

My visit: January 7, 2010

Cooking Mama
Unit A #25 Balete Drive,
Quezon City
5145031 09175213002

banana muffin with white chocolate dip PhP40

What I had for breakfast in Pancake House

My visit: January 10, 2010

Pancake House
325-B Katipunana Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

grape and apple shake

Milkyway Restaurant in Greenhills

My visit: January 2010

Milky way
Ground Floor, VMall
Greeenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan CIty

lechon kawali PhP180

This is a must order when you dine in Milky Way. Crunchy... cooked perfectly every time!

New Find: Wicked Kitchen

My visit: January 8, 2010

143 Mother Ignacia Ave.,
South Triangle, QC

C, LL and I just met for an after dinner coffee last December. This January we decided to meet again for a much longer period of time and so dinner was in order!

with my yoga buddies

Merienda Time: milk and raisins

sunmaid raisins per pack of 14 PhP78.95 and my glass of milk

Milk and raisins are my snack this afternoon. Three tiny boxes of raisins are enough fruit supply that can get you going for the whole day.

Elbert's Cheesesteak Sandwiches

My visit: January 1, 2010

Elbert's Cheesesteak
Level 1, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Drive, Makati City



My visit: January 1, 2010

Level 1, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Drive, Makati Cty

 house blend coffee PhP47

DM almost always orders coffee whenever she dines in a restaurant.

Yoga pose: triangle


I practice Bikram, I miss doing this crazy triangle pose on the beach lol Need to practice!!

My mom and dad on New Year's day!

Photoshop gone awry: Emma Watson's missing leg?

Emma Watson in her recent Burberry ad

Is this a case of bad photoshop? or her right leg just stand behind her brother's left thigh? You decide!

Oh how I love sunset!

 with my one and only DH

Jump Shot: My mother in law still has it!

mama's jump shot

Photos by Jay Aldrich Cu

I am planning to use one of these photos as my new header. I still have to ask DH to do the lay out for me. Hopefully, he will have the time. right now, he is sick. He got my cough.