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Weekend Gourmet Market Plus at Eastwood Mall

Weekend Gourmet Market Plus!

Explore an Eden of sweets, baked goodies and hard to find gourmet cooking ingredients!
Now also featuring a selection of fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and more!

Located at the 2nd and 3rd level of Eastwood Mall

Weekend Gourmet Market Hours:
Saturdays 11am-11pm

Sundays 10am-10pm

Astoria Boracay... A home away from home!

My visit: April 25-27, 2010

Astoria Boracay
Station 1, Boracay Island

When I got an invite to attend the Astoria's One Night Only, I don't know what to expect at the end of the day. I was just there to cover the launching of Astoria's new bamboo logo and the unveiling of their newest hotel in Boracay. I was not expecting to receive, along with everybody who attended that night, a 3 days/ 2 nights stay voucher of where else but in their Astoria Boracay hotel, no less!

Talking to Ms. Teddy Concon was a breeze. She handled my booking very professionally even though I was just using a voucher. She had given me various date option to book my stay. She even texted to inform that the month of April was their soft opening thus the resort is not fully operational. 

our king sized bed

Don't be deceived by the appearance of the reception area as I saw a lot of improvement when I left after three days. The construction is on going.

It is the only hotel I know in station 1 that is stark white.

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Thanks to Archie Carrasco for the video!

Astoria Boracay

Remember about the blogger event I attended in Astoria Plaza in Ortigas Canter where they gave each and every media partners and bloggers a 3 days 2 nights free accommodation? Well, DH and I will be using the voucher tomorrow! I am so excited. I will post pictures and event as it happens. Watch out!

And oh! My birthday is coming up!

Spotted: MrsMartinez in Sunday Inquirer Magazine!

Sunday Inquirer Magazine April 18, 2010

Bagong Bayan: Gordon Campaign song All Stars

Vote wisely People! If you want change to happen in the 
Philippines then vote for a principled man-

Summer Time: Bakasyunan sa Baybay Dagat

My visit: April 9- 10, 2010

Sitio Lawak, Brgy. Amungan,
Iba, Zambales
4408802   7064509

My friends and I have an annual beach party. Last year was the stinky Adam's Beach Resort. The kids were traumatized and don't want to go if they hear the place Batangas. But not all beaches in Batangas are the same. Canyon Cove is very nice because it has huge swimming pool and a clean beach at the same time. And the sunset is great!

We went north this year and Zambales was our final destination. Even with paved new road in NLEX and NCTEX, our group of 5 cars drove for 5 hours.

The resort was well maintained. Upon check- in, I noticed that most personnel were cleaning the area- picking trash and our transporting the luggage of their guests in and out of their room. Everybody was helpful. 

the house we rented has 2 floors and four rooms

We rented the whole house, the 2 rooms on the ground floor are PhP3, 600 each. Each room sleeps 4 pax. While the 2 rooms on the second floor are priced at PhP4, 200 each which has a loft, this room can accommodate 6 pax. 

Cantonese Soup Kitchen: A sad tale of a take out

My visit: April 22, 2010

This week was such a busy week for me. DH was away for four days and I have to be his mini me in his office. And had to go to his brother's place every after office to eat dinner as I was left to fend for myself haha I usually drop by the restaurants along Banawe St. to take out afternoon snacks for my nephews and nieces before going to my BIL's place. I had been to Causeway's on Monday, Fu Chi Dumpling's on Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday I invited myself over to AC's place for a sumptuous lumpia- thanks AC and finally yesterday, my long horrible wait for dimsum take out at Cantonese Soup Kitchen.

Cafe Mary Grace

My visit: April 18, 2010

Cafe Mary Grace 
North Ave. cor. EDSA,
Quezon City

Last Sunday was the first of the four nights that I stayed home alone. Well, I still have our two cute dogs and our maid. In our seven years of marriage, it was I who always travel and left DH to fend for himself. Now, tables have turned. So, I spent the first night outside as long as I can. And the best place for me was to visit a mall lol Good thing, AC, have agreed to come with me.

We had a late dinner at Cafe Mary Grace. I was a bit apprehensive when AC suggested Cafe Mary Grace. What comes to my mind is the kiosk that offers freshly baked goods. It didn't occur to me that it also has a cafe. The cafe had a few tables inside but some of the tables also occupied spaces outside. The waiter prompted us to take a table outside since he was already cleaning inside. He politely told us that they can still accommodate our orders and I was glad to hear that. 

(l-r): apple tea and peppermint tea PhP 75

The apple tea gave out a very strong taste and I was kind of disappointed. I sipped AC's peppermint tea and I think it tasted better since it was lighter in taste. But I get used to the taste of the apple tea and was able to finish the huge glass down to the last drop lol

Quotable quotes from GORDON 101

"Excuse me, even Jesus Christ was not able to put a stop to poverty. (Villar) was Senate President, he was speaker of the House (of Representatives).Was he even able to begin the end of poverty?"- GORDON

Fashionista: My niece in Quick Brown Fox

I am featuring my niece, Sophie, who I saw at a twin's birthday party  that I have attended a couple of weeks ago. She is a 4 year old darling! It was so nice of her to pose and smile for camera. I took several shots and finally settled on the picture below right not because she was moving or hard to capture but other people kept ruining our shots lol Good thing, my niece is such a pro and still manage to give her best smile in each take.   

(l-r) DH, me and Sophie in the hallway; Sophie in Quick Brown Fox dress, SM Small Ones cardigan and Minnie shoes 

Milkyway Restaurant in Power Plant

My visit: April 11, 2010

Milkyway Restaurant
Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center,
Makati City

DH was enticed to try Milkyway again last Sunday because he remembered that I was raving about their halo- halo, a local dessert of shaved ice and milk with topings like banana,red beans, gulaman, ube, ice cream and langka. I, on the other hand, was raring to go in because I saw the Benchman himself dining... he might spot me and my dream of becoming a model might come true! lol

Eventhough Milkyway is situated in a classy mall like Power Plant, it has not lost its turo- turo concept. But with our orders ictured below, it was just written down in a small paper. The manager must have sense that I was not keen in ordering the food displayed on of the counter lol

lamb caldereta PhP155

This dish reminds me of Hossein's Mache Polo at a fraction of the cost. Delicious, if you are a lamb lover like me! Tender lamb cubes and savory sauce hmmm... yummy!

Lunch at Cooking Mama

It was quite sometime since my last visit in this quaint restaurant. Surprisingly, on all my three visits, I was with my BFF. Boy! DH should be jealous with GAT by now as I am spending more and more time with her these past few days lol But oye, GAT is practicing medicine again come the month of May. I will surely miss her ;p BFF, we haven't gone to have the milk bath, remember?!

Sorry about that. Back to Cooking Mama, we were not able to taste its lunch offering before and last Tuesday was an opportune time before our Jewelmer event.

The owners were present that day, and in my eagerness to try out their lunch menu, I wanted to order both the porkchop rice and the tapa rice. I consciously reminded myself that I was wearing a dress and I will be attending an event after. And that I can't look any fatter than I am hahaha So I ask the "cooking daddy" himself for suggestion. He picked the beef tapa rice, so I ordered it.

beef tapa rice with sunny side up egg PhP170

Blogger Event: Jewelmer 2010 Printemps Collections

My event: April 13, 2010

Level 1, Ayala Marquee Mall
Angeles, Pampanga

Everybody who has been reading my blog knows that I love Jewelmer! When I received an email invitation for the launching of their 2010 Printemps Collections, I was very excited. Even more when I got a hand delivered invite. I couldn't wait!

The event coincided with the opening of their newest showroom and 15th Jewelmer store in Ayala Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga. It was attended by select bloggers, only four of us and media friends.Four top models presented their new Spring collections. Each model wears a set of stunning and elegant Palawan South Sea Pearls. Each model represented one of the four lines- Elements, Stella, Rivage and Corail.

welcome remarks by host Suzie Entrata and Atty. Gaby Concepion

Spotted: MrsMartinez in Mornings@ANC

April 8, 2010

Mother Ignacia St.,
Quezon City

When my cousin/ designer, Susie Bonaobra of Bonaobra Couture/ Trends Wedding Shoppe, asked me to model a wedding gown for her, I immediately said yes! I didn't know what I am getting into lol 

First of all, it's going to be on TV... live! To promote the wedding event of the year- A Day For A Lifetime- where wedding suppliers and soon-to-wed- couples meet, I have to change into another gown in less than 5 minutes hehe The event would be held on April 10-11, 2010 at One Esplanade in SM Central Business Park, Seaside Corner Bay Blvd., Pasay City from 10am -8pm. Be sure to drop by my designer/ cousin's Geisha themed booth!

hallway of ABS-CBN

New find: Field of Faith

Field of Faith
Pili Drive, Brgy. Lamot 2, 
Calauan, Laguna

Google Page Rank #3!

from 1 to 3

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Max's Restaurant

My visit: March 27, 2010

Max's Restaurant
Governor Pascual cor.
MH del Pilar, Tugatog,
Malabon City

I think Max's is the sosiest restaurant in Malabon area. It's a two level restaurant and can accommodate, I think, a hundred pax in one seating. We usually dine there if DH misses the sarap to the bones Max's fried chicken. Or if I miss the lumpiang shanghai.

Chicken dinner PhP244

Merienda Time: Fu Chi Dumpling's cuapao

Ever since DH and I discovered Fu Chi Dumpling in Banawe, we have been going back and craving for more of their cuapao. I know, right, it should have been their dumplings that we are craving since it's the restaurant's name but we really like love their cuapao.

Their cuapao is always gone by the time we were there around 5 in the afternoon so you have to sometimes phone in your order to reserve and specify your pick up time. Or sometimes, we are too early and the special soft bread has not yet been delivered.

The cuapao is prepared only upon ordering. So, you are guaranteed with freshness. The cuapao is served still warm.

The picture below was my take out cuapao heated in microwave oven for a minute. The same aroma, softness of the bread and delicious fillings eventhough it has been sitting in our ref for over a day.

cuapao PhP60

Cuapao means folded steamed sweet buns with filling usually hung ma (pork stew).

Writing this post makes me hungry....hmmm!

Breakfast: Delifrance

Unit 1 New Greenhills Theater Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, M.M.

Yes, I jog/ run on weekends and I eat too! And Delifrance is my choice for breakfast. Pictured below are some of the photos on their breakfast menu. Some orders are inclusive of drinks where indicated.

Farmer's Ham with brie in Ciabatta bread PhP169

Earth Hour 2010: Chili's Grill Bar and Restaurant with friends

As promised, our barkada went back to Chili's in less than a month after experiencing the refillable Tostada Chips lol That's just after 27 days to be exact lol My friends, including me, cannot hide from ourselves that we miss the good, old college days.

tostada chips PhP310

We went back last March 27, which incidentally, was also the day the whole world supports the Earth hour. In the Philippines the Earth hour is from 8pm to 9pm. And Chili's was among the restaurants who joined  the worldwide event by switching and dimming their lights thus the presence of more than one candle in each table.

New find: Tokyo P.O.S.H. (Put On Styled Hair)

Wall Shop 1003
SM Supercenter Pasig
Frontera Verde,
C5 Road, Pasig City
09178353131   09178866210

I was at the launching of the all new MEGA Magazine when I chanced upon Tokyo P.O.S.H.- a clip- on hair extension. I was enticed to try it on myself. And I felt seductive with a full volume curly hair!

(l) Dodge, the stylist with the clip- on hair extension that I used

New find: Yamada Miyura Slimming and Body Care Center

My visit: June 22, 2010

Yamada Miyura Slimming and Body Care Center
30 Sgt. Esguerra St.,
2nd level of Sanctuario Spa
Autosource Bldg., South Triangle,
Quezon City
5007937 3326116

My BFF was egging me to check out the newest slimming center in Quezon City- Yamada Miyura. The location is very near ABS- CBN, the local TV station. The center had an ample parking space especially if you have an afternoon appointment.

I had the chance to visit the slimming center twice. I was given a free body analysis and was invited to try their various treatment machines...yey! I will divulge my body analysis result at the end of my post lol

For my first visit, I was there to have a consultation and at the same time have a comprehensive body analysis. 

We were warmly greeted by the well trained staffs. And was ushered in a room to have my body analysis. 

 Arlene at the body analysis area 

We were in a rush that day and the owner was out of the country so we decided to postpone the treatments on our next visit.
We came back months after due to conflicting schedules haha Tardiness is my middle name lol BFF and I were there shortly after 2 in the afternoon.