Remember When... Chili's Grill Bar & Restaurant

My visit: February 28, 2010

Chili's Grill Bar & Restaurant
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan

College days are here again! Nah! Just remembering and visitng the good old days with super friends of course!

2010 barkada

Home Improvement: Imarflex Dish Dryer DD-787

 Imarflex DD-787

This dish dryer is a very useful thing in our kitchen. It keeps the plates, utensils and glasses away from cockroaches- not that we have it in our home and other crawling insects lol


 circular wooden container from Ikea Taiwan

Caught on cam: footbridge signage

I took this photo yesterday along the stretch of EDSA. What wrong with this picture? "SALAMAT PO! PANGULONG GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYA SA FOOTBRIDGE NA ITO" (Thank You! President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for this footbridge) Eerrr! Did she pay for the footbridge? Aren't we supposed to thank the taxpayers? Why should we thank her?

Don't fall prey again come election time!

Dog treat: Cesar brand

clockwise from top: chicken, lamb, beef and beef & liver PhP65 each

A can equals four meals for our two dogs. One is a Pomeranian/Spitz named Precious and the other one is a Shitzu called Apple.

More dog treats next time!

I got it: Avon PhP600 worth of make up!

Last Sunday in a local newspaper, I saw an Avon ad. It requires you to text to a certain 4 digit number and in return the first 2, 500 texters will get PhP600 worth of Avon make up products. I got my free make up at Avon SM Megamall branch last Wednesday.

free make up worth PhP600

I got an Avon ultra moisture rich lipstick and an Avon glazewear SPF15 lip gloss for free!

Compare and Contrast: original and fake Longchamp Le Pliage

The entire content of this entry has been transferred in my new blog, xoxo MrsMartinez

In my previous post, you learned about how to spot a fake Longchamp Le Pliage. To help you visualize the difference between a fake from the original one, I borrowed  fake tote bag.

original Longchamp Le Pliage Type M front

The photo above features an original RED made in France Longchamp Le Pliage Type M while the GREEN one (3rd photo) is a fake! It was bought for less than PhP 500 ; p

Right now, Longchamp has been manufacturing some of their bags from China. So, if you bought one that is made in China, it could still be real. Photos below can help you spot the difference so look closely.

To read the full entry, visit Longchamp Le Pliage: Original vs Fake

These tips are the result of my research online, compiled and posted to help buyers not to get fooled by unscrupulous seller.

How to spot a FAKE Longchamp Les Planetes
How to spot a FAKE COACH bag
How to spot a FAKE FENDI bag
How to spot a FAKE LV bag

Home Improvement: stainless strainer

Original price: PhP899.75
Marked down: PhP720
Plus additional 15% off

 new stainless steel strainer

I can double purpose this strainer as fruit container and display it in the dining area. I say its a nice touch ;p

Time for change: Adidas Duramo 2 black/ metallic pink

Original price: PhP2, 895

See my customized Adidas Duramo 2 running shoes, click here.
Armed with PhP2, 000 worth of SM gift certificate, I bought this Adidas Durano which I have eyeing on for weeks. I am just waiting for the right time- SALE lol

Good thing SM Sta. Mesa conducted a 3 day sale recently. With 20% off, I shell out around PhP350 only. Nice buy if you ask me ;p

Adidas Duramo 2 PhP2, 895 in black/metallic pink

Time for change: Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Low in Black Monochrome

Original price: PhP1, 650

I bought this Chuck Taylor All Star Black Monochrome at 25% off during the SM Sta. Mesa's 3 day sale.
 Chuck Taylor Low in Black Monochrome

MrsMartinez meets local celebrities at Yes Magazine's 10th anniversary!

I was giddy, excited and photo op ready lol Scored four invites, my DB, DS, together with my long time friend, AC and I went to NBC, The Fort, Taguig armed with my reliable point and shoot Canon 860IS.

We were seated in the front row and feeling superstar in our own rights!

It took me less than 30 minutes to achieve this look lol Boy, am I gifted or what?! haha

I got it: Celeteque ADVANCED

celeteque advanced PhP620

As one of the first two people who commented on her blog post, I won a Celeteque ADVANCED. Thanks Animetric!

Merienda time: Nestle fruit selection yogurt

raspberry apple

New Find: Romulo Cafe

My visit: February 21, 2010

Romulo Cafe
32 Scout Tuazon cor.
Scout Lazcano, Quezon City

Two of my friends were raving about Romulo Cafe. Of course, I have to try it out. Last Sunday, DH said a friend of his was coming over, it got me thinking that this will be my chance to urge DH to try this restaurant!

Good thing we went there post dinner time as diners were already checking out. But still we needed to wait for 20 minutes for our table to be ready. This restaurant must be really good to have such a huge following. The restaurant was in full swing that night!

memorabilia of Carlos P. Romulo at main dining

The main dining can seat approximately 45 persons. Black and white dominate the color of this room. The flooring if I am not mistaken, is hand painted. Even the lines on the ceiling too!

Merienda Time: Butter Cookies

Don't you just love butter cookies! I got a can from our neighbor during the Christmas holiday. I can eat a couple in one seating. A can has three layers of soft butter cookies. I am now on my second layer. So, help me with my diet lol

Second time around: Konbini Store Tokyo Market

My visit: February 20, 2010

There is not much to say that I have not already said in my previous post about Konbini. For my second visit, I brought DH along...

Shopping Spree: SM Centerpoint 3 day sale!

My purchase: February 19, 2010

SM Sta. Mesa
Quezon City

Saved a lot of money that day! With discounts from a minimum of 10% to a max of 50%!

Kanebo sunblock SPF50

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak

My visit: February 18, 2010

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak
Robinsons Galleria
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

My bff, GT, has long been wanting to try Sizzlin' Pepper Steak. She was so willing to try it out that she even treated me on this lunch date haha

The photo above features the signage placed on top of the table. When the green one is visible, a server will come and take your order or request. Then the server would turn the signage red side up. The concept is cool if the server is attentive. Good thing, we were the only ones eating right at that moment. Although, in our case, it became sort of a habit to just raise a hand to call their attention lol

I like: Figaro's Raspberry Chai Swizzle

I was with my bff, GT, last Thursday. GT ordered her usual cappuccino while I had raspberry chai swizzle, made of raspberry puree and fresh milk blended together with Chai.

 cappuccino 16oz PhP109

I like: Figaro's Butterscotch Vanilla Frost with coffee jelly

I was with AC yesterday at Figaro, Shangri-la Plaza Mall. If you are reading this AC aka @attycatz, magpakitang gilas ka naman lol at mag comment ka lol

butterscotch vanilla frost with coffee jelly PhP145

Pure vanilla bliss!

Discount card: Celine red circle

A single receipt of PhP3, 000 entitles you to Celine's discount card. The card gives a 10% off on regular items. Grab your own red circle discount card now!

Blogger Event: launching of Beef Misono and Beef Burger from Yoshinoya

My event: February 17, 2010

Yoshinoya Japan's No.1 Beef Bowl
UG/F Bldg. A,
SM Megamall, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
632126 6321352 09228334655

Yoshinoya is a combination of two words, Yoshino which is a province in Old Tokyo, Japan and Ya which means house. With over more than a hundred years in food business, Yoshinoya is now the most preferred Japanese fast food restaurant in the country.

Last Wednesday, The Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc. was gracious enough to invite bloggers to the launching of the newest addition in their menu- Beef Misono and Beef Burger!

beef misono

Beef Misono consists of thinly sliced beef on top of rice. If you love beef steak, this is a must try!

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Pancake House SM Sta. Mesa

My visit: February 17, 2010

Pancake House
3F SM Sta. Mesa
Araneta Ave., Quezon City
7136901 7157498

2 days before the big four day sale in SM Sta. Mesa, here I am checking which goods to buy and computing how much I will save come THE day lol

My parents and I had lunch at Pancake House because I miss my maple chicken and country waffle fix which I had last January after my practice run. And oh, Pancake House's taco too!

roast beef special set PhP231

A plate includes roast beef with vegetables on the side, Caesar salad, rice and a glass of iced tea.

Chinese New Year dinner with family at Kimono Ken!

My visit: February 14, 2010

Kimono Ken
256 Tomas Morato
cor. Fuentebella St.,
Quezon City

It was busy day/ night for restaurants that night! Thanks to the commercialization and hype brought by Valentine's Day!

We went out for dinner at Kimono Ken with my side of the family for a Chinese New Year celebration which incidentally falls on the same day as Valentine's day!

Kimono Ken is a safe choice for a Japanese restaurant. They serve cheap and good Japanese cuisine. Two qualities that would attract budget conscious people.

Our orders:

miso soup PhP45

Merienda Time: Tikoy

This is a delayed Chinese New Year post. Since most, if not all, bloggers out there have already posted a thing or two about Chinese new year.

 brown tikoy

I just wanted to share this picture of tikoy. The white one uses white sugar while the brown tikoy uses brown sugar. I like the brown one since the sugar used is not refined.

I like: Brown & Haley Almond Roca

Almond Roca PhP135

New Find: Celsius Gastrolounge

My visit: February 14, 2010

Celcius Gastrolounge
67 Scout Rallos St.
cor. Tomas Morato,
Quezon City

I was kidding DH as we entered an empty restaurant, except for the staffs and chef of course, around 11:30am on a Valentines day. I said to him "So, you reserved the whole place for our Valentines date, huh?" lol And we both laugh. That's the reason why I was able to get a picture of the restaurant's interior without any obstruction. But it did have a couple of diners- families and lovers, as we wrapped up our lunch date around 2pm.

my Valentines day look

Shampoo: Suave Clarifying

Clarifying shampoos are not often seen in grocery shelves so when I saw one earlier this week, I grab and bought it. I read somewhere that we need to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to rid of shampoo residue and for you to be able to have a break with your normal shampoo that you use. Ever experience using your everyday, regular shampoo continuously and it seems not to be working like the first time you used it. Now, here is where the clarifying shampoo kicks in. I used it once last week and I will be using it next week and see how my hair will progress.

Suave Clarifying Shampoo PhP139.75

These shampoos, facial wash, body wash and conditioner are what I have right now on my stainless steel shower rack. See the two Swallow brand small bottles of shampoos in the middle front I am trying it right now- that's why the small size. I always opt for smaller bottles when trying out shampoos. But unlike local brands, imported brands like Suave don't carry a small bottle of their shampoo line. It sucks right? You have to buy a big bottle only to find out that the shampoo doesn't work for you. Well, hopefully, everything goes well with this brand or I will shift to another brand again!

Jewelry: Lavender Chalcedony

My grandma who has recently passed away gave me this lovely piece of stone- lavender chalcedony encased in 18k white gold. It has been with me since I got married. I only get the chance to use it this year. As you have read in my previous post, I recently cleaned out my closet. It was at this point that I remembered and searched for the fine gem.

Lavender Chalcedony gemstone pendant

I searched online and found this. So, I guess this is a Lavander Chalcedony. Help me if you know!

New Find: Ludy's Instant Ginger Brew

I searched everywhere, Mercury Drug and Watson's, for salabat to no avail. Until yesterday, after my workout, I went straight to Unimart to buy my shitake mushroom and guess what I saw... ginger brew! Just what I have been looking for the past couple of days. You see, I have been trying to get well from my two-month on and off battle cough. I tried taking cough medicines, vitamin C and even resorted to antibiotics. I think salabat would do me good. So, I bought a jar. There are two variants, I bought the original one while the other variant is with lemon/ calamansi.

salabat PhP42.95

Ingredients are ginger, sugar and cayenne (no artificial flavor).

Stir in two teaspoons of Ginger brew "salabat" into a cup of hot water.

Cleaning out my closet

I  took this before shot of my half empty closet. Most of my stuff that I removed were placed on top of my bed.


Bebe bag

I got this Bebe hobo bag as a present from my SIL who just got back from Canada. I have not use it though. I'm still thinking of the right outfit to go with this funky looking bag ;p

Remember When... Lacoste

mini backpack with Lacoste logo

I got this backpack from my dear aunt M as a college graduation gift. Don't ask when did I graduate haha I still use it during my Sunday morning walk with my dear parents. Heavy duty brand, I guess?

From Boracay with love...

I got this orange pearly shell necklace a week ago from my DB who went to Boracay for the very first time! Ain't he sweet?!

Merienda Time: Tarragon & Peppermint tea with Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt

tarrragon & peppermint tea

Favorite: Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum

I was in Unimart the other day and found a pack of Chan Pui, much like the one I wrote about a few posts ago, this pack is cheaper at PhP137.50. 

Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum with seed Php137.50

So, what now is the catch, you ask? It's not seedless. My DH pointed that out to me when I braggingly said to him that I found a cheaper version of his favorite, chan pui. He said that although it tasted the same, he still likes his preferred brand because it is seedless and therefore prevent accidental cracking of his tooth. And less strain on his TMJ, I guess...