Boracay Chronicle: Montenegro Lines, Cebu Pacific and other expenses

My visit: April 27, 2010

Boracay Island

What else there is to do in Boracay? But to eat, eat, eat!

El Centro Fruit Shakes

What can I say? I got tired of walking, met with DH after my shopping spree and head off to the nearest stall the sells fruit shakes- El Centro in Station 2

Boracay Chronicle: Sunset, Sand Castle, and more resturants

April 26, 2010

Boracay Island
Station 1

take me to the sea

Rent a paraw for sunset view!

Philippe Charriol Straight from the Heart bracelet

Rustan's Department Store
Ayala Ave., Makati City

Straight from the Heart collection

Delish Restaurant

Delish Restaurant
103 Maginhawa St.,
Teacher's Village, Quezon City

I have two other posts about Delish Restaurant here and here. Meanwhile, I will just let you salivate on this wonderful honey panna cotta.

honey panna cotta PhP85

A red car transformer along EDSA!

I think this car is used to be a Toyota Lite Ace turned into a pick- up truck! While cruising along EDSA last week, I saw this quirky car and then aimed my camera to shoot! What a transformer!

Nail Polish Lovin': Chic Classics Neon Blue

neon blue

My favorite color blue!

Jonah's Fruit Shake, Derek Ramsay and Fire Dancer... all in Boracay!

My visit: April 26, 2010

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Restaurant
Station 1, Boracay

Going to Boracay is not complete without trying Jonah's Fruit Shake. Well, it's actually nothing special hehe but people come in droves just to buy their fruit shake. I, personally, would order a fruit shake or two for the duration of my stay in Boracay.

 (l-r) fresh mango and papaya shake PhP75@

Mañana Boracay

My visit: April 26, 2010

Mañana Boracay

And so after eating in Zuzuni, we went on with our food hunt. Next stop, Mañana Boracay!

burritos platter PhP363

Now, this is a very generous serving! Burritos platter is 2 huge burritos stuffed with chicken or beef with Mexican sauce and cheddar cheese. It is served with rice, sweet corn and beans! Burp!

Zuzuni Boracay

My visit: April 26, 2010

Zuzuni Boracay Boutique Hotel and Restaurant
Boracay, Aklan

It was our last night in Boracay and I still have a long list of food establishment that we have not tried. DH and I decided that we should at least try an order or two in each restaurant on the list.

Philippine Tatler award 2009

First on the list was Zuzuni. 

Gynura Procumbens

The entire content of this entry has been transferred to my new blog, please visit here.

First off, this is NOT Ashitaba (Tomorrow Leaf). The photo below is Gynura Procumbens, an herbal treatment of eruptive fever, rash, kidney disease, migraine, constipation, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer according to this source.

 gynura procumbens- leaves of the GOD

Also known as Sambung Nyawa in Malaysia meaning extending life.

Here is another post on How to water your Gynura Procumbens. Picture and read more about Ashitaba here.

The entire content of this entry has been transferred to my new blog, please visit here.

Mega Magazine and Sarah Geronimo

my complimentary Mega Magazine

I love Sarah Geronimo! Since she is the cover girl of the Mega Magazine May issue, I was secretly hoping to meet her at the launching of The Annual Ten Most Beautiful held recently in Greenbelt 5.

Finally, a candle to blow and a cake to eat from Hizon's and Estrel's!

My, oh, my! The party has just started! It seems like I will be celebrating the whole month of May lol I tell you, with good family and friends around, who is counting! I say enjoy and live a happy life!

celebrators that night

Lemongrass Tea (Tanglad)

 plant in the garden

Home Improvement: magazine rack

magazine rack

I got this from my carebear friend, LCA for my birthday! Love it! Thanks!

Chicken Chop ka dyan!

chicken chop

My own version of chicken chop with basil.... yummy!

I got it: Cocomo Clothing e-gc

Last April, I won a PhP400 e-gc from a clothing brand, Cocomo. Cocomo sponsored an online contest of Manila Life

bathing suit laundry pouch with plastic lining for wet bathing suit PhP350

I got my e-gc first week of May and it was only yesterday that I was able to go to Greenhills Shopping Center to see what I can get with the PhP400 e-gc. 

Pancake House with friends

 my university buddies

Sanuk Capri blue slippers

My new slippers courtesy of DH. He bought it in Hong Kong and got it in my favorite color , blue! 

Sanuk Capri USD16/ HKD90

PVC straps on a EVA bottom

The sandals are so comfy. I love it! Thanks DH!

Remember When... Tapa King

Tapa Queen- sweet and spicy!

Recently, CML and I dined at Tapa King Greenhills branch. I miss my university days! I used to have Tapa King food delivered to my house whenever we have school project/ group studies. And oh! I love the iced banana too!

Our dogs at night!

Our dogs are now sleeping with us every night. They can't stand the heat. Every time we turned the air conditioner on, they will scratch our bedroom door and will stay with us until the next day. 

(l-r) Apple and Precious

In this picture, both pets were already sleeping. 

Jollibee on GLEE

Jollibee, the local fast food chain, is seen on the background of this video. A flash dance mob performed by GLEE cast members to the tune of the 80's hit The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.

Berry Good California Long Stem Strawberries

Yey! My DH is back from Hong Kong. He brought a lot of strawberries. Not just your normal tiny strawberries but the California long stem ones. I cringe when I saw 4 boxes. I already thought of dipping the strawberries in melted truffles thinking that it will be sour but when I took a bite it's not.

Berry Good 1 pound HKD43

These strawberries were so good that I was not able to melt the truffles because the strawberries were now all gone ; (

Heavenly Chocolates... The Chocolate Bar!

My visit: April 24, 2010

Heavenly  Chocolates
127 Roces Ave., 
Quezon City

I had the opportunity to join a Chocolate Appreciation 101 last month held in Heavenly Chocolates. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Marga Manlapig, a chocovangelist and a blogger too!

The seminar is conducted every last Saturday of the month. They offer a 4pm and a 7pm session. The good thing about this hour long workshop is that it is absolutely free!

The topic varies every month but the main focus is the origin of chocolates and how to fully appreciate the different types of chocolates.

Marga Manlapig- chocovangelist

Chocolates are made from the beans of a cacao fruit (Theobroma Cacao). Its scientific name means food of the Gods. In South America, not only was cocoa beans used as food source but also as currency. To quote " Among the Maya, 4 beans could buy you a rabbit for dinner, 100 would get you a slave and 10 would get a man a wife" lol

Nodasho Japanese Restaurant

My visit: May 2, 2010

Nodasho Japanese Restaurant
Unit 14, Little Tokyo
2277 Chino Roces St.,
Makati Cuty

 DH and I on my birthday night

After our hearty lunch at Laya, I decided to go to Little Tokyo in Makati for our dinner with family. Initially, DH and I don't have a particular restaurant in mind. As we walked and asked several waitresses in front of the restaurant what their specialty was, we decided to go for Nodasho. We saw the extensive selection of sushi on the menu and the price was just right ; )

Old Chinatown Kopitiam

My visit: May 6, 2010

Old Chinatown Kopitiam
86 Maria Clara St.,
Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

DH and I have been putting off eating here again. The last time we went, we were not satisfied with the food that we ordered which were mostly new addition to the menu at that time. When my cousin and I agreed to meet and eat in Banawe area. I suddenly faced a blank wall. If I will bring her to Fu Chi dumplings it would be too cheap of me, the next best restaurant is Cafe Monaco but I just ate there a couple of days ago. When she said she knew/ heard/ read somewhere about Old Chinatown Kopitiam and we were already right outside the restaurant with a vacant parking space, I parked my car. End of discussion lol

my doctor cousin and I

We ordered food that are not complicated just to be on the safe side. I was not disappointed this time. And yes, they have the wonton wrapper cracker appetizer that day but it was only served after I requested for it.

New Find: MoMo Cafe

My visit: May 3, 2010

MoMo Cafe
G/F Space A-124
Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

DH and I usually scout for restaurants we have not tried before. We chanced upon MoMo Cafe when we went to Eastwood City to watch Ironman 2.

We quickly got a table by the window. The place was full yet the service rendered by the staff were efficient. I requested for an iced cold glass of water for DH and no ice in mine, when the waiter returned with our drink he knew and served the iced cold water in DH's side and no ice on my side. As we finished eating our salad, I thought of requesting for a change of plate. But the waiter must have read my mind and he was already changing our plates, of course, after asking if we were done with our salad. These little request are sometimes overlooked by other restaurants or other times totally neglect their diners.

I got it: Esprit Organic Pretty Silver Houston

Yey! I won in an online contest from I thought I can choose from the four watches at stake but was a bit disappointed when told that only one design was delivered to them.

thanks Inquirer!

From the Spring/Summer 2010 collection HOUSTON- PICO PhP3, 995

Case: stainless steel
Mineral crystal
Waterproof 3 bar
Movement: quartz
Metal bracelets: stainless steel with zirconia stones

Celebration at Laya Personal Dining Experience!

My visit: May 2, 2010

Laya Personal Dining Experience
Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision

I had to convince DH to drive all the way to Antipolo for lunch during my birthday. Thanks to the Mayweather-Mosley bout, the streets were virtually empty. We have reached the venue with map in hand in just under an hour. Whew!

The doors were open and no one was manning it. We reluctantly went in.

What I am wearing:
Celine dress
Suki shoes
Nine West bag
accessories: pearls from Boracay

New Find: Pink Pepper Restaurant & Lounge Bar

My visit: April 16, 2010

Pink Pepper
2F Il Terrazo
Tomas Morato,
Quezon City

It has been awhile since AC, GE and I have seen each other. Sure, AC and I are often each other's house guest and GE and I see to it that we have lunch over the holidays to catch up. It's about time that the three of us have the opportunity to get together just like the old times!

We quickly found a table upon entering as only a few tables were occupied.

Boracay Chronicle: Boracay Pearls and more!

 I bought numerous fresh water pearls from this "ate"

Her stall is situated near Yellow Cab in Station 3. I took a tricycle from Station 1 to Station 3. The ride costs Ph10 one way. Then I will walk my way back to Station 1 stopping only to shop or drink fresh fruit shake/ pearl milk tea lol Where's my DH all this time, you ask? He was in our room lounging on our king sized bed.

Blogger Event: Adidas ORIGINALS Street Party 2010

My event: May 7, 2010

Adidas ORIGINAL Street Party
The Venice Pazza
Mall Open Park, Mc Kinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

I have not been out in the street at night for such a long time! Yeah, you can say that I am old lol But when I got an invite from Adidas to celebrate INDIVIDUALITY by reclaiming the street, I just could not say no!

Bloggers at the Adidas ORIGINALS Street Party!

These are some of the snapshots that I got from the after party!

me and my bff with Slick Rick and Sam YG lol

My customized Adidas shoes!

My event: May 7, 2010

Adidas Street Party
Venice Piazza Mall Open Park
Mc Kinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, 
Taguig City

with JR

Boracay Chronicle: C.C. Bubble

Now, even Boracay has pearl milk tea! I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to order one...

station 3

I won: Esprit Watch Hot Spring/ Summer 2010 collection


I am one of the four winners of Esprit Watch from Inquirer! Thanks!

Make- Up: Aupres Lively Finish Powdery Foundation

 Aupres oc 20- RMB260

Northern Living... The Lifestyle Guide of Metro North!

F-R-E-E! So, did I catch your attention? Only 20 pages but packed with information like Northern Buzz, Northerners, Fashion Scene, Northern Eats, Beauty Board and Northern Scene.

Northern Buzz features what's hot and fresh in the metro. Northern Scene features the latest trends in shoes, bags and clothing. Northern Eats tackles new restaurants and recommend its specialty while Beauty Board suggests and gives tip on make up. 

Liezl Martinez

I especially like the On The Cover articles. Northern Living gives space to Liezl Martinez on their April issue and Donita Rose in their March issue. 

Liezl Martinez talks about her triumph with her recent bout with cancer, on her strength and her new lease of life. 

Boracay Chronicle: La Reserve Beach Hotel Inc.

My visit: April 26-27, 2010

Station 1, Boracay
(63) (36) 2883020

It's hot! hot! hot! in Boracay! DH and I can't find one air conditioned restaurant.  We were eyeing a steak house which I forgot the name, by the way, but as we climbed our way to the second level, ground floor houses Paolo collection- a bikini haven, we were greeted by smothering hotness by the afternoon sun. We asked the kind waitress if there is another steakhouse in the island which has an air conditioned dining area. And she pointed us to La Reserve- a restaurant owned and managed by Frenchman, J. B. Etcheverry.

We entered an empty restaurant, flinched a little and asked ourselves "Should we stay or leave?" Decided to stay since it's the only air conditioned restaurant available. We then made our way to our table. 

with Mr. Etcheverry himself

As I was browsing through a magazine I saw an ad about Astoria Boracay- I was ecstatic because that was where we stayed!

Boracay Chronicle: Sea Wind Barbeque Dinner Buffet

My visit: April 25, 2010

Sea Wind 
Station 1, Boracay 

After DH took a nap and my shopping therapy, DH and I decided to walk along the stretch of powdery, white sand of Boracay. Reaching the cul-de-sac of Station 1, we don't have a choice but to go back. 

DH spotted this al fresco restaurant as we were walking our way back. The waiting staff were very attentive and would fill our glasses with water every time it's half empty.

 dinner buffet PhP595

Boracay Chronicle: Real Coffee and Tea Cafe... Home of The Calamansi Muffins

My visit: April 25-27, 2010

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
Home of The Calamansi Muffins
Station 1, Boracay

Armed with my list of good food and restaurant in Boracay, I aim to tick one restaurant at a time. After our lunch in I Luv Backyard BBQ, we went straight to Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. We still had time before to spare before the check in time of 2pm at Astoria Boracay

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Tucked in an alley but visited by many, this bamboo hut houses different types of muffins, all freshly baked by the owner, Ms. Lee.

Boracay Chronicle: I Luv Backyard BBQ... 100% pure meat!

My visit: April 25, 2010

I Luv Backyard BBQ
Station 2, D Mall

DH had an upset stomach because of the oyster he ate the last time we were in Boracay over four years ago. For the first time, I have to ride a tricycle solo to find a drugstore. So, we avoided seafood on our first meal in the land of fun under the sun. 

We went around D Mall to check out the various restaurants available and crossed out the restaurants that can be found in Manila. We didn't travel by air, land and sea just to eat the same food we have here in Manila, right?

We found out later that I love Backyard BBQ has the same owner as the Hawaiian BBQ found in Tagaytay all along, duh? So much for being a picky eater, huh? lol

 DH reading the menu, behind him are numerous signs 

You can actually take the signs off the wall and take a picture with you holding it. I would rather pose in front of the signs.