Boo-boos in Globe payment center in Greenhills

Have you ever have the chance to go to Globe's branch in Greenhill Shopping Center to pay your Globe Handyphone bill?


Well, I have been there last Sunday morning. And people there can really test your patient. For one, you think their number system works.... yeah right! I went in there and a woman just brush pass me, who didn't even collect a number, yet she went straight to the payment counter.... hello, GUARD!

Wi-Fi in the house

At the start of the month, I've been raving about how I got my connection back thanks to PLDT. The only problem now was the Wi-Fi connection. Before with Globe, the modem they provided was with Wi-Fi already while with PLDT, all they provided was a modem. But thanks to DH and his know-it-all-mind, we now have Wi-Fi in the house! He tried to interchange the modem of Globe and Pldt and it works!

So far, I only have good words for PLDT. The connection is stable and the repair is fast and reliable. We download faster and more efficient. No more intermittent conncetions. For now, goodbye Globe, hello PLDT!

And still continuously watching...

Not so good if you ask me... it's a bad sign, we have nothing to watch thus we continue watching the second season of 4400. Don't be shocked that I've survived the first season since from the start I really find it boring. Their first season consists of mainly 5 episodes so there congratulate me hehe *confession- slept thru one of the episodes hehe*

In my previous post, I've written about how it is about alien abducting earth people well, well, guess what? Their writers changed their mind and in turn decided that this series is about the future people who are about to be extinct abducting present people to create a ripple effect. Their sending back the abductees with different abilities that would enable them to change the course or way of life in the future. Huh?

A bit disappointed on Kozui

July 26, 2008

Kozui Green Tea
258 B Tomas Morato St.,
Quezon City

I  have visited Kozui many times in the past but my latest visit was a bit disappointing. We ordered Spinach Soup for PhP 120, Takoyaki at PhP 98, Onigiri Tuna Mayo- PhP 98, and for our main course Spicy Dandon and Toridon PhP 168 and PhP 188 respectively.

Toridon - PhP 188

Toridon is actually chicken teriyaki under a different file name hehe It was supossed to be my order but I let my DH snatched it away under my nose because he doesn't want to eat his order which was Spicy Dandon, a lot like the Japanese version of Bibimbop- but Bibimbop (Korean) is way better than this one and tasted better too!

Mid- Autumn Mooncake Festival

This year's Pua Tiong Chiu or Mid- Autumn Mooncake Festival is fast approaching and for you folks out there who wish to know the rules of the game, here is a link for you:

It is very detailed. So you won't have any difficulty at all.

Mama Mia! Fever

When I went to Toronto 5 years ago and watched the play Mama Mia! I was so engrossed that I have its CD and hummed along with every song there is to it. And now with the movie shown a few weeks ago, I urge DH to watched it together inside a theater as opposed to waiting for it to be available for download *cheapskate that we are* DH was kidding me that I might sing and dance inside the movie house and he would be ashamed for me hehehe THAT didn't happen!

Mama Mia

Meryll Streep and Pierce Brosnan portrayed their character so well that they were just like playing and not acting. Brosnan was a bit awkward though when he sings. His "James Bond look" was nowhere in sight, he was groovy in this film. Meryll Streep can actually sing . I like her solo number up in the hills "The Winner Takes It All" It showed that not only is she a good actress but also a can do singer.
I still have the CD with me and I play it every now and then especially when I want to relax and on my way to my yoga practice. Coming up the download of the movie's soundtrack hehe

What is 4400?

As you have already read, DH and I have been watching Grey's Anatomy for many nights in a row. And just recently, we have reached its 4th season ender. Since then, we have gone bonkers because we have no episodes to cram in one night hehehe
And last night was not different, DH, not known to me, downloaded a NEW *new to us that is* T.V. series titled- 4400.

4400 is about alien abduction. With its almost 2 hour initial episode, I have already hand in my verdict- B-O-R-I-N-G and slow paced. After watching two of its episode * I'm not one who doesn't give a chance, you know* I fell asleep on the third. DH was kind enough to let me sleep hehe he knows when I am not interested I am off to slumber land. Which is what I did hehe

So when I ask him this morning how was the third episode, he told me that it's slow paced. So maybe I'll see the end of it. How I wish that DH will not feel that his download would be a waste and he should just delete it. *pretty please* *batting my eyelashes*

Well, as for now, I am really looking forward to the new season of CSI, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, among others which silly old me forgets.

Awaking at 2 a.m.

Since I went back to yoga early this month, I have nights that my mind would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night like 2 or 3 a.m. and have this feeling that I had already enough sleep for the day. Of course, I tried to go back to sleep and just close my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem getting asleep but when I do sleep at around 10 p.m or so on some nights I wake up and would feel like I already had a good night sleep in just a short time. Was it just me? Hmm... I don't know if other yogis feel the same... Will you tell me if you have experienced what I've been experiencing?

On a Saturday...

June 19, 2008

Cafe Monaco
647 Banawe Street, Quezon City

This one Saturday was not spent inside a mall instead we had a trip to Banawe hehe We started with drive thru at Jollibee. Ordered a burger meal to share... Jollibee crew got my instruction to sliced the burger in half, point for them! Yipee!

 Bibimbop (PhP 130)

Then we got a two hour foot and body massage at Ton Ton's Thai Massage. It is soothing, relaxing and at the same time cheap. It's just 200/hour during off peak which is 12nn to 6pm And it's partly-owned by my best friend, so I support it. Come dinner time, we ate at one of my fav Korean resto in Banawe, Cafe Monaco.

Cheers to Mom and Dad!

July 20, 2008

Heat, Edsa Shangri- La Hotel
Garden Wing, Ortigas Center
633-8888 loc 2740 or 2741

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: International
Location: Mandaluyong City

My parents were kind enough to let us join in celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary! Mom reserved 3 tables, 2 pax each, for lunch. They have this policy that you can use only one card per table so even though you belong to a group your table should have spaces in between. Which is not the case NOT HAPPENING in Spiral- Hotel Sofitel.

One table had mom and pop seating facing each other. Second table was where my bro and sis were seated. And lastly, DH and I. They arrived on time while DH and I were behind by half an hour because of the traffic we had to endure of the Mega sale in SM mall. While there, I went in for the sushi to my dismay- no Tamago sashimi. I asked for a shrimp tempura and NOTHING also- it turned out that they only serve it during Fridays. I settled for a california maki which tasted better with a soy sauce. Next stop, the roast beef. As I approched, I can see blood and ask if it can be cooked well done. The man behind the counter sliced thin the beef then proceeded to cooked it well done as I've requested. I got a glimpse of the lambs which is my favorite. I couldn't resist the lamb so I quickly got a piece and ask for the mint which the girl from the counter is hiding the much coveted sauce... DARN! I couldn't get some more hehe When I went back to my seat I have a difficult time to slice my lamb meat. Is it the knife? I asked for a new knife and sliced the meat thruough with less difficulty. But upon reaching my mouth, chewing is impossible. I'm so DISSAPPOINTED!!! That's what I am looking forward to pa naman! 

Anyway, got up again this time to taste the chinese cuisine. I requested for the roast duck in a wrapper. Bits of roasted duck were placed inside the wrapper that when you eat it, you can't taste the duck. For my next attempt, I got a lobster and a crab and I let it steam in the chinese section. This too didn't suit well as the lobster become a bit hard to chew and the crab.. hmmm hard to eat. Their salad bar offered enough selection of veggies. I got myself some veggies and decided to get the balsamic vinegar as dressing. I topped it off with parmesan cheese and bacon bits! Satisfied with these! Desserts offer quite an interesting fare. From the teppanyaki ice cream fare to the crepe and taho. The cakes were so many and looks too sweet so I didn't eat anything. The fruits according to my DH lacks in taste.

Overall, this is like a carinderia dressed as a 5 star restaurant hehe And I can't get their concept as being exclusive. Unlike in Spiral, you can eat in one table even as a group and a card is worth 50% off unlike here only 33% and your tables are separated. Their food quality is way too low for the price that they are asking.

hmmm... none hehe

PhP 1700+/pax

33rd wedding anniversary.... top that!

With divorce and annulment readily available in the Philippines and other countries, couples reaching this number are as precious as a gem. That's what it is with my parents, they are one H-O-T couple as mags these days would say. Dad and Mom recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary, July 20 to be exact.
People may wonder what's the secret to a happy, lasting marriage... I still can't tell you as I am only married for 5 *happy* years... a long way to go, if you ask me hehe But as far as I can see, there are several factors why mom and dad are still going stronger each day in their relationship:

1. ) their relationship is more on giving than taking
2. ) one shuts up when the other one is angry
3. ) my dad is the romantic one; mom is ... well, the opposite hehe opposite attracts
4. ) they bond every now and then
5. ) dad still surprises mom with gifts *hint hint* for my hubby hehehehe
6. ) they still look good for each other
7. ) they can talk anything and everything under the sun
8. ) they support and value each other
9. ) they go to church together
10.) well, they love each other hehe

Maybe if every couple has these traits in them, DIVORCE would not be in the dictionary. Whatchatink?

McDreamy vs McSteamy

Watching Grey's Anatomy every night and seeing McDreamy and McSteamy is very addicting. Of course, I already said in my past post that I am NOT into McDreamy. FYI, I'm into McSteamy hehe He looks really G-O-O-D! Especially if he is pondering on his next move haha OH-MY-GAWD! I love his eyes and his sneaky smile hardiharhar! Plus, I like his hair compared to McDreamy's long and wavy hair. McSteamy's face is always fresh compared to McDreamy's just-got-out-of-bed look! I also like his disposition- always POSITIVE.


Alright enough of the comparison... Dr. Addison Montgomery has just discovered that she could not have a child. Pity her, sometimes life isn't fair. When you really want something in the right moment, you can't have it. Will George really leave for Mercy West, I think he should... what ? with Izzy fooling around with him, he should take care of his marriage with Dr. Torres. At first, I don't like Dr. Torres for George, she is too H-U-G-E for him hehe But in the recent episodes, she became much more lovable and huggable too! haha In fact, I hated Izzy for sleeping with George.

I miss Taipei!

How I wish I were in Taipei right now!

It's sale season for one and I just miss its weather and how the people dressed to their content. Nobody would look you from head to toe... no matter how ridiculously dressed you are.

Cyma Greek Resto... yum yum!

June 1, 2008

Cyma Greek Restaurant
Level1, Greenbelt 2, Makati

I've always wanted to let my family try Cyma for its healthy salads and gyros/ souvlaki. So when we were pondering on where to treat my mom on her special day, Cyma immediately came to my mind.
As usual, we entered into a full packed restaurant. Good thing, they have a second floor dining area. A bit better than the ground floor. The situation is more relax and less crowded. Plus the fact that its restroom is also situated in the second floor hehe Courteous waiter is always on standby so no problem with following up your order and gettting and paying the bill.

Roka Salata family (PhP 580)

We ordered Roka Salata family (PhP 580), Lamb Souvlaki (PhP 395), Chicken Souvlaki (PhP 280), Fillet Mignon (PhP 480), Black Seabass Gindara (PhP 450). Roka Salata was a favorite of DH and I, we never fail to order it whenever we dine in Cyma.

What's happening?!?

July 12, 2008

Mann Hann
Level M1, trinoma Mall
Quezon City

As I scroll my blog, I've found out that I have so far not yet written down any restaurant review for the month of July. That's why when I am writting my review on Cafe Illustrado, I have a wee bit pang of guilt. Has it been this long? Mind you, we still go out on date during Saturdays but for some reason, this past few Saturdays, we were going back to some of our fave restos that's why I wasn't able to write or blog about new restos that are sprouting each minute in some corners of the mall- well, Trinoma to be exact!

Take last last Saturday, we had our usual early dinner at Hossien's in Greenbelt. We found out that it's name has been changed for that particular branch as Gilak's. The menu is the same as well as the interior. How can I blog again about it then?
And so last Saturday, when DH and I were in Trinoma, we were thinking of eating in some resto that I have not been able to blog about. Mannang came to mind but it turned out closed already. DH was missing its Dinuguan fare with white Puto. Cyma also pop-up but we decided to eat at Mann Hann, sounds the same as Mannang but carried chinese cuisine instead of Filipino cuisine that Mannang carried.

As usual, I ordered my favorite Sweet and Sour Pork Rice (Php175), 2pcs. Lumpia (PhP140), Oyster cake (PhP 190) and 1 Buko sherbet to share at PhP80. S/S Pork didn't disappoint, although I find it's branch serving a bit smaller compared to other branch, say, in J. Abad Santos St., San Juan. We requested a double wrapped lumpia which came just as ordered. A healthy choice for vegetarian. Delicious as usual. The oyster cake was not as huge as the serving in Sincerity Restaurant but big for both of us as well. In fact, we took home half of the oyster cake.
We keep coming back to this restaurant for its cheap food and fast and efficient service.

buko sherbet- the best
no service charge

aircondition is not sufficient

Cafe Illustrado

July 13, 2008

Cafe Illustrado
4th level, SM Makati

My parents wanted to try out this restaurant at the 4th level of SM Makati. You can passed by Cafe Illustrado on the way to SM appliance center.

pancit bihon PhP150

We got a seat right away beside a group of older women. The restaurant serves Filipino merienda fares and some entree. After minutes on pondering on their 2 page menu- nothing much to offer I tell you, my two other siblings decided to eat at Mc Donald's. Which left my parents and I to order from the restaurant. We asked their merienda specialty and the waiter suggested the palabok. But since we don't want it and my dad misses the pancit bihon in his younger days, we agreed on ordering Pancit Bihon (PhP150), mini Monay (PhP5) and 2 cups of brewed coffee ( PhP50@).

It's a very hectic week!

Yoga has occupied my entire week last week. and i'm planning to do the same this week hehe I have been absent only yesterday (Sunday) but I spent it with my parents with our usual Sunday morning walking session. walking is supposed to be a good exercise for my mom who have been feeling a bit pain in her heart. But not to panic as doctors didn't find anything wrong with her the last time she had her check -up which was just last Saturday.

I've been doing Bikram Yoga at different times each day for the entire week. With Saturday being the most hectic as I have to rush out of the studio after class because I still have to go to the office. I usually attend the first class in the afternoon. Parking is a major problem though as the side street of the building is being dig up- yeah, on a rainy season! *major rant* Puff! Anyway, I always felt energize whenever I go in and start the class. Last Sunday when I didn't attend a class, I was a tad disappointed but hey! I'm with my parents. I just miss the S-W-E-A-T!

I just can't believe all the sweat I can produce in just 90 minutes. All that water inside my body that's why I put on a few pounds when I stopped hehe But I'm back and there is no turning back! I'll still be doing yoga everyday this week except on Saturday because I don't want to hurry myself up shuttling from yoga to the office. Sunday, I will be present in class because I have an all-you-can-eat buffet scheduled during lunch time hehe

It's going to be a very hectic week ahead!

Bikram Yoga

26 bikram poses
Top photo courtesy of:

It has been a week since I enrolled back to Bikram's studio. Last week, I only attended 3 classes but this week, oh boy, I've been doing yoga everyday. Funny thing is, Bikram Yoga is addicting. Your body tends to miss doing the difficult yoga postures muahahaha And of course plus the fact that a months worth of unlimited class is PhP 5,800 ka-ching, ka-ching! It will have a tendency to drive you to work out hard everyday.



for the hand puppet, you can view pics with this link:

and some magic props at his page:

all prices are negotiable ok

Our Home in MyHome Mag!

 March, got a message from the assistant editor of MyHome magazine asking if my home is "still" available for a photoshoot. I used the word STILL because the photoshoot was supposed to be scheduled last quarter of last year. Due to some problems on my part, the shoot did not push through. "Well.... hell yeah!" so I thought but i didn't sound that eager on text, you know *wink* Just as soon as I got the text message, I quickly ask my DH for permission for the shoot not that I needed to but just to be on the safe side hehe In which he said "yes!" Buti nalang he is in a good mood as he is driving towards NO TRAFFIC Manila through our SSHW.

the magazine cover June 2008

Late Bloomer!

While everybody is now watching season 4 of the TV series Grey's Anatomy, my DH and I are just starting season 1. But boy, we are fast! In just two nights, we have already watched the entire season of nine episodes hehehehe It's like a movie marathon though we are watching a TV series, so can I just call it a "series marathon" then? hehe

The first night of watching it was the result of having nothing to watch since we don't have DSL connection for a friggin' long time. Remember my rants on Globe DSL connection? It's pretty pathetic now that I'm looking back and we have DSL connection courtesy of PLDT. But Globe DSL connection really sucks- intermittent and/or no connection at all. What can I do? NOTHING!

Problem's Over!

Thank God! My woes are over! After a month long battle (chicken!) with telecom companies, I now have a phone line and an internet connection courtesy of PLDT!

So far, my internet connection have been fast and efficient but I am online for only 6 hours or so hehe But what the heck, I am really, really happy.

All I miss was our wi-fi connection with Globe but what the heck they can't give a proper DSL connection, so what's the use, right?