Lovey dovey at Canyon Cove!

Wishing you all the best of everything for 2010!

Jump Shot: Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort

Karate kick in the air!!

air stunt!

Umenoya Japanese Restaurant

My visit: December 28, 2009

Umenoya Japanese Restaurant
Unit 14 A & B Paseo de Staa. Rosa III
Don Jose, St. Rosa City, Laguna

It's our second time to dine in this restaurant. After our 2 day vacation in Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort, My family and I went to have our lunch here before we headed home.

(l-r) Ikura PhP 67.20, salmon PhP224 (4pcs.) & Saba PhP134.40 (4pcs.)

Fashionista: Pearls on Girls!

fashionista.... taray!

My Inaanak: Calix

with Calix

Picture taken in my uncle's house on Christmas day!

You should know what we did last night!

My visit: December 30, 2009

EDSA Shangri-la, Manila
1 Garden way, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila 1650


At the last day of the year, I want to leave you with these pictures...


Nail Polish Lovin': I've painted my toes BLUE VELVET!

blue velvet

I am starting the new year with my favorite color... BLUE! Enjoy my toes lol My feet is shimmering because of the lotion that I used.

Canyon Cove Beach Resort last weekend!

My visit: December 26- 28, 2009

 my parents enjoying the beach

I got it: Tang gift pack

Through, I won in a contest sponsored by Tang. Thanks Animetric! Such a wonderful 2009 ending!

Happy New Year!!

edited by DH

Instructional video: how to put on your Aquazorb Hair Turban

Aquazorb Hair Turban

How to put on your Aquarzorb Hair Turban.

Instructional video: how to put on contact lens

contact lens

Watch and learn how to put on contact lens.

Yaku Japanese Grill... where taste matters!

My visit: December 25, 2009

Yaku Japanese Grill
3rd floor, The Podium
ADB Avenue,
Mandaluyong City

Christmas lunch was spent with my side of the family. And after that, we went and watched a movie in The Podium. Dinner with my family was in Yaku. This restaurant did not disappoint! Only missing was DH, who was home playing on his computer. But nevertheless, we had a great time that night!

free dilis appetizer

Restaurants seldom serve dilis as free appetizers anymore. Good thing, this restaurant does. I love their dilis. It's crunchy and you can request for more than one serving.

What are these kids lining up for?

4th generation in our family

All these kids are waiting for their ang pao- a red envelop containing money for good luck. The ang paos were given by my grandma and my uncle. Even adults get to have two ang paos each.

Fashionista: dog as arm accessory

Ok, wait before I cause commotion with the title above, the dog pictured below, is well loved and is pretty much spoiled by my cousin. CDC cuddles Bella, the pooch with much affection.

Just in time for the New Year, CDC is wearing a polka dot dress for prosperity. Circles symbolizes coins and coins equals money.

CDC with Bella

CDC is wearing a polka dot dress by Una Rosa.

Hmm, I think I'll be wearing stripes on New Year's day haha Swapang ba? Stripes for cold cash lol

New find: Vivitar Pocket 35 Tripod

A few years back, DH bought this on sale in Duty Free Philippines. I classified it under new find because it was recently given to me still in brand new condition! Certainly, his camera will not be able to fit it this mini tripod- a Canon 350D.

Vivitar Pocket 35 Tripod

I used it for my instructional video which I will posting later on.

Cocktail ring

cocktail ring

Thanks JJ for such a wonderful gift. I wore it the other day at our family gathering and it surely got much raves from my cousins! Love it!

Fashionista: Barbie Toy cosmetic

She opened her gifts on Christmas morning ; ) I bought assorted Barbie toy cosmetic as gifts for the girls ages 3 and up. Geez, I can imagine the smile on their faces when they saw the make up kit as they open their gift lol

IMD and my gifts to her Barbie toy cosmetics PhP109.75

This is my fashionista niece, IMD, in her gray tutu ensemble. Look how she is showing off her made up face in front of the camera. How cute can she be!

New find: Caronia Blue Velvet Frosted

I bought two nail polish before Christmas. A blue velvet and a yellow one. I wanted to paint my nails in time for Christmas celebration but since I painted my nails red weeks before I ended up with a yellowish nails after removing the red polish

Caronia nail polish in blue velvet

So, instead of painting my nails, I put it on vacation mode lol Hence the reason for my nude nails.

New find: Sonya's Garden soap, shampoo & rose water

Rose's scent is captured in this small bottle. I bought four of these and I am planning to give the three bottles to my cousins as holiday gifts. I know, kind of late right? I am hoping I could send the bottles in time before new year though.

rose water PhP120 

Rose water can be used as room/ linen spray, disinfectant- can remove fishy smell on hands. It can also be used as simmering potpourri, hand wash and refreshing spritz!

I am having a cough week!

Yes, you read it right! A cough week is what I am having!

 Honey Propolis Throat Spray PhP100

I bought this in Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay but it was made by Ilog Maria- a honeybee farm also found in Tagaytay. I had no voice when I started spraying this inside my mouth but I regained my voice the very next day.

Although, I am still not well, I am happy that I got my voice back!

Crisostomo turn of the century Filipino cuisine

My visit: December 24, 2009

2d level Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City, E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue,
Libis, Quezon City

On the 24th of December, DH and I usually go out on a date for lunch. Noche Buena is usually spent in our home. More often than not, we would dine somewhere in Tagaytay or have buffet lunch in one of the hotels in the metro. But since I did not make any restaurant reservations this year and we wanted to watch Avatar the movie, we ended up having a quick lunch in one of the restaurants in Eastwood Mall.


Our first choice was Cyma, you can never go wrong with this restaurant. The problem was we were there a bit early and so most of their supplies were not yet delivered for the day.

Refurbished: writing desk

Jhamel Furniture & Handicraft
Baguio City
Metro Market! Market!
3rd floor
Home Market, Global City

I wrote about how excited I was about the new writing desk we bought in Market! Market! last July. After a week, we saw a hairline crack that started to appear on one side in between the Molave and Narra wood. Eventually, the crack became larger- approximately half an inch. And the cracks now runs on three sides. I became bothered that the portion of the wood would just fall off lol

before: crack in between the two wood

So, DH and I went back and talked to the seller of the writing desk. I showed her the above photo. Mina, the owner, told us that she will repair the table free of charge. The table was picked up last Saturday and by Wednesday, our table was delivered back to us.

Crisostomo and Avatar

DH and I arrived at the Eastwood Mall around 10:30 am. We bought 2 movie tickets for Ultra Cinema 7, the cost of each ticket is PhP400. Then went to Crisostomo for lunch. We came back to the cinema just in time for the 12nn showing.

Avatar the movie

We had a sweet date today! Merry Christmas ; )

Avatar picture source: Fabristol

First: BPI Christmas give- away!

After having been a client for quite sometime of BPI, it was just yesterday when I got to received a Christmas give- way from the bank lol

ball pen and check envelope

Thanks BPI!

New find: Mighty Bond Instant Glue 1g

I was at Metro Supermarket yesterday and asked for Mighty Bond to glue a broken Sto. Nino. When asked about the size, it turned out that a new smaller size of 1 gram was available. No questions about it, I bought two of these 1 gram Mighty Bond as I seldom see it in other shops or malls.

new 1g packaging PhP21; 3g packaging PhP44

The new 1 gram of Mighty Bond is practical and economical. I used to buy the 3 grams but I was not able to use it all up because it dries up quickly and the non clog nozzle simply is just useless. After the second use, you cannot possibly put the cap back on.

I am happy with this new find. It costs just half the price and I might be able to use it all up.

Christmas Party 2009 #4 USTe barkada!

Since I don't know much about driving directions, napilitan silang dalawa na i meet ako sa Il Terrazzo. BR even came from as far as Las Pinas just to meet up with us. She travelled and braved a two hour traffic... atta gurl!

JJ, me and BR

JJ suggested Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes and although I don't like the restaurant that much, I agreed. It's the company of these two that I missed the most anyway.

Survivor winner is...

And so Natalie White won the Sole Survivor title, it should have been Russell Hantz. He played the game instead of being a coattail.

Natalie white

You can see that he was really disappointed with how his fellow contestants voted. He knew the game, played it really well. I guess, his head has gone big and became too arrogant and confident that he could get all the votes he needed.

Christmas Party 2009 #3 It's a Carebear reunion!

 MPT gifted me with this... thanks!

It's Funshine bear! Love it!

OMG Brittany Murphy dead at 32!

One of my favorite actress, Brittany Murphy, is dead! Ever since I first watched her in her movie Clueless, I have been a fan! And now, first thing I saw online today is that she is dead for still unknown cause of the cardiac arrest.

Brittany Murphy

RIP Brittany!

My inaanak: Erin Jayda

 Erin Jayda

Eeer... our poor inaanak crying on our photo op! She is such a cutie and born on Christmas day pa! Top that!

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a 9 day novena which starts from December 16- 24 at 4:30am. I took these photos from my second simbang gabi.


I used to do the 9 day novena everyday every 4:30am. A true sacrifice specially for people like me who, on ordinary day, sleep till 7:30am.

I got it: DKNY's Delicious Night

Delicious Night

From Cosmopolitan Philippines' newsletter, I got my free vial... wala lang!

Hula Hoop & Yoga Mat

My yoga mat and my hula hoop have been gathering dust since I don't know when. I have not practiced Bikram yoga in such a long time that I don't know if I can still stretch the way I do. And the hula hoop? I have been meaning to learn how to use it. But apparently, learning is easier said than done. So, can anybody teach me one on one the technique in letting the hula hoop stay on my waist even for a few seconds? lol

my yoga mat and hula hoop

Hopefully, next year, I can unroll my mat and have a skinny waist from twirling the hula hoop haha I know, I maybe dreaming but there's no cost in dreaming, right?