SereniTEA: How they prepare your tea and more!

preparation of your tea

Nail Polish Lovin': Chic Classics Neon Green

Chic Classic in Neon Green PhP30

Remember When... Cow Label dried beef

cow label

I can't eat Cow Label until next Thursday. Something big is going to happen ;p 
Gosh, it has 860 calories per serving...urgh!

I want to be a supermodel...

gown by Bonaobra Couture

Watch Mornings @ ANC on April 8, 2010 Thursday 8:30am!

Congrats BFF!

Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc.

Blogger Event: Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall since 1944

My event: March 29, 2010

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
G/F FERN Bldg., 
(right beside Astoria Plaza)
Escriva Drive cor.
General Araneta St., 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Since I have not been to Singapore, I didn't know that Ya Kun Kaya Toast is such a big hit in that country! Good thing, I don't have to fly to Singapore to taste the famous Kaya toast. Singapore's favorite coffee chain is now here! Opened just last December 10, 2009, Ya Kun Kaya has been visited by several bloggers already and some have even become loyal customers!

I was fortunate enough to be invited today by the owner of Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Richard Benson Co, to try out their delicious Kaya toast!

I dreaded that parking would be a problem since the location is in Ortigas Center but its not. There are a total of six parking spaces fronting the cafe. Customers from various offices in adjacent buildings usually walks in and take their orders to go. And they offer delivery too!

The small cafe matches the no-nonsense personality of the owner. There are several table outside for smokers. While outside is hot and humid, you can chill and relax inside browsing the internet. The cafe offers free wi-fi. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast even adapted a menu for local consumption. Their set menu comprises of half and full set. The half set includes 1 slice of bread and 1 soft-boiled egg with hot coffee or tea while their full menu includes 2 slices of bread and 2 soft boiled eggs with your choice of hot coffee or tea.

I have requested for a demo on how their coffee/ tea is prepared- tarik (pulling).

Anybody else received this warning from GMAIL?

screencap of the warning

Is this a SPAM message or should I respond to it? Why would it ask for my password? And the email address is from 

I got this email message in two of my email addresses. Geeez!

Blogger Event: First Look at the all- new MEGA MAGAZINE in Rustan's Shop & Spa

My event: March 26, 2010

The Gallerie, 
2nd floor
Rustan's Department Store
Makati City

Last Friday, I was invited to cover the unveiling of the all-new MEGA Magazine. It coincided with the 5th annual Shop & Spa brought to you by Rustan's. The Philippines best fashion magazine naturally chooses Rustan's as its partner in its launching because it brings worldwide branded names in fashion here in the Philippines. Shop & Spa promo is from March 26-28, 2010.

with the president and editor-in-chief of MEGA, the gracious Ms. Sari Yap

SereniTEA: Free Strawberry Milk Tea and more

my free strawberry milk tea PhP95

Summer Time: White blouse!

Cococabana white off shoulder blouse 

I got this Cococabana white off shoulder with ruffles at 20% off in SM Sta. Mesa. This blouse is perfect for the summer season. White signifies freshness even under the heat of the sun! I can't wait to wear it. I will surely pack it along with me on my next trip to Boracay!

Merienda Time: S&R US strawberry chiz strudel

US strawberry chiz strudel 15pcs. for PhP179.95

I can eat two in one sitting... alright, three! Who am I kidding, right? 

I bought this last weekend at S&R membership shopping. It's on sale... buy1, take1 ;p

Remember When... I was just a little girl!


Can't you see that an early age, I do want to be a model lol Nobody teaches the little old me how to pose, it just comes out naturally haha Sadly, I lack in the height requirement lol 

Blogger Event: Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill... A wholly fun meeting place!

My event: March 22, 2010

Holy Cow!
Level 3, West Lane
Robinson's Galleria

Dining at Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill last Monday was the longest dinner I had in a while. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, it's the exact opposite! I like the tamed and intimate set up Stratigem Integrated Marketing Incorporation has organized for select bloggers, only four of us, and a handful of media practitioner. 

Located right smack upon getting off the escalator on the third floor, Holy Cow! is one restaurant you surely don't want to miss!

The restaurant has a spacious interior. And eventhough it served steaks and other grilled food, I noticed that it has a good exhaust system. I didn't go home smellling like a grilled potato lol

cobb caesar salad regular PhP240

Almost every morning, I ate vegetable salad for breakfast and I could not pass on the opportunity to order one here. The cobb caesar salad was suggested and I was not disappointed. The veggies were crisp and fresh. They didn't scrimp on the ingredients either as you can see in the photo above. A hint of lime was present in the dressing giving the staple caesar salad dressing a new twist!

New find: LAM TIN Tea House

My visit : March 20, 2010

Tea House
30-U Banawe St.,
Quezon CIty
4940901   4257093

After an unsatisfying lunch at Good Chef Bistro, we went to LAM TIN tea house for dinner. A nondescript restaurant with numerous parking slots available, ten (10) if I counted it right. Plenty of parking space for Banawe standards. 

Service is no-nonsense, fast and efficient. Food is inexpensive. Taste has some hit and miss!

Here are what we have ordered:

taosi spareribs PhP70

We just had a bite or two of this dimsum order and took home the rest of it. I didn't like how it tasted in the restaurant and I didn't like it either when I reheated it awhile ago for my lunch. It smells different and tastes different too. So, I didn't eat the rest of it! Sayang!

SereniTEA: chicken chop

chicken chops PhP65

I was back in Serenitea last Saturday. I finally completed the stamped card-yey! The first card expired not too long ago. I will surely claim my free drink this week lol 

Together with two drinks- Hokkaido and Okinawa- ordered, chicken chop was on my list that day! With crisp basil leaves on top and tender chicken, I could finished an order lol But I was with my DH so I have to share lol

New find: Good Chef Bistro

My visit: March 20, 2010

Good Chef Bistro
847A Banawe St., 
Quezon City
559632   0916-5555707

The first time we attempted to dine here was I think two weeks ago. We were a bit early for dinner at 5 in the afternoon and was told in Mandarin (Chinese language) that the restaurant was still close for dinner.

Curiously enough, we went back last Saturday for lunch and saw a few tables occupied. This time DH and I knew that the restaurant was open.  

We thought because the restaurant employs a Mandarin speaking hostess the food serve will be authentic lol Boy, we were proven wrong!

string beans with minced pork PhP160

String beans with minced pork is too HOT too handle! Even my Bicolano DH can't handle the spiciness of this dish. And mind you, we ordered mild in terms of hotness lol See the red thingy on top, those are sili, more of those can be found at the bottom under the pile of string beans. DH took out it all out one by one and it can fill a saucer full of red sili.

I got it: Del Monte Fit 'n Right fruit snacks mixed fruits

1 case 24- 4 oz. cups of fit 'n right fruit snacks mixed fruits

It pays to follow... on twitter that is!
Thank you Del Monte!

Summer Time: Chowking halo- halo!

halo- halo

Actually, I like Chowking halo halo all year round lol They ought to give me a year's supply of halo halo. In fact, I was able to eat halo- halo again yesterday ;p

Chowking halo halo has red sago, green gulaman, langka, rice crispies, ube, ice cream and red beans- my favorite! And the milk! I love the milk mix with shaved melt-in-your-mouth ice! 

I could go on and on with this post but it's making me hungry already! Should I call for delivery?

New find: Chowking Oh!some Oh!range Chicken

Chowking orange chicken

See more about the launching here.

Blogger Event: New Chowking Orange Chicken OH!some OH!range Chicken

My event: March 17, 2010

31 Rizal Drive,
Bonifacio Global City
The Fort, Taguig City

Last night was a triple celebration- 25th anniversary, opening of the 400th store in Baguio and the launching of the new orange chicken from the country's leading Chinese fast food chain- CHOWKING!

OH!some OH!range chicken

The chicken served was already cold. I was not able to fully appreciate it. At first bite, all I can taste was the breading but the chicken was tender. I wanted to experienced the sweet and orangey taste which I didn't quite get because there was only a teensy weensy bit of sauce. Hopefully, I can get a chance to eat this orange chicken soon without confetti on top ; p Because confetti was everywhere that night!

Nescafe Gold Spot Awards 2009: Manila's Best Restaurants

My event: March 17, 2010

The Fort Strip
Fort Bonifacio,
Taguig City

When I got a congratulatory letter from, a Philippine based website specializing in food and events,  I was puzzled! Apparently, I won a slot in their guest list for the awarding ceremony of Nescafe Gold Spot Awards 2009: Manila's Best Restaurants!

I was curious and the blogger in me got interested and what the heck! I went and attended the event ; p

with Myrza Sison, editor in chief

My friend, CML and I, were photographed by God-knows-who those photographers, as soon as we entered the room lol And so, we gave them our best shot!

Win a date with Kumikomae!

Flash Dance Mob: Chowking Orange Chicken dance

When MrsMartinez meets Alex Van Hagen!

A famous Dutch professional photographer, Alex Van Hagen, was in the launching of Chowking's orange chicken. I was sharing a table with him and I gasped when I learned that he is THE Alex Van Hagen- photographer/contributor in Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Tatler among others.

with Mr. Alex van Hagen

Spotted: MrsMartinez in Daphne's Diary

me at Daphne's Diary (click to enlarge)

Before MrsMartinez, I used Cookie-Sweetie in all my login until I was stalked and moved all my blog post here. 

Thanks for the mention Daphne! The post was about Jewelmer ;p

Hey guys, girls and gheys... if ever I'm in your blog roll or link, kindly email or post a comment on this post so I can feature your blog on my site!


Blogger Event: Cantonese Soup Kitchen

I gave a fairly good review on Cantonese Soup Kitchen when I dined here with my DH last month.  And so when I received an invite to this restaurant over a week ago, I couldn't say no. I miss the good food!

Good food had to be paired with a good fruit shake! A fellow foodie blogger ordered yogurt with mango shake while I ordered pear with apple shake.

l-r yohgurt (sic) with mango PhP85; pear with apple shake PhP65

New Find: Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C 847 Banawe St.
cor Linao Street,
Quezon city

I was shying away from this restaurant for quite sometime even though DH kept on egging me to try it out. The reason was mainly because I am not a soup person. There I said it! But all that changed when our DBIL and DSIL, who are both foodies and often scout for new restaurants in Banawe area, told us that the restaurant not only serve soup but other entree as well. On top of that, sweet and sour pork is on the menu. My DSIL had me on sweet and sour pork lol When they told us about CSK, I think that was Thursday, DH and I had to try it not the very next day but on a Saturday haha If you have been reading my blog, you would have known by now that I go to work with DH on Saturdays and we usually had our lunch around that area.

The huge picture was what caught my eyes upon entering this two- floor restaurant. This restaurant can handle approximately 40- 50 seating capacity. Upon seating, I noticed that there was a group seating beside us waiting for their orders to come out and the rest of the people were either picking up their phone in order or having their orders to go.

Stairs on the left leads to the second floor dining area. At the end of the room is the toilet. The waiters were quite attentive but the kitchen was a bit slow. It took us two follow up calls before our orders came out. But it didn't come in succession. The dim sum came out on the latter part. The food pictures below show how our orders came out.

sweet and sour pork rice topping PhP115

Their sweet and sour pork tasted and looked like Ling Nam's. A generous rice serving underneath the sweet and sour pork. I'll make a mental note to request the rice to be separated on my next visit. The order came with an iced tea and a clear soup. Ain't that cheap!

Merienda Time: Amazing pizza bread!

If you have some left over sauce from your spaghetti, DO NOT throw it away! You can make a pizza by using a slice of bread instead of dough.

Dr. Edwards sterilized drinking water

I often see this bottle of Dr. Edwards sterilized drinking water in a doctor's office. When I went to my BFF's condo unit, I saw several bottles of Dr. Edwards. I asked from my BFF, who is currently on a hiatus from her doctor's duty, if I can have a bottle so I could taste it haha I am such a cheapskate and could not afford to buy one for myself lol 

Dr. Edwards sterilized drinking water

She told me that the water tasted a bit different than normal mineral water. The comment made me hold the taste test until the next day. I am such a scaredy-cat after all! When I tasted it, the sterilized water tasted just the same as my alkaline water. I found no such difference so I gulp it down haha

Thanks BFF for the bottled water! I am looking forward to our milk bath at the end of the month as you have promised *wink*

I got it: Sunsilk Damage Repair System Shampoo and Conditioner

free sample 

Now, I need to know when will my Kotex Luxe be delivered...

UCC Cafe Terrace... mediocre salad with high price tag!

My visit: March 7, 2010

UCC Cafe Terrace
Lobby Level, Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City

My family and I had a late afternoon snack last Sunday. We were thinking something light for dinner and my mom suggested and raved about the seafood salad of UCC.

We ordered two seafood salad. We requested to split both orders into two.  The picture below shows the split or half of the order.

seafood salad PhP389

Now, the problem was not with the dressing, even though it's a bit oily. Not even the tempura shrimp or the battered scallop but on the vegetable itself. The picture below showed that almost half of my veggies were wilted. I even showed the waitress a piece of vegetable full of black particles. I asked her what it was. She got my piece, put it on a plate, went inside the kitchen and never came back. 

New Find: Jollibee beef and mushroom

   beef and mushroom with rice PhP39

Crunchy toasted garlic... check! Tender, juicy beef... check! Plenty of mushroom... check! Price... check!

Second time around: Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Kitchen
143 Mother Ignacia Ave.,
South Triangle,
Quezon City

When our friends came back from New Zealand, we wanted to treat them to Yakimix. The problem with Yakimix in Tomas Morato, is that the restaurant can only accommodate 6pm or an 8pm reservation as it is a buffet restaurant with numerous patrons even on a week night!

I decided, together with my cousin, to just treat them to Wicked Kitchen

Here are our orders:

broccoli and cheese PhP99

Spotted: MrsMartinez in Serenitea!

I am a pearl milk tea convert ever since I discovered Serenitea in their Wilson St. branch. Now, almost every Saturday, I urge my DH to go to their branch in N. Roxas St. branch in Banawe, Q.C. 

One time, while waiting for my order to be prepared, I looked around and took some pics. And what do I see? A closer look at one of their "Thank You" wall is a screen cap of my blog! Should I feel sikat na? lol Ibang level na kasi ito eh!

 a screen cap of my blog displayed on their wall

New Find: Chef Vince's Kitchen

My visit: March 6, 2010

Chef Vince's Kitchen
747 Banawe St., Quezon City                             

If you have been reading my post, you know that Saturday is usually Banawe Day for DH and I. Thank God that Causeway was full that day or else we would not be able to try this new restaurant on the block lol

The restaurant is quite big for Banawe restaurant standard. It has a function room at the end of the main dining area. I immediately noticed an organ just beside the divider and a collection of gems with different colors on one side of the wall.

The female waiting staff who attended to us was perky and would suggest their specialty when asked. I overheard a diner requesting to tone down the volume of the music playing in the background. Another diner, who was old, wanted to have his order as soon as he placed it haha Good thing, the waiting staffs were patient and their kitchen could deliver over the demand of their diners. 
 asado 1/4 kilo PhP175

Asado was their specialty according to the perky waitress. It looked good and at the same time, swimming with sauce when it came out. It also came with hoisin sauce. DH commented that the pork without the sauce was too sweet and warned me not to put hoisin on my asado.

New Find: Jergens Anti- Bacterial Liquid Soap

 The last of my Bath & Body Works anti- bacterial liquid soap is now gone! Finished! Kaput! I searched for an alternative in a local supermarket and found a brand that I used to love, Jergens, until I switched haha

I bought this Jergens anti-bacterial liquid soap for only PhP144.75. It's pretty cheap! I got a refill bottle of it because I have a used and still working Bath & Body Works bottle with pump. Oh, I love how I am acting towards saving the environment- REUSE!

I know Jergens is a trusted brand that I can always go back to!