Fashionista in Tagaytay's Cliff House

waiting for sunset


taho PhP25/cup

Nashojiro Takoyaki

Nashojiro Takoyaki

Last Sunday, I was at Rockwell's Urban Bazaar not because of the numerous shops inside but because of Sunrise Buckets- the chicken wings I raved about. During this trip, thanks to my dad who is also fond of food, I have discovered something to rave about- Nashijiro Takoyaki. 

 Nashijiro Takoyaki PhP50/4pcs.

Spanish bread by Sonya's Garden

My family and I went on a road trip yesterday. We went to Tagaytay at 3pm when most families were already getting out of the city. Traffic was horrible on the other side of the lane while we were having a travel bliss if there is such a thing haha

Spanish bread PhP120/ 10pcs.

Akala ko ba wala ng mga poster na may politiko?

taken in EDSA fronting SM North

No picture of a politician instead a symbol replaces it. Isn't it quite the same thing? Where is the CHANGE in the picture?

Princess Footwear... gawang Liliw

Lot 8 Blk 2
Garden Grovove St.,
Park Place Village,
3447213   09209180932

I was in Trinoma for our date night. While DH was buying our movie ticket, a tiangge near the escalator caught my attention selling organic stuff and an assortment of shoes. I remembered My Mom-Friday wrote about espadrille wedge sandals a few posts ago. Due to old age Due to memory gap, I forgot the price and the name of the store where she bought her shoes. All I remembered was she bought it in Tiendesitas. I vaguely remembered how much she paid for it. Yeah, I know, it sucks, right?!

Open toe Kate Dark Denim PhP500

Precious' 5th birthday!

I am such a bad mother! If Precious is a real kid, I'm sure she will never ever forgive me for forgetting her birthday! It was AC's text that reminded me of Precious' birthday yesterday!

But she is not a kid so I got away with it lol I am guilty as charged!

Cook your own: fries

DIY fries bought in the office 

Since I am fond of fries right now, I cook my own, ok, I taught my house help how to slice and deep fry potatoes. I was not able to get the desired crispiness though. My fries looked a bit soggy even though I tissue off the grease. It didn't help even if I put it inside the oven toaster  for 10 minutes when I got to the office. 

I wonder how many minutes would it take for the fries to cook and at what temperature? Can anybody help?

The Daily Dairy Inc. Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk

I have previously blogged about fresh non fat milk delivery. I didn't know that they also have chocolate drink until Kenneth texted me about a surplus in production last week. 

1 liter jug of chocolate drink PhP100

How luck played in my blog

lucky numbers 777 112233

Ok, so not really! I was just amused a few days ago when I saw that I was once again #7 in Top blogs and had 7 viewers in both counter- finally they tallied! And the number 112,233 as my visitor's number. Cool, huh? I am just sharing ; p

Orchids in our garden!

Ramen Bar

My event: August 25, 2010

Ramen Bar 
Ground Floor, 
New Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City, Libis
Quezon City

When my friends and I meet and ate at The Old Vine by Chef's Quarter on the first week of August, Ramen Bar was still under construction just beside O'sonho Portuguese restaurant. I was surprised when I received an email from the co-owner, Charles Paw, to try the newest kid in Eastwood City. They opened over a week ago. 2 Japanese and a Filipino- Chinese owned this funky ramen bar with a Japanese chef, Masa Ishikawa, manning the kitchen that's why you can be sure that you are having an authentic Japanese ramen ; p


KFC California Maki Twister

Last Monday, KFC's new offering caught my eye. It's the KFC California Maki Twister! Wrapped in a carton, like the one used for Jollibee's Peach Mango pie only double the size in length, Califoria Maki Twister had slices of cucumbers, bits of mango, lots of Japanese mayo and of course, KFC chicken wrapped in a pita bread.

KFC California Maki Twister PhP79

Remember When... MOD Jr. modelling days

This is a repost:

Yes, I was once a model haha I am always fond of cameras. I am not camera shy to say the least. Too bad I didn't grow tall enough and my parents were too scared to let me in on opportunities that could earn me mucho dinero when I was younger lol The fear of bad people not only in the industry but in general outweighs the money I could put in for the family ; p

MOD vol. xx no.857 February 5, 1988 page 33 by Ma. Corazon S. Lim

During reunions, my closest friends would often tease me about the 8x10 photo collage I made to look like huge backdrop on my bedroom wall, of course, it's all me in the picture. How vain is that?  haha You wouldn't think I'd put on some artist's face on my wall, would you? Nah! I love my face too much haha

Announcing the winner of the PhP1000 Ibayo GC!

Over a hundred entries, only one winner- Cymbelly Manzan aka ceemee!! Congratulations from MrsMartinez and Animetric!

Please check your email and reply with your address so we could send you the GCs!

Yogurt Nation and The Lounge

My visit: August 20, 2010

Yogurt Nation and The Lounge
1D and 2D The Sapphire Residences,
31st St. corner 2nd Ave.,
Crescent Park West
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
09175343161   09176290413

After attending The Body Shop's recent campaign in Greenbelt, Makati. Fellow bloggers and I went straight to Yogurt Nation. Friday night always have an awful traffic situation whatever part of the metro you are in. What could be a less than 30 minutes travel time by car was stretched to an hour or so. I was still sick that day but still drove that far. I am fast becoming a true blue lakwatsera! *sigh*

You wouldn't think that this is only a yogurt place, huh? A very strategic idea to open a lounge, a cafe and a yogurt place all in one place! Kudos for great thinking, Jeff Chua!

Congrats Venus Raj!

Venus Raj

L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll

my dad and his under eye

SM Sta. Mesa 3 day sale crazy loot!

Celeteque facial wash and facial moisturizer

Precious has an upset stomach!

DH is jealous that Precious gets to eat all the tarragon and stavia leaves that she wants while he was not able to taste a leaf of my plants. Tarragon leaves can be used as tea leaves while stavia can be a sugar substitute for your coffee drink. 

Precious eating all my plants

The Body Shop STOP Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People

My event: August 20, 2010

The Body Shop
Greenbelt 4
Makati City

I already signed the petition, have you? The Body Shop not only sells bath and body line but also stands up and commits to what their founder, Anita Roddick, had started. 

I already signed up!

Gardening: Morning Glory Flower

morning glory

I got this morning glory from my friend's house. After a month of watering the plant, I saw a lone flower a few days ago but the flower was gone the very next day.... sad ; (

I hope it flowers again soon!

Ballkan Express Inc. Eastern European Home Cooking

My visit: August 18, 2010

Balkan Express Inc. Eastern European Home Cooking
87 Jose Abad Santos St.,
cor. Mons St., Little Baguio,
San Juan 1500

Numerous restaurant has been sprouting along Jose Abad Santos St. in San Juan, Ballkan Express is the newest of them all! My dad actually pointed it out to me but I hesitated to try it out at first. When a friend raved about how good their goulash was, I was tempted. When I saw the picture of a melting cheese on top of a chicken, I gave in. I need to experience Serbian cooking for myself.

I visited the place exactly one month after it opened. Ballkan is a place in Yugoslavia. This restaurant is co-managed and co-operated by a Serbian Chef, Martin. 

What we have ordered:

chicken "batak" PhP290

Boneless chicken thigh grilled to perfection with melted Mozzarella cheese oozing on top of it. My favorite! Served over Jasmine rice.

goulash PhP230

This stew reminded me of my mom's home cooking when I was younger. A bit spicy though because of paprika. The beef is so tender it won't give you a hard time to chew. This order would be perfect for DH. Except that he was not my lunch companion lol Choice of pasta or rice. I chose the later.

cevapcici PhP180

This is a huge serving. And we couldn't finish the whole thing. There are four sausage-like minced meat inside a creamy burger bun with tomatoes, onion and lettuce. It goes with a fries on the side. Ketchup and Tartar sauce is included in this order.


There is a limited seating capacity in this restaurant approximately only 25 pax. 

Even though a bit hefty on the price tag, I would still be going back to this place. After all, this is the first authentic Serbian restaurant I have been to! Don't forget to get a flier on your way out so you can have their free iced tea on your next visit lol


September 22, 2010

I was back once again in this restaurant. This time with DH in tow. I was lucky enough to talk to Marko Batricevic, one of the co- owners and brother of Chef Martin.

with Marko

As usual, I ordered my favorite chicken batak, goulash and another specialty dish which resembles cevapcici but with a twist of cheese and hot pepper . The name slip my mind but I get to take a picture of lol

As usual we were stuffed to the max! And oh, I got my free glass of iced tea with my flier yey!

LS ActiveWhite Facial Experience!

This is a delayed post. It was during the Ls ActiveWhite Spa Milk Salt launching that I get to experience this facial procedure. The entire procedure lasted less than an hour in a private room. 

LS ActiveWhite Health & Beauty Center

Cool Bear by Great Wall

Have you seen a cool bear? I did! Along EDSA on my way home, I saw an odd looking car, a stand out among those Japanese car brand traversing the road. It's white and it bears the name Cool Bear.

cool bear

And guess who made it? The car maker goes by the name of Great Wall. Now, how can we forget that!

Merienda Time: Bicho Bicho

There was a boy in a bike selling merienda near the office yesterday. He stood near where I was buying buko from manong. The buko is like PhP17 each.

I asked what he was selling underneath the cloth covered fare. He replied "bicho bicho" I asked if it's good and he said yes! I bought two, priced at PhP5 each. 

Bicho Bicho is bread with sugar coating. It was a good while it's warm. Too bad, I didn't see the boy today ; (

Top Blogs #7

Sunsilk inspired Nail Art!

I know this is a bit late because it's Monday already. I have been a working girl for the past couple of weeks so I was not able to fulfill a change of polish every Thursday.

So, anyway, while waiting for my family to pick me up on a Sunday afternoon, I got 30 minutes to spare. I took out my nail polish kit and made this new nail art creation inspired by Sunsilk Co- Creation Damage Repair shampoo!

Free: Design Your Own KLM luggage tag!

I got my very own luggage tags a few days ago and I just want to share it with you. You might want to have your own personalized luggage tag. What's best is that it's free!

Adidas Fluid Trainer

My event: August 14, 2010

Adidas Performance Store
2nd level, Trinoma Mall
Quezon City

Yesterday, Adidas launches the Fluid Trainer simultaneously in three of its store- The Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt and Trinoma. I went to Trinoma and guess who I saw... Rayver Cruz- my crush! * showing signs of being a cougar* lol

peace! taken by DH

Sabroso Lechon

Sabroso Lechon
E. Rodriguez Ave. cor. Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
5158253   5158259   3570659   09228416220

My BFF was raving about Sabroso Lechon and I haven't had the chance to try it out until last August 1, 2010. After I met my Cream Silk winner along Tomas Morato, I passed by E. Rodriguez and opted to try out Sabroso Lechon. 

free range pigs

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly and a contest too!

My event: August 7, 2010

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt
Rockwell, Makati

When Nuffnang usually invites, I decline. Because it's always on a Saturday. I always have work on a Saturday haha

But last Saturday, to compensate from being absent, I worked on a Friday haha That's how special Nestle is ; p

Yogurt + Jelly

SereniTEA: Hawaiian Milk Tea 25% sugar pearls

my indulgence sipping hawaiian milk tea (l) PhP 90

Eats Asia 2 by SkyCable and AFC

SkyCable and Asian Food Channel presents Eat Asia 2, a food sampling event, at  NBC Tent, The Fort last August 7, 2010.

The venue was filled with leading culinary schools and top restaurants offering different flavors of asia, some of the stalls captured by my camera were:

Jacob's Shawarma
Unit 115 AIC Grande Tower 
Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Makati
2277686   09394034306

Jacob in person

Choco Mallows chocolate covered marshmallow-biscuits

Remember this?

by Fibisco

Meet Cream Silk's winner!

Mrs. Mallare... winner of all 6 variants of Cream Silk

Mr. Mallare couldn't meet me so he sent his wife instead ; ) Congratulations and enjoy the loot!

Mary Grace Cafe

Back to regular programming, folks!

I blogged about Cafe Mary Grace last April. I enjoyed the kesong puti salad PhP198 that I talked my mom into eating our lunch there last Sunday haha

We ordered the salad and both apple and peppermint teaPhP75 each.

And then we ordered these:

chicken with couscous PhP298