Color changes in an instant with FreshLook ColorBlends in Turquoise

By now, you must have read about my entry about one of the four eye catching colored lens (Gemstone Green) brought to you by FreshLook ColorBlends. If not, read here

 FreshLook ColorBlends in Turquoise

It has been a month since I opened it and now I already opened another pair. Find out what happened after the break.

Congratulations to my sister for topping the 5th PSE- ATENEO CCE CSSC

Last October 14, my parents and I trooped to Makati to witness the graduation of my sister. My mom was really excited because my sister, Mica, is the valedictorian of her class. We are all so proud of her!

 my sister, valedictorian in her class

The Philippine Stock Exchange Certified Securities Specialists Course (PSE Securities Course) is comprised of 12 subject areas focused on equities market and capital market industry.  It provides you with the theories, tools, and functions of investing and trading in the stock market.

You will receive two (2) additional courses as a review for professionals and an introduction for those who want to invest in the future.

This course will also prepare you for the PSE Certified Securities Specialist Course Certification Exam. Those who successfully complete the full-course program in AGSB-CCE can earn a six-unit elective in the MBA program of Ateneo.

Price: PhP69, 000

Source: PSE 

Strawberry Dream at The White Hat Fully Booked BHS

My visit: September 25, 2011

The White Hat Italian Yogurt House
3rd floor, Fully Booked
Building B6, Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Sunday is family day. I spent it with my parents and siblings. We usually go to a mall, stay in a coffee shop and people watch lol 

The Strawberry Dream PhP225

For this particular Sunday, we chose BHS because I have still have gift certificates left from Zong where we plan to have our dinner. While killing time, we decided to head over to The White Hat found inside Fully Booked Building.

My Review: Obagi-C RX System C-SunGuard SPF 30

By now, most of you have read about the House Of Obagi (HOO) that I have attended two months ago. What I didn't tell you is that I was given a box of Obagi-C RX System C- Sunguard with SPF 30... woot!

I was quite happy with my Pevonia Botanica Ligne Soleil sunblock so I was not able to try this product sooner. Fact is that I tend to stick with one brand if the product suits me well. Case in point, the bottle I had was already half empty when I gave it away to my mom. Yes, I have to part with a product to give way to other brands so I can share my experience with you, my dear readers ; )

OBAGI C-Sunguard SPF 30 3 fl. oz (90ml) PhP3740

What is Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?

SPF numbers signify the duration of protection against UVB rays versus not using a sunscreen. E.g. no sunscreen= sunburn onset 10 minutes; SPF 30= sunburn onset 300 minutes.


  • Penetrates skin more deeply than UVB
  • Plays a major role in accelerating photoaging: wrinkles, skin roughening, blotchy skin color, brow spots, poor skin tone, sallowness
  • Can contribute to development of skin cancer


  • Penetrates skin less deeply than UVA
  • Is a primary cause of sunburn
  • Plays a key role in the development of skin cancer
  • Contributes to photoaging

Ode to my mother-in-law, Susana Martinez

At 4:30 a.m., my mother- in- law breathe her last breath last October 18, 2011 (September 22-lunar calendar). It is just one day short before my husband's birthday. She succumbed to lung cancer. I dedicate this post in loving memory of her. 

Susana Martinez celebrating life

I will tremendously miss driving for her to get a hair cut or do some grocery shopping and oh, cutting her toe nails, yes, I do cut her nails ; p

I can't forget the time when we stayed in Shanghai for a month. I spent most of the afternoons listening to her stories about life abroad and in the province. In other times, we spent the day watching Chinese soap operas where I cried buckets of tears. How can I forget the time when we went to Beijing to see The Great Wall of China where she gamely posed for the camera along side DH and I.

Bloggers at 2nd's Comfort Food Revisited in Fort

My visit: October 13, 2011

2nd floor Wumaco Building 1,
Quadrant 3, 9th Avenue,
Bonifacio High Street

After gracing the launching of Estee Lauder's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, my blogger friends and I dined at 2nd's Comfort Food Revisited. It was Shen who suggested the restaurant. I went along as long the establishment accepts credit card hahaha You see,  I only bring a few pesos when I go out. An old habit I carry with me until now. I know, bummer, right? I should kick that habit!

chika babes (l-r) Nikki, Shen, Rowena and I

I am with gorgeous girls, yes?!

OOTD at Ayala Triangle Makati

I was in Makati last Friday together with my parents in support of my sister who graduated Valedictorian in the 5th PSE- ATENEO Certified Securities Specialist Course (PSE-Ateneo CSSC). Anyway, we were there 3 hours prior to the event. While waiting, we ate at Chef Laudico's BFAST and collected my free drinks courtesy of HSBC credit card in Starbucks. 

at Ayala Triangle, Makati

I saw a photo opportunity while walking towards the restaurant row. My mom, who is by now used to taking my photos, was instructing on how to angle my body towards the camera. That's why my body is a bit contorted in the following photos lol

Together For A Future Free of Breast Cancer 2011

My event: October 13, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2011
Shine A Light on Breast Cancer
Seventh High
3/F The Club Room
9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City

The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. recently unveiled its 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign. It also launched "Shine A Light on Breast Cancer " Social Media Program on FaceBook and partnered with Philips for the illumination of the Transformation sculpture by Architect Lor Calma. The landmark lighted in pink LED lights can be seen at 32nd Street corner 5th Ave. at Fort Bonifacio Global City.

wearing a pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month that is why I am wearing the ribbon everyday to help spread and voice out the theme- TOGETHER. CONNECT. COMMUNICATE. CONQUER. FOR A FUTURE FREE OF BREAST CANCER.

Day 2: Yoga at 8 a.m. in Anvaya Cove

I woke up the next day hoping for a sunny day! Well, it was not exactly sunny but it did not rain as much as the day before. My friends were able to frolic on the sand, swim in the pool and eat, eat, eat!

 Anvaya Cove Tower Bar and Pool

The pool area is really big. I was not able to count how many swimming pools connected to each other. Even though there were plenty of people swimming, there was room for everybody. 

Can you see the tower bar on the background? We climbed the stairs up to the fifth floor the night before and could see nothing hahaha All those steps for nothing because it was raining. I am sure, on normal days, you can see a lot of stars at night. 

Forever 21 SM Megamall 3 day Sale & Le Perfumerie!

Commercial muna

I just want to share this ad from Forever 21. SM Megamall will be having a 3 day sale on October 14- 16, 2011!

Forever 21 sale up to 50% off!

Here is the rundown of discounts that you will get:

  • Get 20% off on regular items (with minimum purchase of PhP5, 000 for the first day until 12nn when you present both Forever 21 and SM advantage card/ BDO Rewards card.
  • Get 10% off on regular items (with minimum purchase of PhP5, 000) for the whole weekend with Forever 21 Mastercard
  • Get 5% rebate with a minimum purchase of PhP5, 000 with your BDO credit card including Forever 21 Mastercard.

DIY: Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red (#4) by Etude House

The entire content of this entry has been transferred in my new blog, xoxo MrsMartinez

This just in! After my first professional hair color experience at Hair Asia last July, it's about time that I do my own hair color. Why? Because I can't afford to pay PhP2, 500 every three months ; p You see, the thing with having a red hair color treatment is that the red pigment washes away after every bath. The brown pigment remained though.  

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red (#4) PhP378

I bought Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in SM Megamall over a month ago but I just could not muster enough courage to apply the hair color on my own. I feared that I might end up with damaged hair, uneven color or worse the color would not match what is pictured on the box. Today, I have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to just do it lol

A box contained:

  • Hair coloring sachet #1
  • Hair coloring bottle #2
  • A resealable packaging that includes a plastic cape, a pair of gloves, Silky Perfumed Treatment sachet and a Korean instruction manual

To read the full entry, visit Etude House: Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red

Lunch in President Tea House SM City North EDSA

My visit: October 1, 2011

President Tea House
SM City 
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Bagong Pag- Asa, Quezon City

You have read about the unboxing of my new Panasonic Silveo Refrigerator. What I didn't tell you is that we spent half the day looking for the perfect replacement for our almost eight year old GE refrigerator. Several stores later, we were hungry so we decided to have our lunch in SM North EDSA. We searched around all floors in one of the buildings and found out that there was a limited choice until a familiar name of restaurant came to view- President Tea House. 

asado rice PhP150
I remember this restaurant because when I was a kid living in Manila, most of the invitations for large gatherings were held here. It is nice to see that the restaurant had already branched out. 
Being the predictable one, you should now that it was me who ordered asado rice topping. It was a bit dry though. My quest for the perfect asado continues.

2011 Commemorative Philippine Banknotes (UST, UP and Ateneo)

My mom recently gave a PhP200 bill. I didn't notice that it was a commemorative banknote until she told me that it bears the name and symbol of my alma mater- University of Santo Tomas (UST). She told me that my sister's school- Ateneo has its own commemorative PhP100 bill. 

UST, UP and Ateneo... will DLSU be next?

The PhP200 started my searched for PhP100 banknotes that bear Ateneo and UP on it. Last week, my collection bacame complete. 

Unboxing: Panasonic Silveo Refrigerator for Cool & Eco Life

Early last week, I found out that our almost eight year old GE refrigerator was not cooling well. I called for service and learned that the compressor was the culprit... sigh!

Panasonic Silveo Series Inverter 19.0 cu. ft.  NR-BY 551 SRP: PhP54, 999

Panasonic claims that "It's the only bottom type refrigerator with Inverter Technology in the Philippines".

DH and I searched for replacement over the weekend and narrowed down our choices to two brands- SAMSUNG and PANASONIC. I really like Samsung's style & design- 18.0 cu. ft. French door with bottom freezer plus door "alarm"- when it's not properly closed BUT it's out of stock... gaaaah!

We settled for Panasonic Inverter refrigerator instead because it has eco features like high energy efficiency factor (EEF) and that it has almost no effect on global warming. This unit uses totally NON-FLON materials both for refrigerant (Iso- butane) and for insulation (Cyclo- Pentane) so it doesn't damage the earth's ozone layer.

Afternoon treat in Dome Cafe Shangri- la Plaza Mall

My visit: September 23, 2011

Dome Cafe
Unit 104- 105 L1
Shangri- la Plaza Mall
EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
6359746   6359625

You have all read about my cousin's lunch treat, if not read it here. Immediately right after, we went to Dome Cafe, this time the treat is on me! 

hot choco  PhP90

My dad's stomach acidity is acting up so he decided against ordering for a cup of coffee. He ordered hot chocolate instead. He loved the cocoa taste. It reminded him of his childhood days wherein cocoa tablet is dropped in a boiling water.  

Anlene fights Osteoporosis... a silent disease that can kill PLUS giveaway!

My event: September 29, 2011

Anlene "Breaking Down Osteoporosis" 
Quezon Room, Makati Shangri- la Hotel
Makati City

I always attend Anlene event. Why? Because my mom suffers from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I have a keen desire to learn more about the killer disease and would also want to know how to fight it. 

Thanks to Anlene's intimate round table discussion, the people from Fonterra New Zealand and Fonterra Philippines, were able to shed some light about the topic- breaking down osteoporosis.

Anlene uses GE Achilles Ultrasonometer

I am really scared about bone loss because I found out that osteoporosis manifests no signs or symptoms until a fracture occurs.Knowing that, I now drink milk twice daily. 

Osteoporosis- dubbed as the silent disease almost always leads to irreparable damage or even fatality if not addressed early on.

Anlene Bone Health Check has been instrumental in raising awareness all over the Philippines on osteoporosis. In the past four years (2005-2011), over 1 million Filipinos have been scanned and almost half have fallen into moderate and high risk of having osteoporosis, me included ; (

Spotted: Tessa Prieto Valdes at Beyond The Box Resorts World Launch!

My event: August 26, 2011

3rd floor Shop 6, 
Resorts World Manila
Andrews Ave., Newport Mall
Pasay City 1309

Some time ago, I was invited by the owner of Beyond the Box to the launching of its store in Resorts World. It was a Friday night and naturally, we were caught in heavy traffic. Half way through the program, we finally found our way to the venue. 

with Tessa Prieto- Valdes

DH was hungry so after registering our names on the guest list, we ate in one of the cafes situated near the venue.

The photo above with Tessa Prieto Valdes was taken right after the program before she left the venue. As usual, she was gracious. I love her color blocking outfit as well as her hat!

Veda Spa in Anvaya Cove on a gloomy day!

Drenched! That is the best word that I can think of to describe my first day in Anvaya because it was raining the whole day. But my friends and I didn't mind the gloomy weather, after all, we were there to have a relaxing vacation. 

one of the many pools in Anvaya Cove 

Two of my friends and I decided to have a massage after dinner in Veda Spa- the in- center spa facility of Anvaya Cove. We scheduled it around 8:30 pm. We were advised to go to the center fifteen minutes prior to the appointed time to register, change clothing and relax prior to the treatment.

Bonding with cousin in Recipes by Cafe Metro

My visit: September 23, 2011

Recipes by Cafe Metro
Shangri-la Plaza Mall

This is a long overdue meeting with my cousin, Helen. Ever since she got back from her working stint in Singapore, I have not seen her nor her little boy! Am I glad to see her again ; )

General's Chicken PhP215

I suggested that we have our rendezvous in Recipes by Cafe Metro since I was pretty much satisfied with the food that was served there, if my memory serves me well lol

The photo above is of General's Chicken. It kinda reminded me of this dish that I am really fond of ordering when I was in Taipei. This version has eggplant instead of nuts that is found in the Taiwanese version. This dish's sauce closely resembles sweet & sour with only a slight hint of the sourness ; p It is not overly sweet so I give this a thumbs up!