Food Delivery from City Delivery (87878)

I recently discovered a food delivery service called City Delivery. I was asked to try out their system by calling 87878. Before dialing the hotline number, I browsed through City Delivery's website and I found over three hundred restaurant partners. Think about any restaurant, most likely it's one of City Delivery's food partners.

I had a hard time choosing just one restaurant but finally, I decided to go with Bizu. I remembered my mom was all praise about Bizu's Braised Lamb Shank's in Red Wine. While browsing, I found out that the cake (Amour Party Tray) I wanted to order requires 3 days lead time... ack! Good thing, City Delivery accepts calls for food delivery in advance.

 City Delivery hotline 87878

I made a call around 10 am on a Friday. I gave my name, delivery address, specific date and time (October 28, 2012 Sunday 11 am) for the food delivery. The call lasted around 5 minutes. I even asked Christy, the Call Center Agent who took my call, if I still need to follow up and give them another call on Sunday to ensure the delivery but she said the order was already on their system and everything will be delivered on Sunday ; )

So, did City Delivery come on time? Find out after the break...

Fashion: Aldo Lemmert

Just a quick update! I am so sorry I have not been able to blog for the past two days ; p Just a quick recap of my busy sched---> Yesterday, I was in Laguna for Amherst plant tour. The tour lasted from morning till late afternoon. I arrived home at around 5:30 pm just in time for a quick change and touch-up then proceeded to Manila Peninsula for a beauty event. Gosh, it was a truly tiring day! I will blog about all that in the next couple of days ; p Bear with me hahaha

Anyway, my SIL is back from Canada! She got me this nice new pair of flat gladiator sandals from Aldo. It's called Lemmert.

 Aldo Lemmert white/light yellow

At first, I was apprehensive about the straps, that it would cause callous at the back of my feet but I was wrong. I wore it today and it was so comfortable. #happy

Read after the break for a more detailed look of my new pair of flat gladiator sandals...

Pho Hoa in Robinsons Magnolia

October 20, 2012

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup | My Thai
3rd Level, Cinema
Robinsons Magnolia

What to do on a date night? Well, DH and I usually spend our "Saturdate Nights" trying out new restaurants (not exactly fancy) and watching a movie. Since Robinsons Magnolia opened, it has become our date place because it is nearer our place than Trinoma and Greenhills Shopping Center. It does not matter to us that there are not so many food choices because not all establishments are open yet. Tao Yuan is one restaurant that we are looking forward to open, hopefully sooner than later.

Anyway, last Saturday, I called my mom and I asked her where she was, she said they (dad, mom & sis) were in Robinsons Magnolia. Great, I said, DH and I decided to watch the movie entitled Argo, starred and directed by Ben Affleck. On side note, DH expected it to be an action movie but it turned out to be more of a political drama ; p We want our money back... chos!

Right before watching Argo, we had dinner in Pho Hoa with my family. I think we only have less than an hour to eat and DH was craving for noodles as usual and it's the only restaurant that was  closest to the cinema aside from My Thai ; p

Pho Chin Nac (Brisket Pho) To Lon (large bowl) PhP 295

There were 3 kinds of Pho-Noodle Soup:
  • Pho Nam (Flank Pho)
  • Pho Chin Nac (Brisket Pho)
  • Pho Bo Vien (Meatball Pho)

I took a photo of Pho-Noodle Soup For The Beginners, I think it's a guideline on how to eat the noodles. I am sharing it here:

There will be a selection of condiments on your table, including basil, beansprouts and hoisin, a sweet bean paste. Flavor the soup by adding herbs and vegetables directly into the broth, " Chili peppers are also available" either break them up in your spoon or, if, you're courageous throw the whole chili in. Then squeeze a wedge of lemon into the soup. On the side, prepare a dipping bowl of the sauce or just hoisin, some mix the two together. With chopsticks, select portions of the meat, dip in the sauce and eat.

This was my sister's order. She specifically asked for thin slices of beef and she got it! The soup was served hot and it was appetizing. Don't you agree just by looking at my photo?

Also available in To Nho (small bowl) PhP 250

Anlene Partners for Life Now & Forever!

October 18, 2012

Quezon Ballroom B
Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Makati City

My recent bone scan showed that I am at HIGH RISK of having an osteoporosis... ack! But I was not that shocked given the history of my mom, she has degenerative osteoarthritis ; ( It seems to me that I am not getting enough calcium supplement from my non-fat milk... darn!

At age 36, I am currently at HIGH RISK of having Osteoporosis

You see, I have a steady supply of fresh non-fat milk from Milk Man so all the Anlene supply (powdered or concentrate) I get goes straight to my mom's.  Learning about my recent bone scan result, Franco of BridgesPR promised to send me boxes of Anlene... yey!

More about the event after the break....

Mall Of Asia Arena presents Jonas Brothers Live in Manila!

October 19, 2012

Jonas Brothers Live in Manila
Mall of Asia Arena
Pasay City
8 pm

DH and I do not know a single song of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas known worldwide as Jonas Brothers but we went ahead and watched the concert in celebration of his birthday last October 19 ; p Right after we had our dinner in Tajimaya Charcoal Grill, we walked towards the concert venue - Mall of Asia Arena.

360-degree LED display at Mall of Asia Arena

There is a bridge connecting SM Mall of Asia to the Arena. We got there just a few minutes before the front act begins. Performing as the group's front act was a Filipina-American Disney star and San Francisco born actress-singer named Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Since "No professional still & moving cameras allowed" in the concert venue, I DH was only able to take a few clear photos. 

Anyway, more about the venue and the concert after the break....

Birthday Celebration at Tajimaya Charcoal Grill in SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

October 19, 2012

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill
2137 - 2139 EM 2nd Floor
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

Two years ago, I posted about Tajimaya Charcoal Grill here. In my previous entry, the waitress kept on insisting that we order their house specialty - Wagyu Beef. So, when we went back to celebrate DH's birthday last October 19, finally, we were able to try Wagyu Karubi. We ordered the cheapest among the Wagyu selection. When the order came out, I noticed that there were only less than 10 thinly sliced beef. For the price we paid, it better be good.

 Wagyu Karubi (Boneless Short Ribs) PhP 780

Well, not really! Although the beef looks marbled, it was not exactly "melt-in-your-mouth" that Wagyu is known for. It was a bit chewy. Ho hum...

Read after the break for the rest of our orders...

Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan Quezon City

October 13, 2012

Bulgogi Garden
125 Kalayaan Ave.,
Diliman, Quezon City

Since Bulgogi Brothers failed to impress us the night before, DH and I went to Kalayaan Ave. in search for another Korean restaurant the very next night. We saw rows and rows of Korean restaurants when we passed by the area a few weeks ago. We were determined to find and check out a new place to satisfy our Korean Barbecue cravings! We parked inside the first Korean restaurant we saw - Bulgogi Garden. The place was huge, you will not miss the well-lit sign hanging on the wall as you passed by Kalayaan Ave. in Quezon City.

 Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan. Ave.

The word Bulgogi literally means "Fire Meat" in Korean. It refers to cooked marinated meat on dome griddles that sits on braziers.

Griddle is a heavy flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food.
Brazier is a portable heater consisting of a pan or stand for holding lighted coal.

Read after the break for our Korean BBQ experience...

Tessa Prieto Valdes at Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launch!

October 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Samsung Galaxy Camera Launching
Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel
Resorts World

I always like attending Samsung events because the people behind the brand always put all their efforts to come up with exciting presentations even before the actual launch begins. Can I just say that Manila Philharmonic Orchestra was awesome that night?! Before the night ends, Samsung give away awesome gadgets too. No, I did not take home any prize that night, the stars were not aligned haha

 Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy II features:

  • 5.5" (140.9mm) HD Super AMOLED screen
  • 16:9 screen ratio for cinema like video viewing experience
  • S Pen is longer, thicker and ergonomically designed for perfect grip and a more precise, comfortable and natural writing experience
  • Air View allows user to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Planner, image gallery, or video to preview the content without having to open it
  • Popup Note lets users open a S Note instantly as a pop-up window anywhere on screen
  • Quick Command lets users quickly activate frequently used apps with the S Pen
  • Can launch multiple windows on one screen
  • Popup Video lets users watch a video while browsing online or chatting with frends
  • 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor ad HSPA Plus
  • Android 4.1, Jelly Beon OS
  • 16GB internal memory
  • microSD slot up to 32gb
  • Standard Li-ion 3,100mAh battery
  • 8 Megapixel rear-facing and 1.9 Megapixel front-facing camera with HD video recording
  • Camera features Buddy Photo Share, Burst Shot, Best Photo and Best Face which allows users to choose the most preferred face of each person from group portrait photos
  • Smart Stay
  • AllShare Play
  • AllShare Cast
  • Bluetooth v 4.0 (Apt-X Codec suport) LE
  • USB 2.0 Host
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n 92.4 & 5 GHz)
  •  80.5 x 151.1 x 9.4 mm
  • 180 g

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available in Ceramic White or Titanium Gray. It will be available on October 20, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia.

Bulgogi Brothers in SM MOA

October 12, 2012

Bulgogi Borthers
2nd Level Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia
Bay Blvd., Pasay City

Last Friday, DH and I were in SMX Convention Center for the 8th Printing & Label Philippines 2012. After spending four hours roaming around the venue, naturally, we were very hungry. I told DH that I want to eat in a Korean restaurant. We seldom go to SM Mall Of Asia so we needed to consult the Information Board first ; p Good thing we found one - Bulgogi Brothers. I have been meaning to eat in this restaurant for so long. Finally, I get to try it!

Bulgogi Bibimbap PhP 395

"BUL-GO-GI" literally means "fire meat" in Korean.
"Bul" is fire while "gogi" is meat
It is commonly translated as Koren barbecue. The thin slices of beef, pork or chicken are specially marinated in combination of sauce and seasonings to enhance their flavor and tenderness, before being placed on a grill, usually right at the table.

It has been a while since we last ate in a Korean restaurant. The last one I visited was Yoogane with my family. Yoogane's selection was limited and it was not exactly the authentic restaurant that I was looking for.

DH and I were expecting Bulgogi Brothers to be at least at par with Sariwon. However, we were disappointed. Since Bulgogi Brothers only serve rice together with every order of Bulgogi BBQ, we opted not to order one. I was so looking forward pa naman to eating sangchu-ssam.

DH and I shared an order of Bulgogi Bibimbap. It was served on a hot stone pot. The warm white rice was topped with vegetables like cucumber, carrots, radish, bean sprouts and mushrooms. A raw egg was at the center of the bowl. Gochujang was served on the side. It was a visual delight!

Bibimbap literally means "mixed rice" in Korea. All ingredients must be stirred together just before eating.

For tips on where to find authentic Korean Restaurants, read after the break...

xoxoMrsMartinez is now on Instagram!

Hello guys and girls! How are you? It's hump day! I hope you will have a great week ahead ; ) Anyway, I just want to share with you that I am now on Instagram. You may follow me at this link: You can view my Instagram profile here.

 Instagram profile

My Instagram is more personal - a closer look at what I do everyday of the week. I love taking random photos of my pets, places/restaurants that I have been to, my favorite bags, flowers in our garden, products that was sent to me and of course, there will also be lots of photos of me hahaha

After the break, you can view the most recent photos I took...

Multiply Origination Awards... Nominate Today!

I began posting photos and random thoughts on in 2006. It is where MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants was born.

In 2007, entrepreneurs were using Multiply as a platform to promote their businesses thus the beginning of what is now known as Multiply Marketplace. Over a year ago, a new and improved design was introduced to the growing number of entrepreneurs to better promote their businesses and at the same time provide a better online shopping experience for consumers. Today, with over 5.5 million users and 130,000 merchants in the country, proves to be the biggest E-commerce site in Southeast Asia and a strong supporter of Filipino Entrepreneurs. 

Multiply Origination Awards The call to be a Business Standout

Multiply, an e-commerce leader and the Philippines' and Southeast Asia's largest online shopping site, launches Origination Awards. The nomination begins today, October 16 until November 18, 2012. Multiply is searching for the best original products, ideas and concepts among its merchant in the Philippines.

This is the first and only search in the Philippines that honors original ideas in the e-commerce space," said Multiply Philippines country manager Jack Madrid. "Multiply has been witness to the inventiveness and ingenuity of the Filipino, and our platform has been host to some of the most original products we have ever seen; it is only appropriate that we recognize our talented and creative Merchants," he continued.

To learn more about the three categories and how you can win, read after the break...

Droplets of Nature Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Droplets of Nature containing two hand sanitizers and a bottle of concentrated dishwashing liquid. I immediately noticed the cute packaging of hand sanitizers. These scented anti-bacterial hand sanitizers are available in two colors- pink (baby powder) and blue (eucalyptus). I could not decide which one is my favorite because both smell good ; p

While reading the front label of concentrated dishwashing liquid, I saw that it contains Cinnamon and Peppermint Essential Oils. True enough, when I opened the bottle and gave a sniff, there's a distinct aroma, it's spicy and minty at the same time .

 Droplets of Nature Anti-bacterial Hand Santizer 50ml Powder & Eucalyptus scent PhP 69 each
Droplets of Nature Eco-friendly Dish washing Liquid PhP 156

Droplets of Nature, Inc. is a company that caters in providing Eco-friendly and family-friendly consumer products. Knowing that more and more families are now switching to all-natural products, their prices are more affordable than competing brands.

To know more about the products and to join the giveaway, read after the break...

Dove Presents Unspeakably Yours The Underarm Monologues

October 10, 2012

Unspeakably Yours
The Underarm Monologues
Teatrino, Greenhills Promenade
San Juan City

Last night, I watched the second run of Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues. It is presented by Dove Deodorant in cooperation with Upstart Productions. Before the show began, the screen flashed this question "If your underarms could talk, what would they say to you?" Hmmm, it got me thinking... If my underarms could speak to me, this is what it might tell me, "Thank you for taking good care of me by not plucking or shaving. Thank you for always making me feel fresh and smelling good" hahaha

 (l-r) Czarina De Leon Mercado (Brand Manager of Unilever Dove Philippines), Cindy Melocoton-Manlapaz (Unilever Philippines Marketing Manager for Deodorants and Oral Care),
Cathy Azanza-Dy (writer/director)
together with theater actresses Jenny Jamor,  Angela Padilla and Caisa Borromeo
As if to burst my bubble, Issa Litton, the hostess of the night, got down on stage and asked me if I discuss or talk about underarms with my girl friends, I replied, "No" ; p At that moment, I really can't remember but now that I am writing about this entry, well, maybe just this one time when my friend was complaining about her dark underarms due to her last 2 pregnancies. But that was said to me in confidence and we didn't discuss it in front of our other friends so I guess the answer I gave to Issa's question still applies. 

For a glimpse of the show, continue after the break....

Dawn Zulueta graces the 30th Anniversary of Facial Care Centre!

October 1, 2012

Facial Care Centre
30th Anniversary (FCC@30)
The Conservatory
Manila Peninsula Hotel

Facial Care Centre recently celebrated 30 years in the beauty industry. The star-studded event was held in The Conservatory of Manila Peninsula, no less!  I have not seen so many artists in one place at one time. Gorgeous faces seem to be the theme of the night!

Dawn Zulueta for Facial Care Centre

The svelte and glamorous Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo graced the night's affair. She still looks fabulous  at 42! 

Do you want to win PhP 30,000 worth of Facial Care Centre treatment program and get radiant, luminous and younger-looking skin? Read after the break...

FREE The Body Shop Love Your Body Rewards Card!

I got my very own Love Your Body Rewards Card from The Body Shop. I used to just borrow my mom's LYB card if I wanted discounts on my purchases but not anymore. Earlier today, I was in The Body Shop SM Megamall looking for a liquid hand wash. The sales lady told me about so many irresistible offers - Buy 1 at 20% off, Buy 2 at 30% off, Buy 3 at 40% off and Buy 4 at 50% off!

I got my The Body Shop Love Your Body Rewards Card for FREE

This is a great opportunity for me to SHOP & SAVE! On top of the promotional items, the sales lady told me that I could get The Body Shop Love Your Body (LYB) Rewards Card if my bill would amount to PhP 1,500. The card has a total of PhP 1,470 voucher inside. You can use these vouchers upon collecting the required number of stamps that you get with a minimum of PhP 900 purchase.

Guess how many items I bought for only PhP 1,500? Read after the break....

Meet Kimmy... The Newest Member Of Our Family!

Born on May 30, 2012, Kimmy was just 3 months old when we adopted her. She's playful and mischievous at the same time.

meet Kimmy

Look how cute and tiny she is! To see more Kimmy photos, read after the break...

I Heart Charm Essentials Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush + Other Makeup Brush

 Newsflash! Charm Essential is now selling Charm Travel Pro Sonia Makeup Brush Set.

I seldom see Sophie Uy, the blogger behind But when I see her, she would usually hand over her newest beauty product. So, when I saw her during Shiseido's Makeup Workshop last September, she gave me not just one but two new brushes from her Charm Essentials Collection.

Charm logo - buy only original Charm Makeup Brushes

It was Sophie who introduced me to makeup brushes. Before that, I used my fingers to blend makeup (eyeshadow, bb cream) on my face. I still used my fingers sometimes - old habits die hard ; p But there are several Charm brushes that became essential to my makeup kit - Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush, Powder Brush and Crease Blending Brush are just some of them. The last two brushes that I have mentioned are part of the Vegan Makeup Brush Collection.

You can view the makeup brushes after the break. I have also included Charm's newest baby - Retractable Powder Brush. It's handy, versatile and a perfect travel companion!

Yoogane opens in Manila!

September 30, 2012

Il Terrazzo
Quezon City

Last Sunday, my family and I went to Yoogane in Il Terrazzo after spending an afternoon window shopping in Trinoma ; p Alright, you caught me lying hahaha I bought 2 blouses. Yes, only two! I am not a shopaholic lol

Korean BBQ exhaust nozzle with flexible duct system in Yoogane

Yoogane originated in Korea. Too bad, DH and I were not able to eat there when we visited Seoul last December 2011 that's why I could not make a comparison in terms of ambiance & quality of food.

Find out what we ordered after the break...

Win Myra Holistic Skin Care System!

It's time for another giveaway! Our friends from Unilab are generous enough to provide gift sets to 3 lucky winners - ONE (1) Grand Prize & TWO (2) Consolation Prizes. The best part of it all, prizes will be shipped nationwide... woot!

Myra Holistic Skin Care System (actual prize may vary from the photo)

Are you excited? Find out how to join after the break...

Human Heart Nature Hand & Foot Salve & More

A few days ago, I received a corrugated box from Gandang Kalikasan, makers of Human Heart Nature. The package includes Hand & Foot Salve, Body Butter Cream, Bamboo Body Scrub, Pure Strength Oil-Fighting Facial Wash & Premium Deodorant.

 Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Products contains No Harmful Chemicals

I was excited to try out the body products immediately. I kept the tube of Hand & Foot Salve in my bag, I placed the Bamboo Body Scrub inside the shower area while the Body Butter Cream sat on top of my vanity table.

Read about my most favorite product after the break....