L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

Yeah, I know there's only 3! I don't need the complete line of L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 to salvage my damaged hair haha Kidding aside, after Mikki Galang of L'Oreal Philippines handed out gift boxes with L'Oreal products, I didn't bother to look inside until I was already home. Thus, the incomplete set. But don't fret, the set I got was enough to manage my once-curly-now-damaged-hair.

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner and Night Essence Leave In

Case in point, my mom was bugging me to get a hair cut since I can't remember when. Oh,  I remember, since my hair lost its curls. I have thought of chopping my hair but then I thought that I would not look sultry much plus the chubby cheeks haha Then I started sporting side braids and bun. Just look at my picture in previous posts here and here. It's a phase, you know.  And then one day, boom, she asked "Nagpagupit ka ba?" Naks, that's when it occured to me that I used L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Night Essence Leave In the night before.

Lux Luminous Touch Body Wash

I know, right? I just finished my Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash. What I didn't tell you is that I alternately use two body wash at a time? So, after I used up the last drop of it, my Lux luminous touch body wash with shea cream and skin illumintors is now down to its last drop ; (


I think Lux is not in the Philippines anymore, a friend of mine gave this to me when she and her family came back from New Zealand. Sad, now I am in search for a new body wash. Any suggestions?

The Ice Cream Bar by FIC

My visit: October 17, 2010

The Ice Cream Bar 
Joya Tower, Joya Drive,
Rockwell Center,
Makati City

Oooh! I love desserts! I think I should be making a separate blog entirely for desserts haha I am always saving precious space in my stomach for it. How can you blame me? Desserts are simply gratifying and sweet hehe

 classic banana split PhP250

We chose three ice cream flavor- pistachio, green tea and vanilla ice cream. All yummy! Of course, I got the cherry on top! lol

Real Living: Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers

My event: October 22, 2010

Activity Area
Robinson's Galleria

Did you know that lemon has natural bleaching properties? And just half a cup of it when mixed with your laundry detergent will leave your laundry smelling citrusy? Or flushing a cup or more of baking soda down the toilet bowl can clean your septic tank? From painting a room to hanging a painting on the wall, all these can be found in Real Living's Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers. It's a handy guide to all quick fix and solution to your home. 

available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for PhP120

Kaya Express

My visit: October 17, 2010

Kaya Express 
Shop 13 Level P1
Power Plant, Rockwell Center, Makati

It's Sunday! I usually go out with my family on a Sunday. My family were having late lunch and they wanted a restaurant that serve good and fast food. Kaya Express came into the picture as we were strolling the lower ground floor of the Power Plant Mall.

 sewu moochim PhP40

The picture above is on top of my sister's list. And I thought this is a free appetizer haha But I don't mind paying for it as well because its spicy and crunchy! I ended up eating the last few remaining pieces! ack!

L'Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte

My event: October 11, 2010

Main Office

It was a Black & White event. I came in black like most of the bloggers who graced the affair. New faces and some old ones were there to join L'Oreal Paris in launching a blogging campaign.

with the men of L'Oreal

How familiar I am with the product? Well, let's just say that this event started my love affair with L'Oreal. The event started out by playing games where my team won twice haha

Ester- C

 Ester-C the better Vitamin C

I am acidic. I have a hard time taking in ascorbic acid. I usually suffer from stomach pain when I am taking it for a long time. With my research, I found out about Ester- C.  Too bad, I think it's not available in this country.


My visit: October 16, 2010

FunTea Fresh Unique Natural
679 Banawe St. cor Malaya St.,
Quezon City

When I saw on FaceBook about a new tea place in Banawe called FunTea, I have to try it. Little did I know, DH already gave it a try. After a week, he asked me if I want to taste FunTea. And so we went before we had our massage. 

I would want to learn more from the owners about their tea but the elder manager was a bit hesitant in giving out information. So, I will just fill you in with what we ate that afternoon. 

Wintermelon Grass Jelly 500cc PhP60

I love the taste of this! 700cc costs only an additional PhP10. I had the usual Pearl Milk Tea not in the picture, I am saving precious space.

Celebrating 11 years of OBAGI

My visit: October 11, 2010

Celebrating 11 years of Obagi Philippines
Museum Cafe
Loft 2
G/F Greenbelt 4
Makati City

OBAGI is synonymous with beauty. Dr. Zein Obagi, founder/ world renowned dermatologist, changed the face of skin care. 

I first heard about Obagi through a friend who long have suffered from acne problems during her puberty years. Dramatic changed was seen after using Obagi. 

Last Monday, I was invited to a small gathering of beauty bloggers to celebrate Obagi's 11 years in the Philippines and to learn more about Obagi. 

with Aimee DeMarais and Jeff Sinclair, director of Asia Pacific sales

The event started out with good food from M Cafe. International trainor for Obagi product, Aimee gave a brief description on Obagi. A simple Q and A followed. 

Now, I am excited. I am vain and I want to know more about my skin and the remedies Obagi product can do.

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House

My visit: October 11, 2010

Pho Hoa 
Toledo Bldg 
277 Tomas Morato cor Sct. Limbaga St., 
Quezon City 
4126389   4126391

After our massage, DH and I were always hungry. Next thing I knew, there was this parking slot at Pho Hoa and our car went straight right in. I don't like Vietnamese food but DH misses their noodles. 

pho gau, gan PhP199.80

This was served hot. The veggies on top were served separately. DH was satisfied with his order.

Celebrating birthday at Sofitel

My visit: October 19, 2010

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP COmplex
Roxas Blvd.

It was a rainy day and I was wearing my Ondoy dress. I was crossing my fingers that what happened last year would not happen again. I had reserved a 7:30 pm table for 2. Rain kept pouring on our way to the venue. We were expecting heavy traffic but the trip lasted under one hour. Maybe many folks opted to stay at home yesterday... well and good for us ; )

Happy Birthday!!!

At 6 pm, we were seated comfortably in a couch by the window. Dinner buffet was not served until 6:30 pm. 

Museum Cafe

My visit: October 11, 2010

M Cafe
G/F Greenbelt 4
Makati Ave. cor. Ayala St.,
Makati City

It was during the OBAGI event that I got the chance to eat at Museum Cafe or more popularly known as M Cafe. 

We were given a menu and upon perusal, I noticed an unusual combination of peach and lychee drink. I ordered it. And it tastes so good!

peach lychee PhP165

I love it especially when my straw reached the bottom of the drink where I found a slice of peach and a piece of lychee. 

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

Call me vain but I love my skin. Who doesn't, right? I pamper it with only the best product there is. One of the products that got my approval is the warm vanilla sugar creamy body wash from Bath & Body Works PLEASURES line. 

warm vanilla sugar

First, the light vanilla scent is so relaxing. I used to like lavender but vanilla scent smells like a baby hehe   It leaves a creamy feel even after you wash it off your body. I still put lotion afterwards. Not because I still need it but because it's already part of my bathroom routine lol

House of Vanita fashion show

My event: October 2, 2010

19th floor Citibank Center
Paseo de Roxas
Makati City

I got the lingerie below from House of Vanita last Friday. Thanks to Agnes who was very accommodating. Their sizes are a bit smaller as compared to Maidenform. I think you can compare their sizes with Wacoal. My choices are not that adventurous. I am more timid and I usually want just the basic colors like nude, white and black. Good thing, House of Vanita has a wide range of lingerie that fits different types of people. 

 Chiarra bra PhP1, 600 and Simonetta brief PhP450

I chose Chiarra bra because it's padded and the design is simple enough that can be used as a t- shirt bra but the lace on the sides and back gave it an added oomph to an otherwise simple design! Lace gives me an irritating feel though. I just found out after I have road tested and worn it once a few days ago. I hope after a few washes I can get used to the lace feel. 

The Simonetta brief fits perfectly. I picked up the right size. As with any other undergarments, briefs were not allowed to try on for hygienic purposes. 

Behind the Scenes: Rhett Eala 2010

Philippine map on Mother of Pearl only from Jewelmer

I sport this jewelry from Jewelmer almost everyday. I am most specially proud when I partner it with my Proud Pinay shirt ;p

How To: Create Winged Eye MakeUp

If you happen to see me on events, I am sure you can recognize me because I often sport winged eyes.

What is winged eye?

Using an eyeliner, usually black for fiercer look, to flick the ends of your upper lash lines. Making your eyes look more asian.

winged eye make up

Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons eyeglass frame

Ideal Vision Center
SM City Sta. Mesa
7150529   7160642

If you are a follower of my blog, you would have noticed that I have been sporting new eyeglasses in recent events that I have attended. I bought it from a very reliable optical shop, Ideal Vision Center. It was my mom who first started buying contact lenses and eye glasses from Ideal Vision Center's branch in Quiapo. Now, with so many branches, we go to a branch nearest our place. 

It was Doc Michelle Q. who did my eye test. Thank God, I have the same grade for the past 10 years or so. She is knowledgeable in my queries about the different type of lens. My choices of lens are the ordinary PhP300, anti-glare PhP1, 200 and the transition lens PhP4, 800 which I will have to discuss in another post. You will know then what I ended up with haha

Baby Phat eyeglass frame PhP4500

Rhett Eala celebrating 20 years!

My event: October 5, 2010

2314 Chino Roces Ave. Extension,
Makati City

The invite states 6pm. A few minutes before 6pm, I was already there but a courteous parking attendant wouldn't let me park inside instead he pointed street parking to me where numerous policemen in motorcycle facilitated the parking. A few minutes before the show begins, I know why.

with Jacques Christophe Branellec of Jewelmer and Rhett Eala

It was my second time to meet Jacques of Jewelmer. He is as nice as ever. Rhett Eala gave in for a photo op request. He is a very humble guy.

KFC ChiliLime Chicken

My event: October 11, 2010

Launching of KFC Chili lime Chicken
Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
Mc Kinley Hill Village

Tired of your old chicken flavor- Original Recipe and Hot and Crispy? Starting today, you can now avail of the new KFC Chili Lime Chicken! Same finger licking goodness now in ChiliLime flavor!

KFC Chili Lime chicken

I had a bite and the very first thing that comes to my mind... citrusy! A unique burst of flavor and a tinge of chili!

Smart Parenting Model Search 2010

My event: October 10, 2010

Smart Parenting Model Search
Activity Center,
Robinsons Galleria

Since it's a Sunday, I didn't expect heavy traffic in Ortigas. I was right but when I reached Robinsons Parking area, there were too many cars that I opted to park in basement 3. 

I was able to immediately locate AA of Summit Media.

Izakaya Nihonbashitei Steak

My visit: October 3, 2010

800 Arnaiz Ave., 
San Lorenzo, Makati City
8188893   8188894

I have a very high expectation for Nihonbashitei. Because whenever my car passes by, the parking is always full. The food might be good or so I thought. But what really caught my fancy is the word STEAK written outside the restaurant. That was why I convinced DH to try this one out.

We walked in a pretty busy restaurant. But none of the behind the counter loud-mouth-complaining sushi chefs which I found tacky in Kikufuji just a few meters away in Little Tokyo. We were quickly lead to our seat at the very far end of the restaurant. Restaurants around this area has spacious dining area. Most of the private rooms are for smokers. 

 When I asked for their steaks, the waitress told me that their teppanyaki is on the second floor. Apparently, we were at the wrong part of the restaurant ; p Didn't I tell you that this restaurant is huge?

Here's what we ate that night:

salmon sashimi PhP220

According to DH, although the salmon sashimi looks pale in comparison with what the other Japanese restaurants within the area serves, the taste is just the same.

Vanity Vanity What Art Thou?

My event: October 1, 2010

Vanity Vanity What Art Thou?
The Ultimate Vanity Fair
Sky Dome

The program started with a game that my team didn't win haha But we had fun arranging and re- arranging letters that form I-AM-VAIN-BLOGGER.

Paul of PMP Communications

Italianni's Towering Flavors of Lunch

My event: September 30, 2010

Bonifacio High Street

I am happy to share with you Italianni's latest offering- Towering Flavors of Lunch. This tall order is available from Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

But before that, fellow food bloggers and I were treated to colorful and flavorful signature dishes by Italianni's like the dishes below:

Sicilian chicken salad lunch PhP425; regular PhP650

Blogger Event: MyProperty.ph

My event: September 30, 2010

Members Only, 
The Fort Entertainment Center

Funny how I always end up in The Fort, not to dance or drink the night away I am way too old for that and I can't even stay up late but to attend events. In my numerous times I have been there, I still get scared driving by myself especially at night. It's a good thing I always have my neighbor and fellow blogger, Rowena, with me. 

We were texted to be there at 6pm. Scared to be caught up in the traffic we experienced a week before, we were there before 6pm haha Too early if you ask me because we learned that the program will start at 7:30pm. 

 visit MyProperty.ph

Sandalias Festival 2010 Step Into Some Love

My event: September 26, 2010

Sandalias Festival
Trinoma Activity Center

I was excited to receive the Sandalias Festival 2010 e-vite from MyMom-Friday. It will be the very first time I will ever get to meet Michelle and also attend an event with the biggest flipflop pinata I have ever seen.

Ipanema giant pinata