Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe

My visit: January 28, 2010

Greens Restaurant
92 Scout Castor,
Quezon City

It was a feat to organize Top Bloggers in one venue especially if there is no event in the first place. Skysenshi, Animetric, My Mom Friday and I were able to squeeze in our hectic schedule an intimate lunch at Greens in Quezon City. What was supposed to be tete-a-tete between Skysenshi and I became an impromptu meet up with My Mom Friday. And with the availability of Animetric, the four of us were able to bond over vegetables, dalandan juice and eggless cakes lol

 roasted veggie wrap PhP80

Served slice into half, this roasted veggie wrap is Michelle's (My Mom Friday) order. It consists of grilled eggplant, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese and zucchini wrapped in pita bread.

Taiwan Chronicle: Danshui

My visit: December 29, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan


Danshui Harbor

Danshui is like the San Miguel By The Bay of Taipei! I love this place. I have to go back every time I visit Taipei.

sunset at Danshui

And you thought that I am through with the day because I had the most relaxing bath ever... nope! I am not yet done. Feeling energized, we went straight to Danshui! We miss the food lol

Taiwan Chronicle: Shui-Du Spa Spring Resort

My visit: December 29, 2010

Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort
Xinbeitou, Taipei

NTD1480/ 2pax/ 2 hours stay

We were both so tired from two days of running around Taipei and we really needed a break so DH and I checked into Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort. We didn't ask around anymore if this was indeed the cheapest resort. But I can tell you, this spa was definitely one of the closest to the Xinbeitou Metro Station. Plus, I was not comfortable entering an open air public bath house. 

 facade of Shui- Du Spa Spring Resort

The hotel receptionist greeted us warmly and advised us of the 2 hour alloted period. She lets us choose from an album the type of tub we wanted, yes, there are several ; p She asked if we like to add NTD100 for an afternoon tea after check out at their lobby. We declined. She told us that there's an available and free tea/coffee sachets and 2 packs of sandwich cookies inside our room.

Taiwan Chronicle: Xinbeitou

My visit: December 29, 2010


Xinbeitou (Geothermal Scenic Park)
Xinbeitou Station
Taipei, Taiwan

A few years back, I promised myself to visit the hot spring in Taipei. And on my last visit, I made sure DH and I allocate one whole day to visit Xinbeitou. 

picture taken in Geothermal Scenic Park

Hot spring hotels can be found in Xinbeitou while the Old Beitou has now became Commercial Quarter. It is located in Northern Taiwan. The source of hot spring came from volcanoes' geothermal energy. 

Taiwan Chronicle: Taipei 101

My visit December 28, 2010


Ximen Station
Taipei 101

Taipei 101

I just took a shot of the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. I have been in there several times so there is no point in going again this year. But I have to give you a glimpse of what Taipei 101 looks like at night. Beautiful, isn't it?

Yogi Bear

My event: January 23, 2011

Yogi Bear
Press Screening
Cinema 3
Glorietta 4, Makati City

I got two complimentary tickets to a press screening for Warner Bros. Pictures' Yogi Bear. And who better to accompany me than my sister. She has been a fan of Yogi Bear. My sister has been watching the cartoon since she was a kid. She was happy that I invited her hehe

I feel so sexy sandwiched in between Yogi Bear and Boo Boo

Watch the movie to find out how Yogi Bear (Dan Aykroyd) & his faithful pal Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) and of course, Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh) save the Jellystone Park from being sold by the conniving Mayor Brown! Rounding up the cast is Ana Farris as Rachel Johnson, a visiting documentary filmmaker. Together they unite to plan how to stop the mayor from selling the park to loggers. 

Selling Jellystone Park to loggers would mean no more pic-a-nic basket to steal, families will no longer enjoy the nature Jellystone Park has to offer. Now more than ever, Yogi Bear should prove that he is smarter than the average bear!

Showing in theaters January 26, 2011. Also available in 3D!

Taiwan Chronicle: Jogoya

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My visit: December 28, 2010

3rd flor NEO 19
Taipei City Hall Station

5:30pm- 11pm

My first buffet in Taipei was with Jogoya. I was accompanied by my expat friends. I was amazed with the variety of food displayed. The following year, another friend invited DH and I to another food fest and you guess it, it's in Jogoya once again! So year after year, every visit to Taipei is not complete without a trip to Jogoya. 

eating in Jogoya always makes DH happy

People used to literally wait in line to be seated. And upon assigning a seat, you will then be given a notice that there is an alloted two hour period inside the buffet area. But recently, things have changed. We were not given the two hour time frame inside. After we paid, yes you pay first before getting inside, and handed three metal clips we were ushered right into our table. No long lines now. The three metal clips are used for placement of cook-as-you-order food like fish and steak.

To read the full entry, visit Jogoya Japanese Buffet Taiwan

Sonya's Secret Garden & Teresa's Garden Restaurant

My visit: December 25, 2010

Barangay Buck Estate, 
Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines 
09175329097   09175335140 

PhP610/pax  menu sit down style

Ok, Sonya's Garden may not be a secret anymore because it has literally grown in size right before my eyes! Before, only a few were able to get into their list but now you can go as you please because the place is huge! I would still suggest making a reservation if you are celebrating an important occasion like Christmas.

Sonya's Secret Garden a coffee table book

DH took all the foliage photos below using my Canon IXUS 860IS. 

Taiwan Chronicle: The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

My visit: December 28, 2010


Lin Pen-yuan Family garden
No.9 Ximen St., Banqiao City, 
Taipei County
Operating Hours: 9am-5pm
02-29653061 to 3

Our trip to Taipei was unplanned. We don't have the itinerary on where to go. We wake up, get dress, have breakfast and off we go. Where? we don't know haha The Taipei Metro Tourist Map is all we have and it's a very good travel companion. 

On our second day, it is no different, armed with our trusted map, DH scouts for places we haven't visited. Did I ever tell you that we have been to Taipei 4 or 5 times in the past? We wanted to visit places where not so many tourist abound and thus came the decision to go and visit The Lin Family Mansion and Garden.

theater in the Fang-Jian Study area

Along the way, we passed by a temple. We stop to offer some prayers and light some incense. 

FOTD: Scarlet & Hazel

If I am not attending events, I go to the office. My office look is a bit toned down as oppose to when you see me in events. Here is my office look. 

face of the day

My accessories? 

Izumi Alkaline Ionized Water

People are getting health conscious each day. Proof of which is the ginormous sales in magnet titanium like Phiten. Along with psychological belief that these can cure / elevate whatever ache you are feeling, some cunning businessmen jump on the vulnerability of the hopeless. Some would even promise new strength / energy but would later be proven a hoax. It didn't stop there, from distilled, purified & mineral water, now comes the new alkaline water. 

Izumi Anti -oxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer from Aqualipure

Izumi from Chugoku, Japan is an anti-oxidant alkaline water ionizer. It has a digital preset buttons for alkaline (high PH-7.5-10) and acidic water (low PH-4-7). 

The Body Shop Body Butter

My event: January 13, 2010

The Body Shop Blog Me Up, Buuttercup!
Upper Ground Floor, Building B
SM Megamall

Hello readers! The Body Shop is officially my first event of the year 2011! I am really, really happy because I use The Body Shop brand even before I got involved in blogging activities. You all know how I hoarded lotions during last year's The Body Shop sale, right?  Wouldn't you be as giddy as I am if you got an invite for body butter this time around? As if the lotions and body butters stock in my vanity isn't enough lol

8 The Body Shop Body Butter core scents from top clockwise: Moringa, Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Cherry, Olive, Sweet Lemon, Shea and Strawberry (center)

A little bit of trivia... The Body Shop body butter were out in the market since the '80s. We had '80s music in the background the entire time hehe Name that '80s tune was also gamely participated by beauty bloggers. I just hope that they feature "footloose" next time lol

Walt Disney Pictures presents Tangled

I am not a movie critic but I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Walt Disney Pictures' latest cartoon entitled Tangled.  It was held last Saturday in Columbia Pictures Preview Room, Shangrila Plaza Mall. 

Tangled is a modern day comedy and action adventure film made for the entire family. It is a story with a twist about Rapunzel and her 70 feet hair, her chameleon sidekick and avid supporter- Pascal, the Captain of the Guard's horse named Maximus and of course, protagonist/antagonist hero in the movie, Flynn Rider and life happily ever after. 

cast of Tangled

The movie starts with a golden flower tucked in a hidden location in the mountain by a selfish old woman who wanted to stay young forever. The flower is soon discovered to have a gift giving life. It is then presented to the ailing pregnant queen. Soon, Rapunzel is born.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

Swiss Miss is another Christmas gift I received from 2 different persons this time! For two consecutive years, I got Swiss Miss package from my aunt. This year, a neighbor of mine gave me a set of 4 different flavors of Swiss Miss. So, I tasted like 7 variants of this brand. 

Swiss Miss pack

I love the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mint Chocolate variant is my favorite. I love the hint of minty taste in my cup of chocolate drink. It delivers smooth taste in my mouth. I often mixed it with hot water and refrigerated fresh non fat milk

Another favorite of mine is the French Vanilla variant. Vanilla + Chocolate is pure heaven!

I haven't tasted the Swiss Miss Variety Pack yet which includes 10- 1 oz. envelopes. Flavors include Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows, Rich Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. I am eyeing Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows. I think it will bring so much good childhood memories!

Marks & Spencer: Chocolate Cornflake Mini Bites

Extremely Chocolatey Chocolate Cornflake Mini Bites

DH and I got this Marks & Spencer Extremely Chocolatey Cornflake Mini Bites from a friend as a Christmas gift. I know right? Just saying it is a mouthful. It's really chocolatey good! A bucket consists of crunchy cornflake covered with chocolate. One bar isn't enough. I try to control myself so I eat 2- 3 bars in one seating hehe Oh yeah, there goes my diet! The whole bucket didn't even last for a week. I have to thank DH for that because he ate two thirds of it haha

Videos of Celebrity Wedding and more!

It's just the start of the year and actors and actresses are getting hitched! What's up with the end of 2010 and the start of 2011?

Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez wedding video

It seems that donning a vibrant red wedding gown is the in thing nowadays. I saw Patricia Javier got hitched in a red wedding dress which was made by my couturiere cousin, Susie Bonaobra of Trends Wedding Shoppe. Regine Velasquez, proclaimed Asia's Song Bird decided to wear one too. Beach wedding is trending too!

Wedding date: December 22, 2010
Wedding venue: Terrazas de Punta Fuego, Talisay, Batagas
Wedding video: Nice Print

Live Wire Act

Stunned? This was taken a few days ago along Santolan St. cor Ortigas Ave. A man was crossing from post to post, live wire and all. I just couldn't believe that it's all in a day's work. 

stunt? not!

Poor man, I say. He is living his life dangerously! I hope he has insurance though but I doubt it. What about precautionary measures? Helmet? Gloves? I can't see it because he was too high and I was inside the car when I took this photo.

I hope your job doesn't put your life at risk...

Purina Beggin' Strips

Late last year my mom got a phone call asking if she has a dog. She remembered my Pomeranian, Precious!

She was asked a few questions about what her diet is like. What she wants and doesn't want to eat. Surely, my mom knows Precious' wants and needs. She is always with me when I bought her treats and dog food. I gave Precious the best ; ) Plus, my mom keeps treats in her house too! 

Precious and her Beggin' Strips Bacon flavor

And then a few days after Christmas, my mom got a Nestle Purina Package! Inside the cute cylinder is Precious' favorite treat Purina Beggin' Strips and a certificate for being the World's Greatest Dog!

This is so cute and I just have to get a photo. Precious, like her mom, sure knows how to pose!

3 Hook Bra Extenders in Black!

Throwing away your old bra because it wouldn't fit? Don't fret! I have the practical solution that costs less than PhP20... Bra Extenders!

3 hook bra extender PhP12.75 bought in Landmark

I admit over the holidays, I got fat. I added 5 pounds to my usual weight! OMG, the moment of truth was when I fitted my bra and the sides of my skin falls out of proportion... think Michelin tires! lol

So, my new find over the holiday is not food or make up but a 3 hook bra extender with 3 hook and eyes. I saw this black bra extender in the lingerie section of Landmark department store inside Trinoma Mall. I thought it wouldn't fit my Wacoal bandeau bra but it did and inexpensive at that! I felt happy because I save a lot of money from not buying a new bra.

Using it is easy just hook the extenders to your old bra and thats it!

My old bra is given a new lease of life haha But I am counting on my future treatments with a slimming center plus diet so I can do away with my bra extender in a few weeks. Hopefully everything will go as planned!

Available in 2 and 3 hook bra extenders. Colors in beige, black and pink.

Why I love Taipei: Pedestrian lane

Taipei pedestrian lane taken in Taipei Zoo

See the distance of the pedestrian lane from the cars? It's huge! That was why I was able to survive a month in Taipei without a companion. I could easily cross the street without fear of endangering myself. The cars stop when the stop light turns red and the walking sign turns green. The walking sign has a number signal of how long you can cross the street. 

Taiwan Chronicle: Tonkatsu Wako

My visit: December 27, 2010

Tonkatsu Wako
5/f K Mall
Taipei Main Station

It's true that too much shopping can wear you down! We need to eat too! DH and I spent hours in Muji and Daiso. Both shops have an entire floor for themselves inside K Mall. We finally felt hungry around 8:00pm. Looking through the fake food display outside the restaurants, we settled for Tonkatsu Wako.

DH and I shared a set of big bowl of asado noodles and unagi on rice. Cost of which is only NTD250. 

it's hot!

The big bowl of noodle is good enough to share. Well, depending on how hungry you are but we were able to manage. I am not a huge fan of noodles so DH ate the most of it.

Shopping Spree: Taipei!


Whenever I go out of the country, I make sure to search for the best place to shop for inexpensive buys or cheap thrills lol 

Since it's not the first time that I have been to Taipei, I know where to go and find a good deal. I am a cheapskate afterall!

Here is a rundown of some of the items I bought during my entire Taipei stay. I will add more pictures as I continue my Taipei Chronicle.

shoes price from NTD199-390

This time I hoarded on shoes! I can't believe that I can buy so much shoes during our 5 day trip. If you are reading my blog, you have to know how I really suck at finding shoes that fits me well. And even if I found the right pair, this happen. I always shop at the underground stores like MIKI in Taipei Main station. The store has a separate shoes and clothing stores and has several branches throughout the entire stretch of the Underground Mall.

Taiwan Chronicle: Taipei Milk King

My visit: December 27, 2010

Taipei Milk King (TMK)
Zhong Shan Station Exit

So you would think that after eating a hearty lunch, we couldn't eat and drink some more? Well, you are wrong. DH and I went to Taipei precisely for food and drinks haha Skip my entire Taipei post if you are not a foodie. If you are a foodie, raise your hand, you know who you are and read on...

Taipei Milk King facade

Look at how trendy the young people in Taipei, that's one more reason to love this country! Loving their  fashion sense!

Whichever exit (1&2) you choose, you will easily spot Taipei Milk King as you alight from Zhong Shan station.

Taiwan Chronicle: Chin May Taiwan Buffet

My visit: December 27, 2010

Chin May Taiwan Buffet since 1975
Chung Shan North Road,
Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan

As soon as we were able to check in our luggage in Hotel Green Peak, all we could ever think about was food. I tell you that's one thing Taipei is not lacking!

We were early. People mostly office workers in suits would line up come lunch time. We were able to find us a place to sit right away. A tray will be offered for dine in and a box for take out hence the name Taiwan Box Lunch or simply "pien tang".

Green Peak Hotel

My visit: December 27-31, 2010

Hotel Green Peak since 1968
No. 18, Lane 77, Section 2
Chung Shan North Road

Philippine Airlines
December 27, 2010
PR896 7:55

December 31, 2010
PR897 13:20

Approximate travel time: 2 hours

cost: USD290/pax

After  booking our plane tickets to Taiwan via Philippine Airlines, I didn't think that booking a hotel was  going to be a hard after all we have been to Taipei numerous times and we know a lot hotels that offer local rates.  But I can't seem to find a hotel available on the said dates. It's either the hotels were fully booked or one or more dates were not available. We booked a little late, ok, really late as in December 21 haha It was an impulsive decision of DH to book the flight, a much needed vacation if you ask me. He knew how I love Taipei and a trip to that country would really make me happy. He said it was his gift because I have been a good girl haha He miss the food too!

And so, after suffering nose bleed from speaking too much Mandarin, I got through with Hotel Green Peak. I spoke with Karen and she booked us right away. She didn't ask for a deposit, just got my flight detail and told me to call her if I will change or cancel my booking. I only called her once and that's it. 

Hotel Green Peak Taipei NTD 1, 800/ night

Bus ride #2601 from airport to hotel is about an hour. The cost is about NTD90 per pax. You have to get off at Ambassador hotel which is located on the main thoroughfare. We took a taxi ride NTD1200 to Terminal 1 on our way back to the airport but that would be another entry. 

When we got to the hotel at around 11am, I told the receptionist my name, not even my surname because Karen had difficulty spelling MARTINEZ during our conversation over the phone hehe The receptionist told me that check in time would be at 1pm and we could leave our bags at the reception area. I wasn't able to meet Karen though because I didn't bother to ask where she was haha

We had lunch at Chin May Taiwan Buffet. It is a "pientang" or taiwan box lunch. Chin May has since transfered to another location but we still visit it every time we go back. After lunch, we went back to the hotel to check if our room is available. The receptionist told us that the room is ready! And it's not even 1pm... yey!

Tony and Jackey Salon: Setting Perm

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My visit: December 24, 2010

I accompanied DH for a haircut at Bang's Tony and Jackey. The franchise is now owned and managed by another Korean named Bang. After his haircut, DH asked me if I miss my curls. To give you a background, it has been almost three years since my last perm. He knew I wanted to have my curls back. But without any promo, a Digital/Setting Perm would cost around PhP 8000 including cut and treatment. 

Package B Aqua setting perm PhP 3000

While DH was paying at the reception table he saw a flier, written on it was a promotion for setting perm. Thank goodness!

But we already have a scheduled lunch date at Kikufuji in Little Tokyo. I was advised by a Filipino assistant that I should come back not later than 3pm to avoid being rushed as the salon will close at 7pm. Having my hair permed thrice already, I know that the procedure will take some time so I set an appointment at 2pm.

To read the full entry, visit Bang's Tony & Jackey: Setting Perm Experience

Kim Po Tea House

My visit: December 4, 2010

Kim Po Tea House
706 Banawe St., Siena,
Quezon City
5166497   5166499

Too many food post! Too little time haha 

I have noticed several newly opened restaurant along Banawe and Kim Po is one of them. Kim Po Tea House replaces Han Pao's location.

beef hofan PhP180

For me, Ling Nam's version is better. The sauce, texture of the noodles and the taste is definitely better than Kim Po.