Angelica Panganiban for Pond's White Beauty Naturals

My event: June 14, 2011

Pond's White Beauty Naturals
Sunset Pavillion, Sofitel

I was invited to the launching of Pond's natural product line called Pond's White Beauty Naturals. That night, the latest endorser was also announced.

with endorser Angelica Panganiban

The theme of the night is fashionably eco- friendly. Unlike during the CLEAR shampoo event, this time around I complied and wore a dress with floral design. 

Baang Coffee now in SM Sta. Mesa

My visit: May 5, 2011

Baang Coffee
Ground Floor
SM City Sta. Mesa

When my parents and I saw that Baang Coffee in SM Sta. Mesa was already opened, we went there to have our lunch. We have been waiting for it to open since we first saw the tarpaulin outside the still under construction coffee shop. 

The place was half full when we went in. We proceeded to the counter to order. My dad ordered Korean Beef Stew with rice, my mom had chicken adobo rice and I ordered Tocilog

 twice cooked adobo chicken PhP128

The chicken adobo was swimming in sauce which is not bad if it tasted good but the adobo was so dark. I guess  too much soy sauce was put in it. 

This dish came in late. We have to call the attention of the servers several times to follow up this order. By the time it was served, my dad and I were already finished with our meal.

Enjoy the best of life with A!Life by Pascual Laboratories

My event: June 9, 2011

Tian-Di Heaven & Earth Urban Destination Spa
387 P. Guevarra St.,
San Juan, Metro Manila

Earlier this month, PascualLab launched A!Life that targets women's specific needs. I was invited along with several bloggers and traditional media to learn more about this natural line of health supplement. What do women need? The answer is the 5 variants of A!Life that can help women enjoy the best of life.

Lucy Torres- Gomez endorse A!Life  Control

The venue where we had a Q&A with the brand ambassadors was quite small for the overwhelming crowd that gathered to attend the launching. People at the back like me couldn't get a decent photo of the brand ambassadors. But as they say, if there's a will, there's a way! I excused myself from all the camera men and plopped myself in front of the elevated stage and took all the photos that you see here. I really get out of my way to do everything for my blog and to give my readers a better view of the event.

Original Chori Burger in Boracay since 1988

I have not tasted Boracay's Chori Burger until my recent visit. After having our massage at Nigi-Nigi's Massage Center, we went for a walk and found Merly's BBQ stand along Station 1.

Merly's BBQ Boracay The Best Longga & Chori Burger Since 1988

Ok, it's not Merly in the photo but my friend Gevi hehe Would you believe this is our cheapest dinner to date? We only paid PhP25 each haha

Chronicling our second day in Boracay!

My visit: May 17, 2011


I slept like a baby so the next day we woke up at 6 a.m. for a swim. Except for a few families wading near the shore, we have the beach all to ourselves . We had an opportunity to take solo pictures on top of Willy's Rock where the Grotto can be found. 

life guard post

At around 8 a.m., we went back to La Bella Casa to eat our breakfast. Afterwards, we went back to exploring the stretch of Stations 1 to 3 again.

The day before, Gevi saw the life guard post and wanted her photo taken on top of it. She says it's pretty scary once you reached the top. When it was my turn, I calm and brave myself to reach the top. It was a success!

We pretty much splurge on food on our first day so today we plan on eating in some cheap restaurants and taste some street food.

Aromatherapy Massage at Nuat Thai Libis

My event: June 6, 2010

Nuat Thai 
2nd Floor (above Allied Bank and RCBC)
90 E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave.,
Quezon City

It was drizzling the day we arrived at Nuat Thai Libis. Traffic was getting heavy but we managed to arrive on our appointed time. The parking was without a hitch. A valet attendant was there to assist DH in parking our car. 

I got invited over by Michelle to try her friend's spa. Upon entering the spa, I was immediately impressed at the sleek black and white interior of the reception area. 

(l-r) oil selection: eucalyptus, lavender and green tea

The oil selection on top of the table immediately caught my attention. This is the first Thai spa that I have encountered that uses oil. This made me more excited to try one of their massages. Finally, a spa who must have read my mind. I love having Thai massage but I always thought of why can't they combine oil with the massage. For this, Nuat Thai must be my answered prayer haha 

Best Lamb Chops in Boracay!

I have already made a post about La Reserve's lamb chops over a year ago. It's one of the reasons why I love returning to Boracay! Since I learned that Gevi also loves lamb chops, this is the perfect place. We couldn't wait another day so we had our dinner at this French restaurant on our first night. 

lamb chops PhP680

OMG! Napapikit si Gevi sa sarap! haha

My Skin Cravings

Goodies! Goodies! Goodies! I love it! 

Skin Cravings by Innovitelle, Inc., a subsidiary of United laboratories, Inc., sent over a bag full of body lotions and body scrubs. 

Skin Cravings Smooth Over in Strawberry Cream 250ml PhP240

Strawberry is a favorite of mine and lucky me I got it both in lotion and body wash. I super like the smell. Now you know why I don't wear perfume that much because I am addicted to body wash and lotions! Remember when I went loco and hoarded lotions and body wash during The Body Shop Warehouse Sale?

Breakfast at Jonah's & late lunch at Cyma

My visit: May 16, 2010

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar
Station 1
Boracay Island

Jonah's is one of the most established restaurants in Boracay. It is open 24 hours everyday of the week and always full of diners.  Naturally, for first timers like Gevi, she has to visit the place for a taste of Boracay's famous fresh fruit shake! 

high tide at Jonah's 

When we talk about vacation, food will not be far behind. On our first day, we totally splurged on food. Starting with our breakfast at Jonah's. *totally trying to sound like Breakfast at Tiffany's haha

Inexpensive stay at La Bella Casa de Boracay!

My visit: May 16- 18, 2011

Station 1 (behind Balabag Church)
Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan
036-2881363   +6391796641456   +63919853042   +639326298864

Gevi booked through Agoda and paid only PhP3240 for two nights accommodation in La Bella Casa de Boracay. Topping the list of our requirements for our stay is cost. I gave her a budget of PhP2000/room/night. Other requirements are air conditioned room and our own toilet and bath with heater. We got all that plus TV, personal refrigerator, King size bed, toiletries, towel and daily breakfast! Not bad for PhP800/pax/night, right? Oh, did I mention that Wi-Fi is FREE? 

improvised King size bed inside room number 6 (Deluxe)

I know that we were going to stay in Station 1. When the tricycle driver to drop us off at the back of Astoria Boracay, I know the place was going to be somewhere along its vicinity.  Little did I know that it's located behind Balabag Church- a famous landmark and across the main thoroughfare. We had to get another tricycle to drive us over to the hotel. After passing the basketball court which is another landmark, we saw the front of the church. The driver then entered an alley and behind the church is La Casa Bella de Borcay. 

Getting to know Coach Signature Fragrance

Just like my affinity with deodorant which is zero to none,  I am not so much into fragrances. Shocking revelation? Yeah?! I am so unlike my brother and my dad who can finish up a 50ml bottle in a week's time. How? By spraying all over their entire body. I must be like my mom who doesn't like wearing perfume that much. The only difference is that she has a signature scent- Samsara by Guerlain. 

I can only name one bottle that I was able to use up and bought two bottles more after- Clinique Happy. (I guess this is my signature scent , huh?) To give you an idea on how long a bottle can last with me, a cousin of mine gave me a bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance during my visit to Canada in the year 2003. Guess what? The half empty bottle is still with me and yet I considered it as my second favorite scent haha I have perfumes that are really, really old but I still keep them. I don't know if that is good or bad. Does perfumes have an expiry date? Enlighten me.

Coach Signature Eau de Toilette 50ml PhP3700

Remember awhile back I told you I had a meeting with GoodSkin Lab's Marketing Executive. What I didn't tell you is that I also met with Aramis Designer Fragrance Brand Coordinator, Krishna.  These two companies are divisions under Estee Lauder Co. I was given a Coach Signature EDT 50ml to try.

Traveling Air Philippines style!

Manila -Boracay
Departure: May 16, 2011
Time: 6:00am
Air Philippines 2P 0035 (NAIA Terminal 3)

Departure: May18, 2011
Time: 3:40pm
Airphilippines 2P 0076 (Caticlan Airport)

Distance: 189 miles
Duration: 1 hour

Just like my Taipei trip with DH last December, my Boracay trip was also booked just a few days before our departure date. 11 days to be exact! 

I have to thank my friend, Gevi, who booked both our plane tickets and hotel stay. She directly booked with Air Philippines through their website and booked our 2 nights stay through Agoda. She is such a pro at booking last minute that I could have sworn she is used to doing it but no, she just did it for me. My schedule for the past few months is quite erratic so I am all for unplanned trip which more frequently than not pushes through. But that's just in my case!

our Air Philippines De Havilland Dash 8 turbo propeller plane

It was stated in the email that we got from Air Philippines that we have to arrive 2 hours before the departure time. My initial reaction was "Really?! even for domestic flight!" When I arrived at the airport at 4am, I now know the reason why people were required to be there two hours earlier before flight schedule. The lines were really long. It sucks! I was there before Gevi did so she didn't have to go to the end of the line. Lucky girl! 

Things to remember before going to the airport for domestic flight only:
  1. Be at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure time
  2. Bring a valid Identification Card (driver's license, passport or any government issued ID)
  3. Bring the credit card used in online transaction to be presented upon check in
  4. If the passenger is not the credit card owner, a photocopy of the credit card used for online transaction and a copy of valid ID of the credit card owner should be presented. 
  5. If boarding from NAIA, bring PhP200 for terminal fee
Failure to do numbers 2, 3 & 4 may result in denied boarding on the plane or maybe advised to purchase new tickets.

El Centro Fruit Shakes in Boracay

This is our second fruit shake in a day. The first one was in Jonah's Fruit Shake which costs twice as much as El Centro's fruit shake. 

 El Centro's Avocado fruit shake PhP50

El Centro is found right smack in the middle of Station 2. I terribly needed this fruit shake. After walking the whole stretch of all 3 stations, I am so out of energy to even lift a finger!

Meralco Working Towards The Future

As a housewife, I budget the household expense from grocery to utility bills. With the list of items, I already have an idea how much money will be allotted for the whole month. Don’t you want to have the same system when it comes to dealing with your electricity consumption? Like knowing how much one or all of your appliances consumes in real time? Knowing this, you will know when to retire an appliance as opposed to retaining it. Because by doing so, it will be cost efficient in the long run. Plus, you can compare your present consumption with that of the previous month or year.

If you are reaping the benefits of using a pre-paid cellular line, don’t you want to enjoy the same thing with your electric consumption? Like budgeting the amount you want to spend for electricity in a month without going overboard? Reloading your electricity is quick and easy through SMS just like how you would do it with a pre-paid phone.

Don’t you just wish that you could control all your electrical appliances in one device using a phone or even a tablet with just one push of a button even when you are out of your house? Remotely controlling everything from the lock of your main door, switching off your lights or even closing your curtains. Isn’t that a stress-free living?

Smart Meter

Fret no more as Meralco is working to empower Filipinos to achieve a world-class standard of living through Meralco- Powered Innovations. I saw it with my own eyes when I attended Meralco’s Exhibit Walk-Through last June 1, 2011. Different vendors like Nokia-Siemens Network, Orga System, Landis +Gyr, Cisco and GE set up a series of presentation generally targeting a brighter tomorrow for the Filipino people.

We started off our walk-through with the introduction of Smart Grid. What is a Smart Grid? With this latest innovation, Meralco can control distribution systems from remote locations. It can also perform supervisory control of equipment and monitor operations and the overall health of the electric grid in real time.

Celebrating Birthday Pinoy Henyo Style 2011

The celebration lasted for a month! I am finally down to my last post about my birthday party. For a change, this year Cherie and I celebrated our birthdays in her new home. Yey!

posing with our birthday cake

All the while we thought most of our friends couldn't make it. Some texted in that they already have a schedule for the night and some even complained how far the venue was. You know who you are ; p But the most important thing is that everybody turned up that night! 

Chronicling our first day in Boracay!

My visit: May 16, 2011

Boracay Island

Our Boracay trip almost didn't push through. For one, we couldn't agree on a specific date. And when we did, we couldn't find a cheap airfare. Then the problem of lodging came up. But at the end of our three day vacation, Gevi and I now have an even stronger bond. The experience made us even closer. It's like we just pick up where we left off during our college days. We also learned that we have more things in common like our love of lamb and sleeping quirks among others!

 via Air Phil Express

Talk about being excited, you don't want to mess with two girls who didn't have a decent sleep the night before haha We look really messed up here. Gevi, please don't kill me for releasing the following photos haha By the way, it is the start of my 3 day no make up look ; p 

I will write a separate post about our overall Air Phil Express experience. You have to read about the  supposedly "online service charge" on my friend's credit card bill that came out of nowhere in my next post!

Zong Restaurant relaunched with a flagship store in The Fort

My event: June 9, 2011

Bonifacio Global City
8890472   8890479

I know I wrote that I am shying away from events, right? This is one of the last few invites that I have already said yes to so I went and I was not disappointed with the food presented to us! As usual, I hitched with Rowena and then we transferred to Richard's car. Carpooling saves gas, you know! 

We were there a bit early and I gawked when I learned from Rowena that the food will not be served until 1:30pm. The event was situated on the second floor of the restaurant. The private function room  can accommodate approximately 20-30 people. Only a select few bloggers were invited and the rest were traditional media. One good thing was that the event started as scheduled. 

 dumplings with black vinegar sauce

The picture above is steamed homemade dumpling in Chinese black vinegar. The splash of red and green color on top of the dish makes this irresistible for people like me who occasionally yearns for dumplings! Be sure to dip your dumplings in its sauce.

When in Boracay get a henna tattoo!

So you have seen our braided hair, it's now time to show off some skin. No, not what you are thinking ; p It's our first day, we have to have an ink to feel the vibe of the island of Boracay haha

Gevi and her butterfly & a rose tattoo

Gevi decided to have her tattoo a little below her shoulders. Since the design is not in the center, the tattoo artist didn't trace the design anymore. He drew directly on her skin. 

Stylish hair braid in Boracay!

Here is my first of a series of Boracay posts. When you leave two thirty something giddy girls in Boracay, what do you think the first thing they would do? Hair braid, of course! 

We chanced upon an "ate" behind this temporary shed in front of Gasthof while walking towards Station 3. She looked nice and so we asked her how much for a half hair braid. "PhP150" she said. Go!


She works really well and fast too! I did not feel a tug or a pull while she is braiding my hair. The hair braid she did looks better than the girls that did my hair when I went to Puerto Galera.  It lasted longer too. I had it done Monday and the braid stayed in place until I took it off Sunday morning.

Dark Spots? Try Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum

Yesterday, I was talking to my SILs about skin problems. I found out that she has dark spots- a problem most women, aged 30 and above have. Ok, that includes me ; p I shared to her that it's very important to apply sun block every day especially if you are going to be out and under the sun. 

Since I have already shared my other secret weapon aside from sun block to her, I also want to share it with you. It is a product that I have accidentally discovered- Brightening Serum. I didn't buy the product but I was one of the lucky few who won the entire range of Neutrogena Fine Fairness last December. The brand is so generous because I got the entire line in regular size bottles, tube and jar.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum 30ml PhP999

You know how I often get product sample sent over for review, right? After using a product line for 3 weeks for review, I always go back to Dove/ Celeteque for facial wash, Pond's Cold Cream for make up remover and now I add Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum to my list. 

Love the nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop!

My visit: May 18, 2011

Hermanos Taco Shop
27 GranadaAve. cor. Jose Vera St.,
Valencia, Quezon City

There are too many backlogs on my end. I have not even started writing about my Boracay Adventure yet. I may now have to limit the events that I will be attending to prioritize my personal posts. After all, I don't want my blog to be filled with event posts. Don't worry, I will still give space for giveaways!

Anyway, I happen to eat in this restaurant over a month ago en route to my home from the airport. Gevi and I had just came back from a 3 day Boracay girl bonding. I guess DH was not that excited to have me back so it was Gevi's husband, Eric who picked us up in the airport ;p  He suggested that we eat some snack first at Hermanos before heading to my house. I remembered Michelle mentioned the restaurant before as a venue for our next tweet-up but we were not able to push through with the plan. So, this was  an opportunity for me to try it out.

nachos regular PhP195

I was not too keen on eating Mexican food but I was surprised at how delectable the nachos look. I have to stop myself from finishing the entire serving.  It was a hefty serving of beef, jalapenos, mayo, guacamole and salsa. Gevi and Eric do not eat beef so I have the steak like strips all for myself hehe

My first Aerosoles: Younique Black Snake

I live and breathe in flats, ok, mostly in flip flops! Come to think of it, except for a wedge sandals, I only have 3 high heeled shoes- one in black, gold and silver. I use these 3 alternately when I attend social events and other gatherings that needed some dressing up.  

The following are the reasons why I don't buy high heeled shoes: One, the steep price that I have to pay. Two, the pain I have to endure the moment I step out of the shoes. 

When I received a PhP2000 Rustan's Gift Certificate, I immediately thought of buying FitFlops. Yes, another tsinelas! Why not? I like to be comfortable when I go out rather than feeling my feet hurt after hours of using it. 

Aerosoles Younique Black Snake PhP3650

But my plan has changed when I went to Rustan's Makati last Sunday. When I saw Aerosoles Younique Black Snake on display, it was not that appealing to me. In fact, it was the last pair that I tried on. But upon the prodding of my mom and seeing how good it looks on my feet, I now own my very first pair of Aerosoles.

This pair of shoes is so comfortable to begin with because of its rubber cushion that touches the soles of my feet. I like its strappy design. It is very sexy, stylish and elegant too. I still don't want to pay for expensive shoes so I will not buy it if I didn't have the gift certificate with me. But just the same, I am glad that I have this new shoes with me that I can sashay in for my next event lol

The power of Tri-Aktiline

Wrinkles and fine lines are tell tale signs of aging. There are many cosmetic procedures out there that are focused on erasing those wrinkly skin. But what if I tell you that there is one product which can minimize the look of the wrinkles on your face instantly without going under the knife, would you be interested?

I bring you the good news. Over a week ago, I was able to sit down and thoroughly discuss with the Rizel of GoodSkin Labs the immediate amazing results and long term benefits brought about by Tri-Aktiline. It can instantly minimize wrinkles through its immediate smoothing capabilities. 

 Tri-Aktiline PhP2600

What is inside the 30ml tube Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler: 

  • Gatuline Expression 3.5%
This is extracted from Acmelia Oleraca plant. It relaxes the appearance of facial tension and expression lines like crow's feet.

  • Kombuchka PH Extract
It is derived from sweet black tea. It plumps wrinkles to appear smoother on the surface.

  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3)
It prompts skin to a re-build mode and boosts natural collagen production for long-term visible wrinkle reduction. 

Jewelmer's Fete De La Femme

My event: May 25, 2011

Fete De La Femme
Salon De Ning
Manila Peninsula,
Makati City

The invite to attend Jewelmer's Fete de la Femme, a high tea event, was very timely. If you have been reading my blog and an FB page liker, you know that I am an avid fan of Jewelmer. In fact, I am a proud owner of a pair of golden South Sea pearl studs. I am now in the midst of finding a perfect ring to go with it. 

Margherita collection

The event launched Jewelmer's Recordi Presiozi and Tutti Frutti collections. It started a bit late so I had a lot of time to take pictures of the pearls showcased in the far end section of the venue. The ring above got my attention because of its intricate design. Darn! I should have tried it on the spot. I wonder how much it cost. *sheepish grin*

Eric Teng and his Mango Tree Bistro

My event: May 23, 2010

Birthday celebration of Eric Teng
Mango Tree Bistro
Trinoma Mall

Select bloggers, media personalities and friends were invited during the celebration of the birthday of Mr. Eric Teng. He is the man behind the successful ventures such as Maldita, a clothing company and Mango Tree Bistro. Naturally, he celebrated in his own restaurant. And boy, was I glad because it's one of the few dining places in Trinoma that we go back to. In fact, you can view my first visit here

Grapow Moo PhP280

Pictured above is a spicy minced pork. I tell you, they were not kidding when they put the word "spicy" next to minced pork. DH who is from Bicol, a province known for all things spicy, commented that this dish is really, really spicy! It's best paired with rice.

Sun Life gives you a chance to SHINE!

My event: May 25, 2011

Sunlife Financial Red Iron Bark Unit
Hap Chan 
Annapolis, Greenhills

Sun Life Financial has been in the Philippines for 116 years. For a few people that have not heard about Sun Life, it is one of the oldest multi- national Insurance Company in the Philippines. 

I don't believe in life insurances. I don't have one so when I was invited to an intimate lunch together with My Mom Friday, Animetric, Tetcha, Yoga Jane and Pehpot,  I was a bit hesitant. But I was assured by Michelle of My Mom Friday that the people we are meeting will not sell us anything. How can that be? Read on...

Animetric and I

Little did I know that Sun Life does not just deal with life insurance policy nowadays. It has expanded and is now one of the leading financial advisors to people like you and me. Entrusting your money in the bank is not enough. In this day and age, we really have to know exactly where to place our money and  where to put it that will be most beneficial to us. In order to do that, we need Financial Advisors.

As hot as the demand for financial advisors, Sun Life wants to tap people like you, yes, YOU who are reading my blog in your spare time or even those who are in between jobs can benefit from the program. There is no harm in trying out. You might just have it in you to make it big time!

Natural Moisturizing Color by LipIce

Lip Ice Color Lip balm is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 from Malaysia. I was aware about this brand because my sister is raving about it. But it was not until I attended an intimate blogger meeting that I got my hands on this cute slim stick. We used the lip balm to draw a star. I kept the product to try on my lips after the activity. It will be such a waste if I throw it in the trash. 

 LipIce Color Lipbalm in Sweet Rose

What you might want to know about LipIce:
  • formulated to keep lips soft and supple
  • enriched with Vitamin E, Lanolin Oil and Mango Seed Butter keeping the lip moisturized
  • with SPF15
  • available in Sweet Rose, Fresh Plum, Hazel Blush, Pretty Pink, Candy Apple and Peach Cream

Home Improvement: Mr Muscle Stick-On works!

It's been awhile since I last wrote about home improvement. I have been busy attending events but keep in mind that when I go home, I still want it to have a fresh smelling scent especially in the most neglected area of the house, the bathroom.  

 Mr Muscle stick-on toilet bowl cleaning strip pack of 3 in lavender PhP49.50

I bought Mr Muscle Stick-On Toilet Bowl Cleaning Strip in lavender scent recently. I got enticed into it because its a stick-on. No messy wire hangs on the rim. Plus, you can tuck it under the rim if you want the product to be hidden. It did not affect the color of the water meaning no icky blue colorant when you flush. It leaves your toilet a refreshing scent and a lot of bubbles after every flush and in between scrubbing. 

Zespri Kiwi season is on!

My event: May 24, 2011

Zespri Kiwi now in Manila
Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Zespri officially announces that kiwi season is now in Manila! I was invited to the launching over a week ago and I was ecstatic because DH and I love kiwifruits especially the brand that brought the fruit here in Manila, Zespri. 

Patricia Bermudez- Hizon

The event was hosted by the vivacious Patricia Bermudez- Hizon. I espy her husband, Vince Hizon, supporting her.